Friday, October 31, 2014

East Europe 2014

You remember me? xD

It's been a while since I last login to my blogspot I almost forgot the password!! LOL!

Before this, I wasn't in the mood of blogging (plus I was busy with my online business at the same time) hence the lack of updates. Then shortly after I went for a 10D7N tour to Eastern Europe so that's why I said I was taking a break.

Anyway, it's good to be back! <3 I miss blogging and I miss all of you!! Very sorry I couldn't visit your blog and catch up with all of your updates, but I will TRY to find time to do so.... :p

Online business is good, I got orders even when I was at oversea ^^ I got some new products which I already shared in WeChat/Instagram, I will sure find time to share here in my blog, you just have to stay tune.

So back to the trip, I went to 5 countries within 10 days, actually just 8 days minus the flight time, so you can imagine how rush and tired I was..... But overall it was a nice trip, I've been longing for a holiday like this! But now that I am back, I need to start working like cow like horse (做牛做马) already xD

Ok just a summary of where I went:

1A. Zagreb, Croatia

1B. Cavtat, Dubrovnik, Croatia 

1C. Split, Croatia 

1D. Zadar, Croatia 

2. Kotor, Montenegro 

3. Old Town, Bosnia Herzegovina 

4. Bled, Ljubljana, Slovenia 

5. Venice 

Just in case if you're wondering who I went with, it's none other than my husband la! :p

I hope I will have the mojo and most importantly the TIME to blog in details of every city and country I went. 
I can only tell you to stay tuned =)

Til then, see you soon!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Taking a break

As the title goes, Hayley will be taking a break from blogging and will be back in action soon! 

Everybody take care and see ya ;)

p/s: for my online business updates you may see it in my Instagram (click the icon on the right ->) or add me in WeChat: york_mei

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Products review (part V)


The new testimonial from my friend, I was shocked! 

I guess the photo alone already show how effective is the slimming cream? Hehehe~ If you're interested to know more, kindly comment here~

Price: RM 100 for 100ml

2. XS beauty control capsules

This is my sister in law after consuming the capsules for a month plus. I am helping her to promote this product.
The brand is new to me and I can't find more information about it online, since not many people are selling this brand. Information available from the leaflet is as below:
- main ingredients: pawpaw hawkthorm, orange, walnet, loguat, gingko, citrimax hca, L-eamine, semen pruni, konipac, ginseng, genoderma lucidum etc.
- Functional in health care: lose weight and beauty skin
specification: 400mg/pil x 60 pilss
- Usage: taken orally, once a day, 2 pills each time. 
- Cautions: It's a health care food and shall not be substituted with medicine, throughout the consuming period, drink plenty of water, take lots of fruits and vegetables.

If you are eager to find out the price and the details, comment here and I shall get back to you asap.


This is also a product selling by my sister in law, MyTwins body shape mud, she managed to see results within few days. It can be applied on arms, legs and tummy.
I have tried to apply the cream, it gives a bit cooling sensation after applied, and not the burning sensation like what other slimming cream does.

Available at RM 150 per bottle (500ml).

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And since this is my birthday month, I will give a 10% discount of any products purchased, top with a small gift if you get 2 items and above ;)
Only until 15/10! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The big 30


I am still here, just a bit busy. But I shall share a post today since it's my birthday xD 

Wishing you all a nice day ahead! ^^