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Movie Review: The Expendables 3 (2014)

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taken from imdb

I watched both part I and II and I look forward to watch part III!
No need me to elaborate I am sure you can tell who are the cast in this episode :)

Though most of them are not from my era (probably my parents'), I enjoy watching them act! Especially Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I mean they are almost 70 years old but can still act and perform those stunts! Salute salute~
And when I watched the trailer, I notice Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford are in this episode too! I think it's been a while since both of them last appear in any movie?

So in this episode, the Expendables team fight against the bad guy Conrad Stonebanks (Mel Gibson). Similar to the previous episodes, lots of stunts, shooting and booming involved. But there's a change of team in the middle of the movie which I don't really like (still prefer the original team). Ok don't wanna write any further else it'll become spoiler xD

Anyway, still quite an enjoyable movie to me~

Rating: 6.5/10


  1. Hello hello.. Call me jakun, not really into The Expendables.. I didn't even watch Part 1.. Teehee..

    1. Hello hello!
      Not bad la, you can consider watch this~

  2. Me same like Louiz. But me worse, didn't even know got this movie LOL!

  3. Hi, very interesting post thanks for sharing. Can I contact your through your email. Thanks!

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  4. I wanted to watch this movie but ended up watching LUCY which blew my mind. Very good movie using Buddhism theories.

  5. I have watched part 1 and 2 but cannot really remember them. Often mix them up with RED movies starring Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren.

  6. Even tho it doesnt have much of a brainer storyline, I simply love this movie because it combines all my favorite heroes of the past in one movie. Hehe yes the addition of harrison ford and mel gibson in this installment is simply awesome, and was a bit dissapointed Chuck Norris didnt appear in this 3rd sequel, and Jet Li only appear towards the climax of the movie. I wish for the 4th installment to include Jackie Chan, Clint Eastwood, and perhaps some lady warriors of the past too. That wudve been AWESOME!! hehe

  7. Have not watched a movie for a long long time but generally, I would prefer sobs - like "Fault in our stars".

  8. Thanks for the review.

    Haven't watched it yet. Not because of jakun. Tadak time to go date and watch movie only. Hahaha

  9. 不要不要不要看你的review,我这星期才可以去看啊~我超爱这部电影的!XD前面两集都特爱,第二集还连续看了两篇电影!我的jasonstatham❤️

  10. I did not watch 1 & 2, but I watched and enjoyed this thoroughly. It was awesome, watching all those old men come together for 1 final act (although I thought they already did their final act a few years ago) :D

  11. I'm unfortunately not a moviegoer lately, but reading your review does make me want to watch the movie, though. =) I can already sense that The Expendables 3 will be full of suspense. XD

  12. i always mixed up The Expendables and The Incredibles!! The Expendables no need explain lah, but you still remember the Incredibles or not?? haha, the cartoon where a family of four, the parents and their boy and girl, all have very "elastic" body that they can stretch and extend and have super power?? haha, that one was super hilarious of course, The Expendables totally different lah, but the name like so close~~ :D

    1. i have not watched this movie, and actually was considering whether to watch it or not lah.. i remember i have watched the first installment but cannot remember if i watched the second one.. but i think this third installment, they have put in a lot more people right?? more guys, got the old ones as well as the younger ones..

    2. yeah, Stallone and Schwarzenegger the two biggest action star of all time.. together with Ford, Statham, Li and Gibson.. this movie is really a super cast!! and now i kind of wonder, what do you think is the total age of this group of macho guys?? near 1000 years old or not?? haha~~

    3. this movie sure is 陽剛十足 lah, all the macho guys and action superstars.. i would expect a lot of actions, stunts, shooting and bombing in the movie.. and as usual Jet Li has very minimum dialog in the movie, haha!!

  13. I watched part 1 and part 2 too. Love these heroes from the 80s where I was a teen. I will go for it but let me watch guardians of the galaxy first !

  14. have not watch Part 1 nor Part 2. Not really into movie. Jakun me. LOL

    1. yea amzing that they still can perform stunts though have aged.

    2. Sure they perform it ah? not stunt double ;)

  15. 我不看打斗片,老公要看他自己去戏院看,我怕我会无聊到睡着。

  16. 我已經忘記是什麼內容了。

  17. oh...didn't watch this movie..but you may try to watch Lucy...worth to watch! :)

  18. To be clear, I think this new chapter in the series also has some weird issues, but it does indeed feel like each time they make one of these, they get closer to getting it right.


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