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The last post of 2014

I guess this is not a good year end :( In fact, I guess 2014 is not that good for most people.... 
Anyway, like it or not, we got to survive, and we can only pray for a better 2015.
I did my part to help the flood victims....
 Not much I can afford but I sincerely hope my little contributions can really help those in need. I also pray to God that the there'll be no more flood and things would be under control very very soon.

2014 has been ok for me, nothing special besides being a busy mother, and busy with my small online business, and busy traveling (actually just twice la, once to Eastern Europe and once to Thailand) xD
But of course the most wonderful gift is the precious bun in the oven......

Baby bump at 20th week, still unsure about the gender though...

This is the last post I can publish this year, so I wanna take this chance to thank my loyal readers for the continuous supports! Muacks~
I wish all of you a Happy New Year 2015, and hopefully 2015 will be a much better ye…

Pray for a sunny weekend

I miss the sun :(

It's been raining lately, and the condition seems to become worse, I heard there's flood everywhere!

Mr Sun, where are you?

Anyway, weekend is here, wishing my dear readers a happy and safe weekend!

To Hatyai again

We were away to Hatyai during the last weekend.  Hatyai is one of my favorite place to visit, it's a food and shopping paradise! Plus, it's not too far away from Taiping, no need to travel by plane, haha!
Decided to bring Aden along, this is consider his first trip oversea (or should I say overborder? LOL) ;) Remember the passport photo I blogged HERE? That's for this trip.
Too bad, he was down with fever on Friday T_T It happened all of a sudden, with no flu/cough or whatsoever. I was in dilemma whether to bring him along or not, kept monitoring his temperature the whole night, couldn't sleep well and so is Aden, poor boy.
Anyway, we brought him along, still feeling unwell and feverish during the first day we at Hatyai but getting better during the next day~
 Due to the fever, he became more cranky and clingy to me, he wants only ME to carry T_T

 Despite all the crankiness and tiredness, I had no regrets bringing him along, I think he enjoyed himself too! Especially…


More new products!

1. Paparazzi ampoule
 Extra moisturizing, removal of dryness and wrinkle, whitening and repairing. Can be treated as moisturizer, suitable for normal and even sensitive skin. A product from Korea. 28 bottles (1ml each) per box. RM 168.

2. Guerisson cream  Anti wrinkle, spots and scars reducing. Can be used on sensitive skin, insects bites, wounds, burnt skin and as stretch mark cream too, how wonderful right? 70g per bottle, RM 120, product from Germany.

3. Enz Serum slimming  Can be used on tummy, arms, hips and thighs for slimming purpose. 200ml per bottle, RM 149.

4. Anna King lip mask Extra moisturizing and gives pinkish lips all the time, product from France, RM 18 per piece.

Should you have any inquiries, you can comment below and I will reply as soon as possible ;)
If you are wondering what else I got: - Osmanthus eye mask - Flower stock solution paper mask - Sexy leg ampoule cream - XS beauty slimming capsules - MyTwins slimming cream - Pink baby lip cream - Green bean mask

The happy change

A gathering with my dear school mates

Do you still keep in touch with your ex school mates? How often do you guys meet up?
Most of my ex school mates have moved to KL since finish SPM which is about 12 years ago (OMG I sound so old haha!) Nonetheless we do keep in touch regularly even until today, I mean through Whatsapp and Facebook :p  As for meeting up, it's quite difficult since everyone is busy with own life, we only get to get together during special occasion like during someone's wedding or during Chinese New Year. So I treasure our friendship very much ;)
We got to meet up yesterday since most of them are back in Taiping for the weekend. Decided to bring Aden along though I knew he sure made noise one. Anyway we chit chat and laugh a lot during that 2 hours and one thing we realize is since all of us are mummies now, the topics we had are no longer how to make up/dress up/which cosmetics is good/which hairstyles suit me and etc but it's all about babies and kids. …

The December birthday ladies

I resigned from my ex company since 2011 but still keep in touch with a few ex colleagues until today. Besides keeping in touch via FB, Whatsapp and email, we do meet up for gathering once a while, but the gathering got lesser since they are getting really busy with works these days.

Anyway, Yannie contacted me last month and invited me to a birthday dinner celebration which held last Sunday.

The celebration is for Lorita and Yvonne.

Here's all of us, most are my ex colleagues while a few are consider new friends to me

These are the 2 birthday ladies, we had an advanced birthday celebration for them

We had steamboat...

Clear soup and tomyam mixed already cause we put too much ingredients at one shot, haha! But still taste good!

This is the 'sao min' 寿面 which taste good too!

They ordered other dishes like mixed greens with yam cake and curry prawns with bread (din't take photos though), we belanja the birthday ladies and each of us paid only RM 30, how cheap!

Though 2 …

Second time as a mother

I don't have a good memory but I do remember when I pregnant 3 years ago, I had only a slight morning sickness, everything were bearable and sort of, enjoying.
This time around, things become different. I felt more tired and nauseous, backpain also comes early, temper also becomes worse :p  If it wasn't necessary to go out, I will just lay on my bed all day.Well, all thanks to age.....
Remember the Europe trip in October? I was barely 3 months pregnant back then and many advised not to go on long haul flight, since the first trimester is usually not stable.  I was in deep dilemma that time, I thought of giving up the trip and let hubby go alone but hubby told me everything is gonna be alright, since it's a vacation anyway, and it'll be a waste if I don't go cause we cannot cancel/refund.
So I seek for advices from mummies in a mummy group in FB and many shared their experiences saying that they did something similar when they were pregnant. Then of course the most…

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nothing special to blog, so here's my boy's ugly yet funny sleeping poses ;)

Here wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!! ^^

Life lately........

Yes, a random post since I got nothing special to blog about already :p Let's start with Aden, he tends to love and sayang his cousin sister more nowadays, compared to last time, he used to bully and acted harsh on her.... =_="

Brought Aden to do his passport last week and man, we waited nearly 3 hours at the immigration office!! Damn pek chek and impatient!
Anyway here's his first passport photo. Many commented about his nerdy look, I think he looks kinda cute wert, kekeke!

 What do you think? :p

The newly opened Aeon mall is truly a child's heaven, with many choices of playground and toys. We've been there for 3 continuous Sundays, mainly to let Aden have fun at the playground.

It was hubby's birthday last Saturday but we din't celebrate. Just cooked a simple dinner for him (psst, I hardly cook ok? :p).

 That's my burnt teriyaki chicken rice with chawanmushi, lucky tasted good though din't look appealing xD
Present for him? Hmm I think we had s…