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Products review (part III)

Products review part I is HERE, and part II HERE.

For more products available you can click HERE.

1. DD cream from Korea

It has the certified sticker on each bottle so you don't have to worry about buying fake stuff.

Each bottle is 30g in size.

It only has one tone but since it is easy to blend, it's suitable for all skin tone. What I love about this cream is it looks natural on skin, you know how certain compact powder/foundation turned out to be very 'fair' on the skin?

When you swirl the cream you'll see some small drops like water drops, this explain that the DD cream is quite moisturising and won't leave skin dry.

It can be used as concealer, foundation and sunblock too! Can cover up large pores as well. Since I started using this, I have totally neglected my old BB cream, now what am I going to do with that BB cream? :p
DD cream, 30g, RM 45.

2. Miracle aloe vera gel

I used this on my dry and cracked feet, and I can see improvement within 3 days! And also my chapped lips, I can feel my lips is not that dry anymore.
It can be used on wounds/scars (but make sure it's already 'healed', no more bleeding) too, see what my customer said when she used on her cuts =)

Basically, you can use this as lotion, sleeping mask, or on areas which are dry/peeled, like the elbows and knees. My SIL used the gel on her acne (not those very serious type la) and she could see improvement
within 2 days.

miracle aloe vera gel, 99% organic, RM 99, 500ml.

3. flower stock paper mask
I have tried the firming, moisturising and whitening series before, and this time I tried with the anti wrinkle ones.

I got to be honest, since I used this just once, I can't see how well it works on wrinkles yet :p
But, it does make my skin more moisten and I simply love the amount of essence inside! Can even apply on my hands and legs ^^

Comes in 10 pieces per box, RM 39.

My busybody son is figuring out what I was doing, haha!

I'll be stocking in some power banks, slimming cream and bags soon, stay tune if you're interested ;) And also, giveaways to my customers and readers ;)


  1. 我期待看bagsss!
    原來現在已經進步到DD cream了!我好在用BB cream而已。哈哈哈!

  2. Hi pretty.. The DD cream works well, very magical, all pores gone and skin is smoother.. Like you said, good concealer, but I don't use any BB or DD cream, coz scared it will clog my pores, altho it helps to conceal my pores.. That aloe vera gel looks "yummy", haha, like boleh makan like that.. Yeah, I heard it has healing effects.. Wah, so you tested many beauty products jor lor for the past 2 weeks.. Syiok ahh you..

  3. Oh yes ~!! I must get my wife to try the paper mask before ordering from you!

    Looking forward to hear the new items from you. I believe you have tested everything with confidence before sharing with us. I used to question the counter promoters and they blushed saying they never tried anything yet so pushy pula. LOL.

  4. yes another product review post.. i guess you are now very busy with sourcing new products for your business, and then gotta try and then wait to see the effect, and then gotta take photos and blog about it.. wah, it's indeed not a simple process, and i am glad you didn't feel the trouble doing this for the sake of your potential buyers.. :)

    1. wah, i just gotta know what a BB cream is and now got new thing call DD cream!! fuyoh, i am really so slow behind the beauty and face care industry leh..

    2. okay, i just googled a bit so that i don't bikin malu.. really got BB cream, CC cream and DD cream.. fuyoh, interesting leh.. now that i know what they are already.. so instead of having three, is there an all in one cream that has all the functions ah?? then that one call what cream?? (BCD)2 cream?? :D

    3. muahahaha.. i think Aden was confused who that lady was lah.. looks like mommy but then how come the face like that one?? looks like a stranger but then the outlook like mommy.. or he was very interested in putting on the mask?? hehe, let him try lah~~ :D

    4. SK...

      Respect Hayley lah, right? She not only source the stuff to sell online, she makes sure how it works too.

      Guarantee for customer, :)

  5. BB cream-> CC cream-> and now DD cream pula...
    oh ya, I ad received the parcel...Thanks for d free gift :)

  6. 原来现在有DD CREAM了阿。。。


  7. What's the different between dd cream and bb cream? Curious about it

  8. ww .. biz semakin growing hahah.. good for you.

  9. Hahaha Aden is not scared of seeing mommy with a beauty mask on? Did Aden want to try too?

  10. I guess it's also time you setup a website for your products with e-payment.

  11. DD sounds good. I would love try after I have finished my CC cream. Anyway, thanks for letting us know how to tell the fake and original product. There are too many fake items selling through WeChat. Thank Goodness our source is from you and I trust you.

  12. LOL at Aden. He not scared ah? Mine will say I look like monster when I wear mask. Gotta wear when he is not around :p

  13. Thanks for the giveaway. Have received the product. Very nice packaging. Have not open and try yet. Wait my existing product finish first :)

  14. So from BB to DD? Last time I went Korea, bought a number of BB cream.. didn't know about DD... the masks are reasonable.. 10 for RM39.. more for relaxing our face, right?

  15. I like that DD cream but I seldom make up now.

    Oooh. I may need that cracked heel cream!!

    1. That's a very gel Rose, useful for the whole family.

  16. My BB cream is finishing soon, maybe I should get one from you, too :D

    Btw, I like you Annie's Way jelly mask - have been using it twice / thrice per week. I feel good..... and hope my wrinkles will get lighter soon.... hahaha

    1. DD cream is so popular nowadays, I see it blends well and naturally on your skin.

  17. I forgot you wechat the mask ya...sorry ya!! I'm very busy, but it's always in my mind...will find some time to do it, hehe!!!

  18. i love paper masks! So convenient to use especially when travelling. I actually used them recently during my 2 trips to Paris. Used it when I slept but had to set an alarm to remove it after 10 minutes...then I went back to sleep. Arrived in Paris and KL with the skin feeling comfy and moist despite it being a 12-13 hours flight.


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