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Towards a better September, and 2015

1. First of all, I'd would like to thank my loyal readers for coming to comment, and also the wishes and concern you gave to my mummy *blow kisses* So sorry I couldn't reply to each and every comments lately but rest assured I READ all of them.
Life is getting busier lately, apart from my online business, I must spend more time with my mummy. I am glad that she is feeling better already since the changed of doctor and medication, I pray that she will be in good condition from now on.
Anyway, instead of saying 'I wish to have 48 hours a day', I rather to have another ME :p

最近真的比较忙,除了忙于网卖和Aden,我也需要多陪妈咪。与其说‘我希望一天有48小时’,倒不如说‘我希望还有另一个我’ xD 原谅我无法一一的回复大家的留言,不过放心,我都有读ok?

2. It's been weeks since I started my online business. I dare not say it's blooming very well but I think for a beginner like me, the results are consider ok. I am still working harder than others since this is my virgin experience :p
It's not easy of course (though I am doing it small), since I got to deal with different people with different characters, some will come and ask lots of questions and said he would bank in but end up, no news.
Some already ordered but cancelled at the very last minutes, and etc. It's ok, I sort of expected it ;)

Anyway, I must once again thank my family, in laws, friends and ex colleagues for the support! And thank YOU too, for the moral supports you gave ;)
I will continue to share more wonderful products.
By the way, actually sometimes I feel bad too to bombard you guys with my products review and testimonials, since some of you may not be interested... But no choice la since blogspot is really a good place to promote my products, keke!


3. Mid Autumn this year was nothing special (actually every year also like that xD). We spent the night playing lanterns and candles at our balcony. And where's hubby? Snoring on bed xD

4. I know you might think I sorta give up submitting Aden's progress :( This boy has sure grown up a lot, apart of growing heavier he also grown a bit taller (LOL, I mean of course la!) He is now 2 years and 4 months old. He can understands more words now, and speak a bit more, we planned to send him to Montessori next year. I think I will be fine with not having him bothering me by then :p *fingers crossed*
One thing remains unchanged, he is still that energetic and naughty!! Also very stubborn >.< 

Ok, I will try my best to blog about him soon, I hope.

Erm 我想大家还没忘记Aden吧?xD
我知道自己很久没写他的成长篇了,自己也很guilty... 不过暂时还真的没什么时间。
他现在已经是两岁4个月了,开始懂得更多,也说得更多了(虽然很多时候还是他自己的外星语)。除了长胖也长高了些(当然啦要不然咧? ;p)

4. Shopped at Toki Choi for the first time and while I am satisfied with the material and price, I regret for not able to wear it :( 
Anyone wanna adopt this pretty little dress? RM 30 including postage.
For measurement you can click HERE. There's a side zipper by the way.

我最近也被大家影响到了,click一click 东京着衣就开始爱上了。
不过很可惜的是,第一次买的洋装竟然不能穿!:( 有没有人要啊?RM 30 卖出去(包邮费)。想知道尺寸的就点击这里吧。

5. In case if anyone is missing me, here's a recent photo of me ;)
Still the same me, not slimmer not chubbier not prettier not older, haha xD

I guess that's all for today, I am afraid you'll have no idea how to comment if I write too much xD

Might not be updating this weekend, here wishing everyone a safe and fun weekend! <3



  1. 一身白洋装真好看,觉得你有“鬼鬼地”的气质,有混血的感觉 ;)

  2. Hi sweetie love reading your updates.. You still look hot bombastic mama! I bet your online business is doing good, yep human characters macam-macam got.. Just be patient and like you said you already expected it, so just keep cool, hehe..

  3. 祝伯母早日康复~

  4. 你穿白洋装好看,很漂亮!!


  5. If you are really worried about your online business posts, then maybe you can consider setting up another blog specially for the business, or create an FB page.
    I personally don't mind it (I still procrastinating about that aloe vera gel XD ), I'm sure most of your readers won't mind too. Probably you should be more worried about your non-blog reading customers. They probably want to see a clean products based blog rather than one mixed with your personal life :-/

    1. I agree.

      Probably that would be better. A commercial one and a personal one :)

  6. #1.. yeah, i do understand that at times we felt like we never have enough time in a day.. so many things to do, and of course we have to start prioritizing them already.. hope your mum is getting better and better now.. :)

    1. #2.. yeah, i do have a feeling that you are actually doing quite well with your online business.. hmmm, so i guess you may consider to actually start a fresh new blog dedicated to your online business already.. this will be your personal blog where you talk more about your life, while the other one would be more on business.. i guess in the end you also don't want both to cross-over the line, right?? :)

    2. #3.. errr, Mid-Autumn?? what is that?? hahaha, actually its been just a normal day for me since many years ago lu~~ :p

    3. #4.. yeah, long time no see photos of Aden already.. i guess after you have started your new blog for your online business elsewhere.. you have more space for Aden in this blog already huh?? :)

    4. #4.. oopss, i realised you have #4 repeated, so i just follow lah.. but why you are not able to wear that dress?? aiyoh, cannot exchange meh??

