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Eastern Europe: Shopping & giveaway!

So since we did more sight seeing than shopping in Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Slovenia, we save the shopping til the last day. It's in one of the factory outlet in Venice, so Venice is actually the 5th and last country we visited this time.

We din't do any sight seeing here, just shopping, before catching our flight back to Istanbul then KL.

Currency used:
Croatia: Croatia Kuna (HRK)
HRK 1 = RM 0.54
(Certain shops accept Euros as well)

Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Venice: Euros
1 EUR = RM 4.20

 Sunny day this morning!

 The outlet is not big, unlike those in US or UK, but at least some brands and boutiques we can shop

Here's what I got:

 A sling bag for myself ;)

 Belts for sis in law and her hubby

A bag for sis in law

 Some L'occitane products

 Toys for Aden

 Our family tees, got this from Dubrovnik

 More clothes for the little ones

 Hubby's shirts and innerwear for me 


 And more chocolates!!

 Shoes from Timberland for Aden and hubby, I din't manage to get any shoes for myself, cause it's approaching winter and most shops sell boots only >.<

 Fridge magnet and postcard 

Soaps made from salt (which they say a very famous product from East Europe), and a box of local product (olive oil, honey, apricot spread)

Since thing in East Europe is not so cheap (unlike in Paris/Italy), hubby decided to save those Euros instead (who knows we get to go Europe again next time, wahaha).

But I do have something small to give to one lucky reader! Which includes some product which I sell in my online business ;)

To join, simply name 2 CITIES which I've been to during this trip (super easy la ^^) with relevant comment, please also include your name.

Giveaway ends 26/11/2014 5pm, opens to all Malaysians. 

Good luck!! ^^

Relevant travelogue:
Part 2: Dubrovnik
Part 5: Slovenia 


  1. I can remember Kotor, Bled and Split.. All very unique names.. So does that count? The answer is pretty obvious kua, since you have mentioned obviously in every post.. But if I answer based on your travelogue title, the obvious answer would be Dubrovnik and Split, that's what I remembered, hehe..
    Nice and branded stuffs you've got there.. I like your SIL's bag and also the L'occitane products.. The L'occitane products are so expensive here, "mm seh tak" buy also.. But they smell really good.. Oohh and I love those chocolates too.. if I see them, I must finish them.. *ngap*

  2. I like the red bag for your sister-in-law. :)
    Oh my..... looking at your shopping, there is so much I want to buy in Europe. haha....

  3. 较早前在FB看到你PO的出游照都不知道你去哪里,地理不是很好!哈哈。

  4. I like the bag, the first one...

  5. Har? Go to Venice for Prada (and other stuff, but I can only identify Prada) only? No gondola? OMG!
    Answer: Zagreb and Dubrovnik.
    My name: CL Lok a.k.a RealGunners

    The answer is in the post itself lah :P

  6. 答案:Dubrovnik and venice
    还有prada的sling bag也不错。


  7. Montenegro & Venice is my fav from ur trip, Montenegro have so heavy of historical feeling, and i love tat!!!!

    Vanice no need explain!!! Everything just so beautiful!


  8. Venice is such a must go romantic place and Zagreb is very scenic ... anyway, each place has its own uniqueness and specialities ... :)) Am Jess Tan.

  9. Zagreb and Dubrovnik. Beautiful cities

    Shu cyan

  10. Eh, the people there come here to buy innerwear but you go there to buy their innerwear pulak. Haha. Nice one you got there though :D

  11. my answer to the quiz: Zagreb is the largest and the capital of Croatian & Dubrovnik, a Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea....
    hmmm...jst try my luck...but i tink i m too late to submit liao...haha! btw, those bags looks good!

  12. 原来也有去Venice哦~

    我也玩!Zagreb & Montenegro

  13. 喜欢你part4 的Split, Zadar, Plitvice park ,三个地方都很喜欢!

