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A little recent updates

1. I brought Aden to the cinema for the first time last 2 weeks, we watched the show Fire & Rescue since he loves vehicles so much. I purposely picked the noon show, on weekday cause I guess the crowd would be lesser. 
I am worried that he might misbehave in the cinema since it was his virgin visit, so if the patrons are not too many then I could handled easily.

I bought popcorn and Coke hoping these will keep him occupied too.

I let him sat on my lap, he seems ok with the dark environment and the loud noise, but during the beginning there was this trailer for the horror movie 'Annabelle', I told him not to watch (I am an kiasi mum, I'm worry this will give him nightmare) and I kept talking to him and distract his attention. He seems a little bit scared, but din't cry.
Then when the show started, we switched to couple seat since there were only 6 patrons during the entire movie xD

Overall, Aden behaved well in the cinema, it's a bit out of my expectation actually. But I noticed he got a bit boring after about 40 minutes, but luckily he din't make noise or wanting to come down. He even felt asleep towards the end of the movie, LOL! 

So, I think I can bring him to another animation next time!

2. I mentioned before that Aden is terrified of haircut, it's a war everytime I bring him to the saloon. He will scream and struggle very hard, even snacks/iPad won't help.
For the past 3 months, I have been bringing him to the same barber, he is actually my dad's friend and he has quick steady hands!
Usually I'll carry Aden throughout the whole haircut, and I sort of squeeze him tight so that he can't struggle much, then my dad will hold his hands, and the barber will control his head, and my mum will try to look for all kinda of things to distract Aden's attention. 
So yea you can imagine, it's like a big project bringing him to the hair cut!

But last week was the first time he din't cry during haircut!! He recognised the place when we arrived and he sorta sulk in the beginning, but only for a short while. Then he remained quiet throughout the whole haircut session, we din't even need to squeeze him tight or distract his attention.

I guess may be he starts to learn that haircut isn't something 'scary' or painful anymore? Or may be he is big boy now? ;)

So much fresher after the haircut!

I actually prefer those barber's shaver rather than trimming his hair by scissors, it's faster and looks more neat. That's why I hardly cut his hair on my own. 
I hope he will behave like this for the coming haircut sessions. 

3. We went lunch at a small town called Bagan Samak last Sunday and they have this small tanks which have fresh fishes and prawns, Aden got very excited and can't stop playing with the fishing net.

So he managed to catch a few big head prawns and asked the boss to cook us some yummy curry big head prawns! ^^

4. Online business is good thanks to the supports from friends~ 
I will work hard and bring more good products to share in the future!


  1. Bravo Aden for being a brave boy! ☺

  2. Glad to hear that our online biz is good. Keep it up and good luck.

  3. I understand that fear of the barber. It is the noise that the shaver makes. When I was a kid, I struggled like Aden, I was afraid those sharp razor blades will cut my head if the barber is not careful. And it is very troublesome, the barber will push your head to 1 side with the shaver, but he dislikes when your head move together with the shaver. How to control wor?? Very sien one!
    But after got used to it, I still prefer the barber now. I never cut my hair in saloons once in my life.

  4. Cutie pie is growing up - watched a movie, didn't cry when having his hair cut...these little joys! Bet he had so much fun catching the prawns. Sighhhh!!!! The joys of bringing up a kid, so so nice. I miss that so much.

  5. 那部 Annabelle 在杂志看到那娃娃就觉得很恐怖了

    ADEN 在戏院看戏看着看着睡着了?呵呵 。有时候真的很想睡去


  6. Aden looks so nice after the hair cut. Brave boy now at the barber. Good to hear your online shop is doing well. All the best!

  7. Why would they show Annabelle trailer before a kids' show? Aiyo!!! Fail lah like this. I oso scared lah...

  8. 1. That cinema doesn't seems sensitive to its audience. SInce they are showing a kiddy show, wth they shown Annabelle trailer ? When I brought my kids for cartoons shows, they only shown cartoons that are either playing and comedies.

    2. After hair cut, few years later it will be the dentist. I just brought my kid to the dentist last week.

    3. wow....nice seafod over there. Taiping is near to the sea, thus can enjoy some fresh seafood.

    4. Jiayou on your business!

  9. Never brought them to the cinema b4, scared bikin malu, maybe later, when Kz is bigger.. Oohh haircut.. Kz is always always terrified of the barber, cries each time til vomit, but recently no cry anymore too..Haha kids.. Yat si yat yeong..

