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Products review (part VI) (new products too)

1. Emma pearl whitening body cream, 180ml. Product from Switzerland, RM 110.
Emma 美白身体乳,瑞士产品。
2. Maqui detox drink, 14 sachets per box, helps in easing constipation, slimming, detox and skin toning.
RM 120.
Maqui detox,一盒14包,能够排毒,瘦身,达到养生养肠的效果。
3. Blossom elixir breast enhancement drink, 18 sachets per bottle, made from natural herbs, helps in breast firming, and recuperate the uterus from the inside, a wonderful product for the women.
RM 140.
Blossom elixir, 一盒18包,全天然配方,能够丰胸和调理子宫,是女人的恩物 ;)
4. Queen qin breast essential oil, made from natural herbs. RM 128 (30ml).
Queen qin 丰胸精油,草药配方。
5. Bovey sleeping mask, product from Guang Dong. One capsule to be used one time, comes with 12 different types (mosturising, firming, oil control and etc), RM 9 per capsule (8g), RM 99 for 12 capsules. The packaging is very cute, I personally think it's a nice gift ;)
Bovey 晚安面膜,来自广东。一共有12种不同的功效(补水,紧实,抗敏等等)。个人觉得包装很可爱,当礼物也很好看。

I tried the moisturising ones and can feel my skin stayed hydrated throughout the night, though it's said to be used one time, but I actually used it for 3 times cause the mask is thick! ;)
我用了补水的,隔天醒来皮肤都不会干干的。虽说一颗一次性不过8g其实满多的,我分开用3次 ;)

6. Nan Jiang brown sugar ginger, 500g for RM 70, from Taiwan. A drink suitable for all ages, man and woman (can treat as candy too), helps in soothing/warming, combatting cold/flu and etc.
7. Luxy scalp mask, it's like a hair conditioner, protects the scalp by reducing dandruff and control oil release, leaving the scalp a cooling sensation, also strengthen the hair, leaves hair smoother.
RM 110 for 220ml. Product from Paris.
Luxy scalp mask, 能够保护头皮,减少头皮屑,清理多余油脂,提升头发健康,让头发柔顺,而且用完了头皮冰冰凉凉的很舒服。
8. DC white natural silk repair mask, comes with 7 bottles (30ml) per box, with one cap and a tweezer to pull out the silk mask, only RM 60.
The essence is so thick I can even apply on my hands and legs ;)
Mask is very thin that means it's good in absorption.
DC 丝绸试管面膜,一盒7罐,附送一个小盖子和夹子。面膜超薄的,而且精华很多很厚!
My skin becomes instantly fairer after application!
Super love this silk mask. Packaging is very classy too.
If you are wondering what else I got:
As usual, I will be giving a small free gift to all my customers if he/she purchase 2 or more items and above. Do leave a comment here if you're interested to know more about the products.
Thanks for reading! 


  1. Wow, you are bringing in more and more new products.. Way to go girl !! Very interesting products.. The sleepmask is very cute and colourful, like eye shadow colour, I bet they will attract attention the most..

  2. Good lah got new products. Your customers will have more choices to choose from.

  3. oh, great to see you back in action and bringing in more products for your business.. that means your business is doing very well, expanding huh?? want to hire people or not?? hehehehe..

    oh, i like that Bovey sleeping mask, their packaging i mean.. looks like those edible jelly lah, haha!! but that one must be kept away from kids, because they will probably thought mommy bought some jelly in the fridge and then eat them!! OMG~~

    so you are not only selling beauty products for face and body, but you are also selling products for consumption now.. 老闆娘 really got a lot of lobang already now leh.. good good!! looking forward to more products from you :)

  4. I have spots on my faces. Is there anything you would recommend, like spot for concentrated area only? that really works but is not overly expensive?

    1. Can i know what kinda spots? Well the jelly mask is a good product, its not expensive too.

  5. 那个sleeping mask好可爱!我觉得带出trip好方便~

  6. Awaiting to see more of your products...

  7. Great to see you are back in action.

  8. Welcome back in action Hayley

  9. Yalor the sleep mask packaging looks like some delicious jelly

  10. Wow hvg more and more products now.. :)

  11. wow, it's a good online business. All the best!

  12. Great to see so many products. Your customers would be happy to have more choices to buy from.

  13. 可爱的sleeping mask...丝绸试管面膜是什么功用?

  14. wah instant result leh. Just nice for those who have big day ahead

  15. Wow! All the products are attractive~ My hands start getting itchy again, haha! One thing I like the best, I can save my postage charges when buying from you :D

  16. So far, I still like Osmanthus eye mask the best. So cooling and relax whenever I use it. I agree with Yvonne, thanks to your speedy delivery to our door step. Good service, Hayley, thumbs up to you.

  17. Hayley,

    What does this pearl whitening body cream do? My arms and legs are darker now since I'm always driving Gwen ard to sch and back. What about the DK whitening body lotion?

    I'm interested on No. 7 and 8 too.

    1. Its like a whitening lotion, whitens the skin instantly. Dk whitening body treatment is like a mask, apply on skin for 5-10 mins then rinse off, whitens the skin too.

      If you are interested on any product, can pm me in WeChat or FB messenger, I ll give you more details ;)

  18. I super envy your baby smooth complexion Hayley. Getting more and more beautiful each day :)

  19. Hi! is your emma whitening lotion still available? Can I also have you facebook or wechat so I can pm you? Thanks ya!

    1. Rachel, yes available. My WeChat ID is in the photo, york_mei.

  20. Hi! is your emma whitening lotion still available? Can I also have you facebook or wechat so I can pm you? Thanks ya!


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