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Trong leisure farm

Trong/Terong is a small town situated about 15-20 minutes car drive from Taiping. Recently it has become popular due to its newly opened leisure farm, a place where you eat some fresh seafood, and visit a duck farm. 

During the recent Malaysia Day, friends and I organized a dinner outing there.

Naughty boy napped quite late this day and still feeling sleepy in the car~

Here we are!

The dining area is quite big, but usually kinda crowded, since it's still new now.

There's a small lake nearby, and a few resorts

You can also try the duck paddling boats there (forgot to check out how much)

Visitor can visit the duck farm nearby but we couldn't make it since it closes at 7pm, anyway we did see a small group of ducks

Quack quack quack~ All swim up to feast!

Aden is excited!

And those ducks are big and fat!

Everything is quite duck-based, haha!

We took a short walk after dinner

Aden and his girlfriend were caught dating! xDD

Here's with my bestie Annie

Overall, it's a nice place to visit. As for the food, honestly nothing special to shout about... That explain why there's no food photos :p
But price is reasonable.

Here's their FB page:


  1. Aden looked like he was having fun though. :)

  2. Good for the children to see the ducks and learn about them. Last photo, all four of you look very nice.

    1. Although the duck farm is closed but the children still got to see some ducks, so lucky. You look so at ease in the photo with Aden and his girl friend, one child one arm.

  3. Nice ! Got a new attraction in taiping. Maybe I should drove there when I am back to ipoh.

  4. Very nice place to dine, enjoy the breezy air and there are ducks to see too.. Yep you are right, the ducks are so fattttt, haha.. Aden boy looks so happy can kai-kai, carefree and jolly being a baby, nice..

  5. Lovely place. Sure would want to visit if I get the chance. Muahahahahaha!!!! Aden dating, so so so cute!

  6. I heard about this new place from my gym buddies and now you share it in more details. Great! I am going to ask my jin jin to bring e there. Good to know the price of the food is reasonable. It seems like another Lake Garden to me eh!

  7. Trong, this place like 似懂非懂 like that lah, haha!! i mean like heard before but then dunno much or actually maybe just heard about somewhere else but not exactly the place.. so the farm is new and attracts many people to go there huh?? so mostly those who stay in Taiping will go there since it's so near only..

    at first i didn't expect it to be so "touristy" and so "commercially" operated woh.. i thought just like a farm, you know those very usual farmer's farm, if you get what i mean.. but then, walau eh.. it's like a lake garden lor, got nice restaurant and landscaping around the lake, got boating to do and even a few resorts!!! something quite impressive lor, no wonder so many people flocked there.. but then like you say, maybe also because it's still new.. haha!!

    so gotta pay to go into the duck farm?? 7pm and the ducks all need to go to sleep ke?? haha.. but okay lah, not too bad for you since you also can see a small group of duck by the lake, and those are the tourists that brought food to feed the duck?? those duck look very clean woh, the feather still very white with no dark stains like what we usually see.. maybe this place is still new and so do all their ducks?? i'm curious, those ducks are reared for eggs and meat??

    hehehe, really everywhere also duck and the whole place is so duck-based!! cute lah.. and can see Aden really enjoyed the place very much woh.. also maybe he has got enough sleep inside the car so after a nice sleep he didn't 耍脾氣?? or maybe got such a pretty girlfriend to play with her, and he knew he has to be a good boy in front of the girl so that he won't be 羞羞臉?? hahahaha~~

    hmmm, so happy lah your photo with the two kids, one boy on your right and one girl on your left.. and that's why you always ask Aden that question whether he would be happy to have a little brother or sister huh?? hihihi ^^

  8. Thanks for highlighting this place wor. Now know one more place to visit jor :)

  9. Hi Hayley, love this place. Those white ducks look like Peking ducks. Maybe they are too. Beautiful place!
    Great idea have this place with lake and restaurant. I bet one of their food specialities is roasted duck? Or Peking duck.

    Holy Smoke! Your boy has really grown! For a moment I thought you already have 2 kids. Ya, time for you to get a girl.
    Have a nice day, keep a song in your heart.

  10. 这些鸭子很白很美很清洁,而且肥肥的,呵呵

  11. Fat ducks = delicious, on nom nom nom! :D

  12. seems a nice place though.. food OK?

  13. 这地方就是之前在FB狂转开的新大自然地点,不错不错!!!带孩子去接触这些很好呀!

  14. Nice place. No boat ride in the lake??

  15. I wonder do you know the place that they took scenes in 《同学会》movie?? Is it near by?

    1. I mean the park with a very huge tree beside or in the middle one!

  16. 又让我看到Aden了,他真的好可爱XD

  17. Let's the kids tired by chasing after the duck then they will sit obediently when eating :P

  18. 很棒的亲子好地方,最后一张好可爱
    两小无猜的感觉你不要棒打鸳鸯啦 XD

  19. i prefer the fake yellow duck more than the real duck..haha

  20. 喜欢这地方,希望有机会安排一趟亲子游!

  21. What a lucky and happy boy Aden. He has so many cute photos taken by mummy. Kids will enjoy a lot besides learning from these outings to see nature.

  22. Thanks for sharing this lovely place! Sure my boy will like it cos he loves ducks!

  23. Didn't such farm exist in Malaysia. Must bring my son to go one day.


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