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A boy who loves water

I remember Aden's first experience in the pool, he is about 6 months old back then. I bought an inflatable pool online and made use of it a few times, at our car porch. 

That purchase I made comes with a neck float, some rubber ducks and an electric pump (well this is not important to know la xD)
Daddy went into the pool during the first time cause mummy din't want to get wet wanted to take photos since it was Aden's first dip in the pool, something memorable ;)

He was a little bit frighten during the beginning but eventually like it.

Then I bought a proper float and swim suit for him and let him enjoy his swim by himself!
Though swimming at home can be fun but this inflatable pool got its cons also la! It takes time to fill up the pool with water, and it requires a lot of water and the water became a waste at the end.... 
Soon I brought him to the swimming pool nearby my house and ever since then, we go to this pool quite frequently.

I am glad that Aden isn't a child who is afraid of water. I know a friend's son who is about 3 now and he is still refuse to go into the pool, even if the parents are there.

Just last Wednesday we went for a quick evening swim again. Suppose have to pay RM 10 for adult (it's a hotel by the way) but since nobody notice our presence so I just act nothing xDD

I chose to go on weekdays cause we can occupy the place by ourselves! 

Trying to blow bubbles but Aden wasn't ready yet, so let's try again................

Ahah succeeded! :p
Very difficult to take proper selfie with wet hands, but am glad I managed to take a few shots in the end without dropping my phone into the pool.

Guess who took this? :p

I realize Aden looks like a Korean celebrity here but I can't recall who, haha!

My favorite picture of the day! My face is so slim and Aden is so excited here! I love his expression!
I think you can tell how much Aden loves dipping in the water! 

Swimming is the best possible exercise. It works all the body's muscles and burns the most calories. And learning to swim is an ability, like walking, it's part of growing up.
Looking forward to the next swimming session, hopefully hubby is free to join~


  1. I loves the last picture, the expression of Aden, hehe...

  2. I was a very sickly child and saw doctors almost every week until my mum waved white flags. Finally a doctor suggested that I should go for proper swimming lessons at 7 years old to build up my lungs. Later years I hardly have cough & colds now. Swimming is really good!

    1. Yeah I agree that Aden looks like a Korean star. His mummy looks even more like a Korean actress today. Are you.a Malaysian, forgot to ask? ... Wakakakaka

    2. Good for you TM!

      Korean star? Haha!
      LOL, I am Malaysian la of course! :p

  3. Aden is a marine boy like the cartoon - loves water so much! Aden's mommy is like a mermaid in the water with him. :)

  4. I think all kids love to swim like Aden. My boy too .... He likes to swim but too bad because of his eczema, he has to wait. Bring Aden for more swimming, sports will strengthen him. And, you certainly look gorgeous here, Hayley !

  5. All kids love water. Good pictures.


  6. Eh I thought you will post about TM timm, hehe.. Oh yes most kids I know love water.. Play water in the bathroom, at the pool, etc.. Kz didnt really like water when he was young.. He made a face when we brought him to the pool.. But now loves water after going to the kindy..

    1. Haha, not that soon la!
      Well that's good!

  7. Aden跟你越来越像脸所以像韩国人,哈哈~

    1. 哈哈,大多数人都说他像爸爸噢~

  8. Aden took your photo!? Well done Aden! Big boy now.

  9. aden帮你拍照?好厉害!照片很清楚呢!

    1. 是拍了几张才拍到,哈哈!

  10. Kids do enjoy water play, right? :)

  11. Hi,
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    I came across your blog and enjoyed reading your interesting entries on amazing stories on family and personal insights! I was wondering if you would be keen on a one-time blog collaboration with us. Do let me know if you are interested so that I can fill you in with the details. Drop me an email, Hope to hear from you soon!

  12. Kids sure love water, all my nieces and nephews are like that...but so do I...Um..(am I still kids? Nope..I'm too old for that, hahaha~~~)

    1. Haha, hey I also love water wert, even soaking in the water is fun especially on a hot day!

  13. 你的素颜好好看!!!!!

    1. 谢谢~ 不想太过依赖化妆品所以很多时候都宁愿素颜~

  14. Aden took photo of u? Wow...he's good!
    He looks so enjoy swimming....very good activities!

  15. I love the baby photos, so cute lah! It is good that Aden can swim at such a young age.

  16. ah.. actually it's good to train the kids to swim while they are still babies.. i always heard babies are actually born to know how to swim in the womb, so they naturally knows how to swim, just that as they grow and are not put into such environment, the skills are already forgotten.. so, it's great that Aden actually loves swimming leh~~

    1. you are true.. actually not so wise to have that inflated baby pool at home, very very waste water leh.. so where is that thing now?? keep inside the store room, or given to your relatives?? or maybe use that as mat somewhere?? hahaa~~ so go to the proper swimming pool better lah, since you can actually sneak in without people notice.. actually you can pretend yourself as guest of the hotel mah, just look calm and don't freak so they won't be suspicious.. :D

    2. wah, happening lah.. like that also can selfie in the swimming pool.. hmmm, i wonder if you have the protective water-resistant case for your phone ah?? i definitely won't bring my phone near the water at all, not to mention in the pool using it to selfie, haha!!

    3. i like the photos, you both looked so happy and jovial lah.. and Aden really 深得真傳 lor, he can take good photos and also selfie very well lah, hahaha!! i love the last photo also, Aden looks so cute and happy!! haha.. and actually comparing the photos hor, Aden slims down already ah?? because his cheeks were like more puffy when he was younger leh, now the cheeks are more flat already woh, haha.. wonder the next time Uncle SK sees him, still can cubit or not?? :D

  17. Aden感觉永远都在很兴奋的当儿阿!

    1. 哈哈,他的确很兴奋啊!

  18. He isso handsome here. Should send the pic for contest. Go see lina post. She mentioned you.

    1. Thank you for informing Mamarazzi! I already commented there ;)

  19. Nice seflies here! Yes, swimming is memang very good exercise.... too bad I don't know how to swim.. very scared of water in the pool... But I make sure my kids know how to swim, it is an asset. :)

    1. Yep, not just an asset, but a life saving skill.

  20. I am sure most of the kids love water. Every week my girls also pester me to bring them to swim.

    1. Oh, then do you bring to them swim every week?

  21. Last picture Aden super cute! Who's the korean celebrity? Psy ah? LoL!

  22. Aden 睡在池边那张。。。ahahaha

  23. Hahaha...its so fun to be in the water. I am spending more time in the pool for my workouts now because its just so hot t run outdoors these days.


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