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East Europe 2014

Hi! You remember me? xD
It's been a while since I last login to my blogspot I almost forgot the password!! LOL!
Before this, I wasn't in the mood of blogging (plus I was busy with my online business at the same time) hence the lack of updates. Then shortly after I went for a 10D7N tour to Eastern Europe so that's why I said I was taking a break.
Anyway, it's good to be back! <3 I miss blogging and I miss all of you!! Very sorry I couldn't visit your blog and catch up with all of your updates, but I will TRY to find time to do so.... :p
Online business is good, I got orders even when I was at oversea ^^ I got some new products which I already shared in WeChat/Instagram, I will sure find time to share here in my blog, you just have to stay tune.                                  -------------------------------------------------------------

So back to the trip, I went to 5 countries within 10 days, actually just 8 days minus the flight time, so you can imagine how …

Taking a break

As the title goes, Hayley will be taking a break from blogging and will be back in action soon! 
Everybody take care and see ya ;)
p/s: for my online business updates you may see it in my Instagram (click the icon on the right ->) or add me in WeChat: york_mei

Products review (part V)


The new testimonial from my friend, I was shocked! 
I guess the photo alone already show how effective is the slimming cream? Hehehe~ If you're interested to know more, kindly comment here~
Price: RM 100 for 100ml

2. XS beauty control capsules

This is my sister in law after consuming the capsules for a month plus. I am helping her to promote this product. The brand is new to me and I can't find more information about it online, since not many people are selling this brand. Information available from the leaflet is as below: - main ingredients: pawpaw hawkthorm, orange, walnet, loguat, gingko, citrimax hca, L-eamine, semen pruni, konipac, ginseng, genoderma lucidum etc. - Functional in health care: lose weight and beauty skin specification: 400mg/pil x 60 pilss - Usage: taken orally, once a day, 2 pills each time.  - Cautions: It's a health care food and shall not be substituted with medicine, throughout the consuming period, drink plenty of water, take lots of fruits a…

The big 30

I am still here, just a bit busy. But I shall share a post today since it's my birthday xD 
Wishing you all a nice day ahead! ^^