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My personal review (Part I)

Note: Support my online business HERE.

Hi guys!

Here to talk about 2 facial masks which I am selling, the first one is called annie way jelly mask, it's a brand from Taiwan.

Comes in 9 different types with different functions, namely:
1. Calendula softening jelly mask
2. snail repairing jelly mask
3. charcoal black jelly mask
4. hyaluronic acid brightening jelly mask
5. honey deep moisturising jelly mask
6. aloe moisturising jelly mask
7. lavender relaxing jelly mask
8. Italy red wine jelly mask
9. Q10 anti aging jelly mask

(I think I better not write in details about each type, since I am not sure if all of you are interested. But if you are, kindly comment below and I will reply asap)
(Note: there's a promotion going on, buy one bottle of 250g jelly mask and get a piece of paper mask and a spatula for free!

I have tried the lavender one, the scent is very calming and nice!

That's the thickness one should apply...

And the result?
I shall let the picture do the talking! ;)

The second one is called flower stock solution paper mask, from Korea.

Comes in 10 pieces per box at a very consumer-friendly price

I tried the lily type, for whitening and moisturising

The essence is quite thick inside!

This is the before-after photo. Can instantly see the result!

I know it's not easy to do an online business but I am doing my best, I am glad that my friends around me are being supportive!

Yannie tried the Osmanthus eye mask and this is what she wrote to me, thank you dear!

I will share testimonials of the products from time to time. 
Got to go now, have a nice day ahead!


  1. Very good! Personal testimony and those from friends. That's the way to do business - not promote and sell, never tried even.

  2. Hayley, I am sure you will do well! With testimonies from friends and customers, that is the best advertisement you can get. Just so you know, this auntie is not into beauty products (no beauty hee..hee..). But I still enjoy reading your posts about these products and seeing the results of using them. Slowly but surely, you will get more sales!

  3. 水嫩水嫩的,看起来很好用。只可惜我现在的肌肤不能随便用,还是等我的肌肤康复后才跟你支持支持^.^

  4. Waiting for you to share more of the products...

  5. Good, got friend friend customers from the start. I will give you moral support ;)

    1. Moral support is better than none, hehe, thanks!!

  6. wow! so many masks I wouldnt know what to buy! My face is oily type. Not all masks suit me.

    1. There's a type for oily skin, if you interested can tell me, I will share more with you.

  7. i don't like to use mask. anyway, supporttttt!! :D

  8. oh, finally you started to try on your own products and write review about them.. that's a great start!! the masks look interesting and can see you have very fair skin and radiant complexion from the photos... really the 水噹噹哦~~ :)

  9. and i think you are a very honest person, you tried and let your readers know how the product perform, and not just hardselling, at least you are one testimonial to the products.. 老闆娘也用的, then sure they are good lah, right??

    1. Yea, I always believe in this, must give sincere and honest reviews.

  10. Good to see Yan supporting your online shop.

  11. wanted to buy annie mask! how much isit? hahah not sure where to click to find the product price ^^"

  12. 生意兴隆,我的mask 快满出来柜来了,一完就会想你的!

  13. wow... you are really hardworking in trying out your products and give your honest comments. Keep it up! Yeah, it's better to try it out first before recommending to others. Maybe i should try that too with my Amway products. I am also trying our various supplements before I recommend to others.

    1. You should support and sell these products too! Everyone wants to look healthy and prettier these days! Heh heh heh

  14. Wah clever girl already got customers buying from you wor.. Jelly mask sounds so yummy, like can eat.. Italy red wine jelly somemore.. Really sounds like yummy food or desserts leh.. hehe..

    1. Haha you ni.. Not all mask can be eaten la! xD

  15. Great! Keep it up, I will support you. Your skin is so good now and you are so well preserved. Please share more of your products from time to time.

  16. It's good to put on mask at least twice a week coz we always in the air-cond room. Skin very dry

  17. 祝你生意兴隆,等我用完手上的jelly mask再跟你洽询,我喜欢果冻面膜的冰凉感。你这款面膜清洗时容易吗?

    1. Eugein, 需要先用spatula刮掉,然后比较容易洗。。
      好的,谢谢,等你噢~ =)

  18. Hayley, I cannot see much difference cos your face already looks so perfect to me! hahahaa... If put on a rough face such as mine, maybe can see the difference.. right? :)

    1. Haha, don't say like that la Claire!

  19. 好像很不错酱~ 你的肤质很好哦~

  20. how much for the jelly mask?

  21. good for you..I'm sure most ladies will be keen. I have tried a few mask which I bought from Korea and it's so satisfying.

  22. 你的肤质很好,产品也好像很不错!

  23. I believe you will do well and become so successful that you have to say goodbye to blogging!

    1. I will keep on blogging no matter what ;)

  24. Hi Hayley, my skin is dry and sensitive.
    I'm interested on moisturising jelly mask.
    Which one should I get?
    Aloe or Honey?

    * Further chat in facebook ya! Thanks! ^^

    1. Eunice, okok I replied you in FB already!

    2. 这个产品真的很好用!

  25. I want the review of the double eyelid glue :P

    1. Choi Yen, do you have WeChat? I can send you pictures there, easier~

    2. I don't have wechat wor :( whatapps?

  26. 你的皮肤好好哦!!
    我最近很喜欢Jelly mask,虽然洗的时候有点麻烦,但是很保湿~~


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