    5. #5.. errr, you are still trying your best to keep in touch with your readers, and you still have got your blog regularly updated.. i actually don't feel you MIA woh, haha..

      have a happy weekend to you!! :)

  7. 週末愉快。

  8. My wife often said she wished to be like the Thousand Arms Guan Yin to handle so many things at once. You are probably feeling the same now. It's good to hear your mum's progress and recovery. She is blessed to have a caring daughter!

    As I mentioned that when you can have even 1-2 sales for a start and 3-4 sales next, it's a steady rising business. Patience and positive mind will keep it growing, never mind all the cancellations or delays. Humans are fickle minded and I have seen lots of them at my age. I must say that I am glad to have tried your eye mask on my wife! It really removed her many years of terrible eye bags which she had since a small girl. Her eye bags are funny and would come & go every week. I blame her parents for not giving her supplements or even fruits to eat when small, resulting in weak & unhealthy skin growth. I will find her photo with terrible eye bag to make the "Before & After" testimonial and send to you!!! Your customers will be convinced!

    The dress is really very beautiful and I clicked to see the link which surprised me to see so many photos for one dress!!! Normally when I shopped online for her dresses, I only see 1-2 photos to buy like a gamble!! LOL

  9. 好瘦!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 奇怪为什么那件连身裙不适合你,你很瘦啊!!

  11. hi u r another good looking mama ;-)
    anyhow, wish u a good 'online' business yea...

  12. You look good in anything! Lovely dress! Aden's bigger and losing is puppy fat now. Still very cute! :D

  13. Have a good weekend Hayley! I am glad to her that your mother is feeling better now. Yes a suitable medication makes all the difference as attest by my mil.

  14. I don't mind reading about your products here just feel not so good because can only give you moral support since I only use facial wash and no other beauty products.

  15. Nice random updates! Hope your mom feeling better now. Continue to exercise... yes, you seems to put on a little weight but Im sure you can slim down. Anyway, still a gorgeous Hayley especially in the white blouse.

  16. The pretty little dress looks very nice but I think I cannot wear, too small for me, I have grown horizontally haha, wow recent photo of yours, you look so pretty in the white dress, nice post here, nice reading your update

  17. Actually I also run my own business, just that I never blog about it, I meet some customers (parents in this case) who stop the tuition classes half way so I earn lesser commission, there are also some demanding customers, by the way the business I am running is a tuition agency which matchmaking of students/parents to tutors and I earned 50% commission for the first month (deducted from the tutor's salary), so far I clinched 7-8 deals already

  18. Things will become better and better so let's hope Sep onwards and 2015 would be good for everyone

  19. Let's hope our business would be blooming but of course it is not easy being your boss or 老板娘 so let us encourage one another

  20. Hayley, you look good and I saw you in person when you were at the dinner . Were you using the DD cream that evening? Your makeup is so natural and nice.

  21. 最後一張很漂亮。。很有feel。。 哈哈。。。

  22. 真的很瘦啊你,照片很好看。
    好多人最近都在忙着toki choi,我也想插一脚 XD

  23. 我们不介意你的产品分享,这样也可以让我们多了解你的产品!有机会我也会帮衬你!
    你的身材真的很好!有运动真的有差!我很懒^ _ ^

  24. Oh! That dress is really pretty! But heh..heh... cannot fit me :( Let us all look forwards to better days to come!

  25. Hi Hayley... I've always been here. It's just that sometimes, I'm busy with work.

    Online business is not easy unless your business is already established. For a start, why not register your business with it helps.

    Your boy has surely grown up n you still look pretty.

    Have a nice day yeah.

  26. All the best in your online venture! :)

    I've been dablling in a lot of projects like that for a long time (first one was in 2003 - an assignment writing site, of all things). It did surprisingly well though, mostly international students, but my writing team at the time wasn't stable and I had a *double* money-back guarantee if they didn't pass (which in hindsight was a silly thing to do).

    Good luck Hayley!

  27. I also feel the same, Hayley.. not enough time for so much things to be done! And the thing is, time passes so fast that I also must do fast fast to keep up with time... this is called poor time management by ME! hahaha..
    Hope your mom is better now.. sorry, I have missed the earlier part...
    About online business, Realgunners has a point there.. open a new blog for business only.. I think it will be good.. when I retire, I also want to create some blogs.. (provided I can manage!)
    And lastly and not least, you look very sweet and nice... ever young!! :)

  28. Don't worry, Hayley, you're not alone. =)

    I'm having the same feeling lately too - between blogging, university preparations and work; it's quite tough to successfully balance everything. =/

    For your online business, perhaps you could attempt to do some advertising, like publicizing it on your Facebook account or introducing it to your friends?

    Good luck, Hayley, and hope your online venture becomes a success too! =)

  29. 洋装穿得很好看啊,fit fit的,你怎么会说不刚呢? o.O"

    1. 不是我穿的这件啊!
      那件不能穿因为拉链拉不上 >.<

  30. Yaloh. I dont know where to start my comments! lol.

    But good luck in what ever you do and life takes you. Aden is growing well and healthy. You are still the same young.

  31. all the best to your online business..

  32. congrats on your little business!!! all the very best. :D keep on keeping on! remember, it works if you work it! hehehe

  33. 你穿白色连身裙很好看,靓妈咪


  34. That's good to hear you are busy...means more business! Congrats and best of luck.

  35. things always happen for a reason but no matter must take time off for yourself ok? *hugs*


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