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Eastern Europe: Split, Zadar & Plitvice National Park

This morning we visited the second largest city of Croatia, Split.

That's the local tour guide for few hours, she's a very friendly lady

 Here we were at Diocletian's Palace.

 The Diocletian's palace is an ancient palace built by the Roman Emperor 

 Then we were so lucky to see the king and queen of Denmark! I din't even see them when I went Denmark last year ;)
There were a few bodyguards around but the public can still go so near, very 'friendly' indeed ^^

 Weather was good this morning~

 After an hour tour, we were ready to leave.

Next stop, Zadar, very interesting city because it is located on the Adriatic sea.

St. Lawrence's church

 That's the St. Donatus church behind us


We took a stroll to the quay nearby to see Sea Organ.

 The view here is absolutely amazing, sunset time!


 Then we saw a huge cruise nearby, Aida

 So you might wonder what is Sea Organ? Well it's actually an unique piece of architecture that plays music via the rhythm of the sea's waves and wind, very interesting! 

You may go Youtube and search for related video to listen to the music.

 The lights on the board were solar-triggered

That's the few hours tour around Zadar before checking into the hotel

The next morning, we departed to the most anticipated place in this trip, Plitvice (pronounced as plit-vi-say) National Park. A scenic, well preserved and famous national park in Croatia.

Along the way we already can see some ice accumulated on top of the mountain

Then everyone were sighing as we approached the park, cause it was raining!!! :( :(
But since we were already here, we got to get down from the bus and carry on....

 The ticket to the park

 What an unlucky day! See even the handsome staff also showing his moody face~

 We followed the staff to walk in the park, with raincoats on and umbrella.

 We saw a few waterfall along the way but it was too foggy, only can hear the sound~

 Most places were flooded so we had to avoid those areas

So this is a park, and it was raining, and we were surrounded by water, so you can guess it must be cold here. I can tell you YES, it was super duper cold here! My toes were freezing and went numb after the trip!

 Anyway since we were here die die must take some photos la! That's one of the waterfall behind us

 It was actually a quick trip cause of the rain, hence I din't take many photos

 I din't edit the picture, the camera lens were wet hence I got this blurry photo~

Really an unlucky day, wasted! 

(photo taken from

Because this is what we are supposed to see!! T_T

But I think that's something we can't control. I am still thankful to be able to visit this beautiful park. Who knows next time I will have the chance to visit it again? :p

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  1. Split.. hahaha, another interesting name of a Eastern European city besides Kotor.. so you were really lucky to be able to bump into the King and Queen of Denmark, and interesting enough that they did not enjoy special privilege like secret entrance/exit, but appeared right in the crowd!! hmmm, that is rather rare huh?? so that's just a brief stop at Split for the Diocletian's Palace and a brief lepak at the streets nearby.. how lucky, just a brief stay and you bumped into the King and Queen of Denmark!! must buy toto lah~~ :D

    Zadar located on the Adriatic Sea?? you mean it's an island?? hmmm, i must go and google about this Adriatic Sea because you have been mentioning about this sea quite a lot in your trip huh?? like everyday you are traveling along the coast of Adriactic Sea hor?? errr, so many photos of Zadar but then there is no description or caption at all, dunno how to comment leh, hahaha!! so it's a small town with some old buildings and also some colorful shops built around??

    ah, the sea view is just stunning!! and what a nice arrangement that you were brought there for the sunset, awww, so LOMANTIC leh you and hubby taking photos by the sea with a sunset view.. and that photo with a =), hahaha, looks familiar leh, like the poster of a movie.. but cannot recall what's the movie suddenly~~ :D

    oh, Sea Organ is not a real sea lah, haha!! at first i thought there's another sea other than the Adriatic Sea.. so they are really creative to build those "organs" by the sea and let the waves and tides play the music, oh yeah, very interesting.. somemore all using solar cell so it's actually very smart in reusing the natural resources!! brilliant~~

    aiyoh, sayang leh it was raining the next morning while you were at the Plitvice National Park.. i saw the photo printed on the photo, so stunning and amazingly picturesque.. the color of the water is so beautiful and crystal clear too!! anyway actually the last 2nd photo you took looks very nice also woh, like 錯有錯著的朦朧美 leh, haha!! really not nice hor when it rains while you are doing outdoor sightseeing, so leceh and cannot see the best of the view, but then true also lah, 一場來到, of course cannot miss the opportunity to take a couple of photos mah, to prove that you have been there mah, right?? haha.. but then maybe 塞翁失馬, 焉知非福?? maybe there are more activities arranged for you due to the short stay at the Plitvice National Park?? looking forward to you updates..

    yalah, who knows?? we never know what's happening the next second.. this round you see the park in the rain, and next time you go again, you see the park in the snow, and the next next time you go again again, you see the park in it's best!! no problem for you mah, because when you travel, you travel far and at least 8 hours flight one, hahahaha!! :p

    I found this at youtube. Did you visit the solar-light board at night ?

  3. The palace is really full of history, so ancient and old. Good weather for that day must be really nice for the tour, get to see beautiful scenery.

    The pillar that you were hugging, does it symbolize anything?

    It is true, it is less fun when it rains during travelling but then like you say, we can't control it and at least you get to go and visit that park. Can feel the cold just by looking at the fog and you being drenched in the photo.

  4. Wow..the photos are so lovely ! And you are lucky to meet the king and queen of Denmark. I guess you haven't seen our king right ? Ah Hahah...yeah, what a waste. ... Too bad the rain spoilt the trip to the park.

  5. 遇到大人物一定超开心的哈哈哈。

  6. Oh dear! Too bad you missed that beautiful view of the waterfall! Like when I went to Land's End after everyone told me how beautiful it was, praised it to the skies - the fog was so thick I could not even see my nose. :(

  7. The place looks very ancient and nice.. How nice if I have a chance to go there.. Very lucky indeed that you could meet the king & queen of Denmark.. And yes, agreed, very "friendly" too, since the public can go over so near to them.. I like the picture where you are hugging the pillar, look so sweet, hehe.. Ooohh, look at the fog and rain, and you look brrrrrrrr cold LOL..

  8. so lucky to see the king

    lovely romantic stroll.

    Hey ...that blurry pic turns out perfect :)

  9. Lucky you to see the King and Queen! :)

  10. Looks like you had a great holiday! Some more get to see the King and Queen :)

  11. Even the king and queen of Denmark visited Croatia. Split is a very lovely place to visit. I dont mind the cooling atmosphere. Less sweat. Hehe.

  12. Really worth going to this Eastern Europe trip.... So beautiful n scenic... Yes, sometimes weather is the setback but nevertheless, die die also can still take pictures... :)....

  13. Really potong stim lo, cannot enjoy the national park properly..
    Why you hug that pillar in Zadar? Got any special thing expected to happen by hugging it? :D

  14. 最后一张真的好美!无所谓,天气是我们无法控制的~你还是在那里看到很多其他的美丽景色,值得的~

  15. Hi Hayley! So how does it feel to be home now? Wish I cud go on a holiday soon. Oh wait... I will be! Anyway, just dropping by to say hi back! And dont forget to relink! (the old blog wont be updated).

    Coffee Girl

  16. Those churches were lackluster if compare to those at Rome or England huh...

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  18. 羡慕你们又蜜月去!!

  19. 游走在这种异国风情的街头小巷感觉很浪漫!景色好美!

  20. 你和你老公站在瀑布前拍的景色很美!


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