  10. Yay! Now can bring him go watch movies in cinema.

    I want that curry prawns. So tempting.

    Good luck in your business. Glad it is blooming.

  11. Aden可以乖乖陪你看电影,以后你们可以常去拍拖看电影了,真好呵呵!

  12. Well done Aden, so behave in the cinema.
    Next time can bring him to cinema again..hehe...

  13. Aden looks so matured in that second pic! Big boy liow.. so he is not afraid of the dark in the cinema.. some kids at his age might find it terrifying.. yes, next time you can bring him to more movies. :)

    1. Yes, will do that in the future ;)

  14. Can bring Aden to more movies in future ya...

  15. #1.. oh?? this was just the very first time ah?? i thought you have brought Aden into the cinema before leh.. haha, looks like you are very well prepared and did all the necessary precautions!! hmmm, seemed to be like a big project also, must be quite stressful for you hor?? but luckily ended up not as bad as you imagined, actually nothing bad happened also despite Aden fallen asleep.. errr, or maybe it was his usual afternoon nap time ah?? did he feel excited about going to watch movie in the cinema??

    1. #2.. wakakakaka!! as i read on, i also can imagine how tough it is to get Aden to have his haircut!! four adults need to standby there to jaga, eih, 很大很費力的工程 leh that really is!! but then i am also surprised leh, he was like suddenly 突然開竅 like that.. he was just sitting so 乖-ly and let the hairdresser finish his job?? ah, finally, i guess this is surely a huge relief and next time no need to one kampung people to escort him for haircut anymore~~ :p

    2. #3.. oh, Bagan Samak?? never heard of this place, so it's near Taiping ke?? fuyoh, must be the first time Aden can play with a fishing net and he must be very intrigued by all those swimming fish lah.. hehe, luckily he didn't fell into the pond!! for sure??!! Aden managed to catch a few prawns?? haha, that's very interesting and sure he felt very proud of himself.. when the dish was served and everyone praised him that those were what he has caught, he sure put that very eksyen look on his face?? haha~~ :D

    3. #4.. yeah, congratulations for the success of your online business.. i guess not only the products are good, but i think you also render very good services to your customers, and good service always bring customers back.. hehe!! looking forward to see more products you will bring in, and i am still eyeing on one that i am interested to use, then i'll sure 幫襯 you later.. :)

  16. 我带小胖去看这部戏,但是看不到一半他就吵要出来了!!

  17. oppsss..they shouldn't screen Annabelle in the cinema during the kids really scares off the younger children. Anyhow ur son can adapt well to the environment...being abit terrified is normal for a first timer in cinema.

    1. I agree, they really shouldn't do that.

  18. the annabelle's trailer is really scary T__T
    i had tried to distract my own attention on it but the sound effects already made me scared.

  19. oh got this show ah...hmm...i wonder if it is still on in the cinema here. maybe will bring j go see

    1. hair cut really big project wor.

      It's good that now you have found the correct barber for him.

    2. Aden must have been very excited to have catch his own food.

    3. kung hei kung hei on online biz flourish

    4. So did you bring J to watch the movie?

      Yep, BIG project!

      Haha yes, he had fun messing with the prawns!

      Thanks! Come 'phong chan' me xD

  20. I can never get tired of looking at Aden!

    1. But you'll get tired looking after him, LOL!

  21. congrats to your online business!

  22. Congratulations on the good business.

  23. Congratulations to aaden for being a good boy during the hair cut session.

  24. Aden is such a good boy and well behaved! I am not surprised because you have made the wisest decision to stay at home to care for him. He will grow up very obedient and loving to you forever!

    1. But it's not easy to be a SAHM, haha!

      Anyway thanks!

  25. My kids were exposed to barber / hairstylist after they reached 5 years old. So, I skipped the "crying" hassle :p

    1. Aden is growing cuter each day ^.^

    2. Then you cut their hair for the first 5 years?

  26. Aden big boy dy! Wohooo! You mustve trained him well.

  27. The curry prawns look so delicious! Aden is a cute boy, happy to hear your online business is good

  28. hahaha...the visit to the barber sounds like my 2 nephews. we finally sorted it out because it turns out both boys are vain pots. so we told them if they move they will get an ugly haircut which means they have to walk with newspaper covering their head for one whole month!


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