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Life lately........

Yes, a random post since I got nothing special to blog about already :p
Let's start with Aden, he tends to love and sayang his cousin sister more nowadays, compared to last time, he used to bully and acted harsh on her.... =_="

Brought Aden to do his passport last week and man, we waited nearly 3 hours at the immigration office!! Damn pek chek and impatient!
Anyway here's his first passport photo. Many commented about his nerdy look, I think he looks kinda cute wert, kekeke!

 What do you think? :p

The newly opened Aeon mall is truly a child's heaven, with many choices of playground and toys. We've been there for 3 continuous Sundays, mainly to let Aden have fun at the playground.

It was hubby's birthday last Saturday but we din't celebrate. Just cooked a simple dinner for him (psst, I hardly cook ok? :p).

 That's my burnt teriyaki chicken rice with chawanmushi, lucky tasted good though din't look appealing xD

Present for him? Hmm I think we had stopped buying birthday presents for each other since many years ago. But I do carry the best birthday present for him this year ^_^

That will be the little human growing inside my belly ;)

Yes, I am currently 4 months preggie, din't intend to announce on purpose (since it's not my first pregnancy anyway :p).
Well, I am doing good so far, but morning sickness did get a bit worse this round compared to last pregnancy (that will explained why I gone inactive few months ago). The nausea feeling, fatigueness, backpain and all, arrh I am definitely on another round of roller coaster ride.

But I am thankful that I am getting better, and if you recalled, baby was with me when I went Europe last month, I was barely 3 months preggie that time. I did get very tired during the trip, but luckily baby was good ;)
Ok I think I will blog about this when I got the mood, may be next time ^_*

Can't wait to find out the gender next few weeks!! =)


  1. Congratulations sweetie.. I saw you posted in MC few days ago regarding migraine during pregnancy, but I kept quiet coz I shall wait for you to announce yourself.. Enjoy the process :)

    1. Haha, yep I posted in MC before. Thanks!

  2. Congratulations!!! Take good care of yourself!!

  3. 大恭喜你,好好休息! :)

  4. Congratulation to you!! Take good care and rest more!!

  5. I knew you were pregnant!!! I can see in your photos!!!

    Congratulations!!! :)

  6. Congratulations! Aden is practicing by sayang-ing is cousin sister first :D

  7. First, congrats on your pregnancy! Boy or girl, Aden is going to be a big brother! He must be excited.

    Going somewhere with Aden since he got his passport?

    Each pregnancy is different. Cherish the moment. Glad morning sickness has gone. You do take care and rest more.

    1. Thanks Rose!

      Yes, going somewhere near in few weeks time.

      I will, don't worry.

  8. 恭喜!恭喜!小哥哥明年有手足了!开心的享受孕程吧!

    1. 谢谢。

  9. Congrats Hayley! Your husband is so lucky that you cook for him during his birthday. So much love!

    Aden looks cute, not nerdy at all in his passport photo.

  10. congratulations Hayley! Hope you get a girl this time.

  11. Wow....congrats and take good care of yourself !

  12. Btw, Aden looks cute and innocent. .hhahaha.. probably he's thinking what you guys are doing. Getting a passport ? Going somewhere ?

    1. Yes I think he looks innocent ma right? ^^

      Yaya we are going somewhere near in 2 weeks time.

  13. Congrats on the new baby Hayley! :)

    3 hours for passport isn't too bad, I know they're supposed to do it in less than an hour but I haven't received that level of service in KL, had to do it in Sibu and buy a round of KFC for the staff (the supervisor there is a friend of mine) coz they worked through lunch hour to fix my lost passport and got it back within an hour (police report, magistrate swearing and all).

    ...and then I later found my passport, it wasn't lost after all, someone accidentally took it and only told and returned it to me AFTER I had reported it as lost and I had to sort *that* out (which is a whole kettle of troublesome fish).

    1. Thanks!

      Then you were lucky!! Phew~
      Must keep it safe all the time.

    2. Yeah, I have learnt to keep it at the same place everytime although sometimes I have to ask my dear where it is coz I'm quite forgetful. Haha!

  14. Congrats Hayley, hope you get a girl this time to form the好word, also a new look on your blog, nice! I like flowers design

  15. Ooooooo...congrats!!!! Bun in the oven! Ummmm....from the look of it, maybe it's going to be another boy.

    Aden's growing up already - such a good boy. Normally, when mums are expecting, the little ones turn into monsters - real headache...and attention-seeking. Passport? He's going somewhere?

    1. Thanks. Most importantly is the baby is healthy ;)

      Yes, I know, sort of prepare for that already.
      Yep, we are going somewhere in few weeks time.

  16. 啊!!!!我就在想一定是送最棒的礼物给你老公!果然果然!!!!

