Sunday, November 30, 2014

Product review (part VII)

Erm actually more of sharing new products la! =)
 Laxka tube masks, comes with 2 types (gold and platinum) as one package. Both are good in whitening, moisturising, repairing, anti wrinkle and anti aging. Suitable for male and female.
5 bottles per box, RM 150. Product from Australia.


Maqui lite coffee, helps in body detoxification, skin whitening, improve bowel movements and body metabolism, as well as eliminate deposited fats, many drink this to lose weight healthily.
Comes with 16 sachets per box, RM 120, formulation by France.
(Coffee lovers sure like this)
 Yoko underarm whitening cream, and armpit & bikini area spa salt.
Helps in whitening and removing dead skin cells.
Buy this package at RM 65, sold separately too.
Product from Thailand.

You can leave your comment here in case if you wanna know more about the products.

If you are wondering what else I got:


  1. It is amazing the variety of products. If really want to use beauty products, there are so many items until the dressing table all full hee...hee...

  2. Now only I know got whitening for armpits! :)

  3. Not related to the topic, the bear looks so cute

  4. Good..varieties of products being sold. Wishing you good business.

  5. So so many more product varieties.. I cant remember all of them but I can remember some unique ones la.. Cute teddy bear by the way..

  6. First I thought these were sigares.


  7. Interesting!

    This is the first time I've heard of maqui, the superfood (superberry?) - had to Google it. Learn something new everyday! :)

  8. yeah haha, this post today reads more like a product lineup than a product review.. interesting products you have and I guess your online business is going better and better huh?? glad to know that~~ :)

  9. uiks...arm pit also can whiten...didnt know that

  10. I like moisturising and repairing product...
    now seldom put on mask d...everyday very busy with bb~

  11. 面膜有很吸引我,是一次用一支吗?有没有推出单支装?我其实对很多美白产品都敏感,小小的顾虑,如果是试用装我是二话不说买来试一试。

    1. 不好意思没有哦,都是一盒5支哦。

  12. Good to see you expanding your product range. Will let my friends know about your products because I do not use any beauty products. Keep up the good work!

  13. I know this Maqui lite coffee, my sister buy for me and made for everyday before, not so bad!!


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