  14. wah, so your travelogue is coming to an end already?? last country is Venice??? errr, I would presume you are trying to say the city Venice in the north of the country Italy?? or call me jakun, there is really a small country named Venice??

    aiyoh, if that's the Venice (that I presume) you went, how can you just went shopping in the outlet and no sight-seeing at all?? if possible, I would tell the tour guide I will go out explore the place while the other members are spending time in the shop.. a couple of hours also good for sight-seeing mah.. or maybe the outlet is too far from any place and you have been to Venice before so you didn't plan to do that??

    I have been to Venice in 1998 and I love the place so much, though it's always packed with tourists.. if possible I would like to visit this place again actually... :)

  15. shopping in the outlets also happy la, I guess you just didn't hsve time to go sight-seeing, aiyoh, the last place just for shopping is quite a special arrangement huh?? hehe..

    look at the stuffs you have bought, wow, must be cheaper getting thrm there huh?? Prada, Gucci, L'Occitane.. and oooh, I saw some chocolates that I like also, Ritter Sports is always one of my favorite!! and the toys for Aden are so cute, hehe.. the family tea with Adriatic Sea also nice.. so when are you going to have a family portrait again wearing this tee?? seems it's been a while we last seen your family portrait leh~~

  16. woot woot!! got giveaway!! and wonder what you are giving away?? something from the loots you have got?? hehe.. wah, cincai anything also looks good woh~~ :)

    two cities?? I would name two that I like most from the photos.. Bled and Ljubljana in Slovenia, because these two places are so beautiful leh..

  17. 第一张照片将国外的悠闲和写意展露无遗,盐皂的用途是什么?我对这个兴趣最大。
    我的答案是Venice & Zegreb~

  18. Of all the places in Western Europe, I love Venice the most! It has that magnificent castle which really impresses me up till now. Would love to visit it again one day.
    I also love Ljubljana especially the boat trip to the cave. When I was there, we saw the fireflies which were high up at the ceiling of the cave.

  19. eee...the toys for Aden so cute la. :)

  20. Kotor and Split! This 2 names so special....haha.
    Wow....likes ur shopping loots...
    Bag so nice, yummy chocolate

  21. Wah you bought quite a number of things! The shoes you bought for Aden is so cute hee..hee..

  22. Wow...lots of shopping done!! So happy to see you traveling and getting so much stuff home... Makes me looking forward to my retirement more. Hahaaaa

  23. 旅行少不了战利品,大人小孩都有收获!不错~~
    我的答案:Venice & Dubrovnik

  24. U bought too little for yourself lah, should buy more :P *evil grin*
    Answer:Zagreb & Montenegro

  25. Well. I can remember these 2 cities well. Kotor and Split! Haha. They just too easy to remember because of the unique names but beautiful and clean places.

    It was fun reading your travelogue. Yes, save those euro, for next trip. :)


  26. 看到l'occitane 那紫色小包包好美啊!


    盐做成的肥皂,好特别,没用过耶,这边也很少遇到过,好用吗?什么味道?咦,我问题多多,呵呵 :p


  27. Good luck to those you join. Thank you Hayley for organising this contest. I support you but am not joining. :)

  28. spree!! Good luck to the lucky winner!

  29. Looks like you had a really fun trip Hayley! :)

    Yeah, I guess it depends which places you go to. I found that Georgia is cheaper than Northern Europe or Western Europe too (especially the bigger cities) and you can get a lot more Euro for Euro. It's an ex Soviet state though and some things are more expensive than the stores in say, London.

    I'm really interested to go to Bosnia, maybe I'll plan that after the Japan trip!

    The answers for your giveaway:

    1. Mostar in Bosnia
    2. Dubrovnik in Croatia

    I made sure to choose the cities and not towns. ;)

  30. Halo to Hayley and Herself blogspot,
    my answer is Zagreb,Bosnia.
    Thank you posting for Eastern Europe travel photo, i love it the trip.

  31. Honestly, I don't have time to go through your previous posts, and now this already come to the end...sob, sob!! I'm so slow, hahaha!!! 看到很多,巧克力,很想吃,尤其是那第一张的巧克力照片的!L'occitane的product有打算开箱吗? 哈哈哈!Answer is Venice, Zagreb

  32. 答案:Dubrovnik and Bosnia


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