  17. Oh congrats! Aden will have a little brother or sister soon :)

  18. Congratulations ! :) wah Aden going to have someone to play with liao :)

  19. 恭喜hayley!! Aden有手足了~

  20. Thanks all for the wishes!! 感谢大家的祝贺!Muacks!

  21. 恭喜你!Aden要当哥哥了!!好好enjoy孕期的喜悦~:D

  22. Aden already 大個仔 lu, see he so sayang his little cousin, and when you went to your recent 10D trip he also like tarak rasa mah.. good lah, now that you like 提早放監 leh.. my friend ah, after giving birth hor, like kena tied and staying in prison cannot even go anywhere, only until the son goes to primary school only can go to watch movie ah, go shopping for a longer time ah, short trip ah like that leh.. so you are lucky leh..

    eih?? bringing Aden to go and make his passport?? meaning you are going to bring him to travel together already?? fuyoh, so 幸福 la, so young only already can go here go there, some more you know lah, 你一飛就是飛很遠那一種, so this Little Melon (小瓜) is really blessed leh.. so jealous!! hahaha~~ :p

    1. Hmm sometimes still bully her also ka...

      Yes we are going somewhere near in 2 weeks time ;) No la, not that far, very near only ;)

  23. i went to Penang last weekend and on the way back, we almost wanted to turn into Taiping.. but too bad, because we already had very heavy breakfast in Penang, so we finally didn't belok into Taiping to makan.. else i can ask all the Taiping Blogging Aunties to meet up at Casual Market or AEON, haha.. in the end, we belok into Bidor for the duck noodles instead, hehe :p

    so now there's a new place for you to bring Aden to go gai-gai already?? the mall management memang very smart horr?? they know if they attract the kids, then sure the parents cannot resist to bring the kids to go to the mall.. nowadays 小朋友生意是最好做的, you agree with me?? now the parents all very 捨得 to spend on the kids one, themselves not makan also must buy something good for the kids hor?? you also like that ke?? hehehehe~~ :p

    1. Cheh, cakap saja! Hmm may be Taiping 不够魅力 lo that's why you guys din't turn here :p
      Anyway, the Bidor duck noodles is good, I miss it!

      True, 小朋友的生意是最好做的!Same goes to ladies' business, keke!
      And these days punya parents all very kaya one, can spend for their kids ^^

  24. oh, finally finally!! hehehe, i am so happy for you leh!! CONGRATULATIONS on the baby in your womb, and now Aden has finally got one siblings already, no need to be so bored at home always bugging mommy to play hide-n-seek with him.. and good to know that he also sayang his little cousin, means he will also be sayang his own brother or sister lor.. wah, i guess you must be very excited to know the gender of the baby soon huh??

    hehehe, your stomach doesn't look very big also, or 4 months memang like that one?? and round round one, maybe it's a girl woh.. then you can 湊一個好字 and can help your girl to 扮靚靚, that's why many mothers also prefer daughter than son?? hahaha~~ looking forward to your updates next week.. :)

    1. Thanks SK!

      Yes, can't wait ;)

      Erm I guess it's like that la, plus I wasn't feeling well during the beginning hence no appetite, so tummy small :p
      Girl? Haha that'll be perfect ;)

  25. Congratulation my dear. Saw ur baby bump last few weeks when we meet at Aeon ^.^
    Gender not important, as long as healthy baby.
    The playground is really a kid's favorite.
    Take care.

  26. 太好了!恭喜你啊!!!Aden是哥哥了,这绝对是最好的礼物了!hug~

  27. 恭喜你妈咪!!最近部落格好多妈咪再度怀孕,好好养胎!!

  28. CONGRATULATIONS HAYLEY!!! What a beautiful present for your hubby... and you look very good too! Keep well, pretty mommy!

  29. Congrats, Hayley! =) It will definitely be the perfect present for your husband and the family. Hope Aden will become the best brother that his younger sibling could ever ask for. ^^

    But yeah, I was at the Passport Department a week ago to renew my passport to accommodate the duration of my university degree and it took me about 4 hours of waiting before I could collect the new copy from the case officer. That will include the fact that I pleaded and begged for him to do it soonest possible. Otherwise, I'd have to return the next day for the passport collection. I think it's the peak season of renewal. =/

    1. I think many of us encounter unhappy experiences with the Immigration office, seriously they need to do something about it!!

  30. 恭喜你哦!Aden做了哥哥!要好好照顾自己哦!

  31. Congrats, Hayley! Can't wait to know your baby's gender too ;)

  32. Heyyyyy congratulations! Thats so many good news! And Aden's passport photo is classic. Haha handsome boy lor

  33. Congrats..that's a good news to read in the morning!

  34. Life has been very good and kind to you. You have a lovely family and friends. Now another happiness will join you soon. Take care and relax always with prayers & good music!!

  35. Congrats and take care, Hayley! You look radiant with baby bump :)

    I love babies, hehe! Will go and smell your newborn in another 6 months, muahahaha!

  36. Thank you thank you. I am thankful for what I have ;)
    Yvonne, thanks, sure no problem :p

  37. Congrats!!! That's a wonderful news! Pray that you and the baby stay healthy and have a smooth pregnancy! =D


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