Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First visit to Zoo Negara

So we brought Aden to Zoo Negara last Monday, picked a weekday on purpose to avoid huge crowd... 
Here's some photos taken~

See, not many people, no need 'pack sardine'! :p
It was about 12pm, the hottest hour!! 

After getting our tickets and map, it's time to start our 'sun bath' session!
Let's go!

First stop, butterfly garden/insect center. Very nicely maintained!

Big and small and all kinds of butterflies flying freely!

Aden is sure the happiest person that day!

No tripod, no other people around, so cannot take a proper family photo... 

Giraffes in the Savannah Walk, very big size!

Then we came to the Tunku Abdul Rahman lake where we see hundreds of storks! Some looks quite scary though (like this one)

The man who sponsors the trip, my dear brother <3
(Aden took this picture, by the way ^^)

Yes, since the storks are running around freely around us, Aden was kinda scared by them....

But luckily they are not aggressive.... They even made way for us to walk through xD

This boy used my camera and simply snap photos! But some are quite ok la! :p

My dear parents

The tiger here is chubbier and more active compared to the one here in Zoo Taiping, haha!

But the lion is lazy~

And then we reached the giant panda conservation center! We booked the 1pm session. Yes you need to choose the time to go into the center while buying the ticket at the entrance and this time will be printed on your ticket. Suggest you to choose at least an hour later from the time you enter the zoo, since the journey to the panda center is quite far.

The first panda we see! Soooooo cuteeee!!! 

I just feel like squeezing it!

This is the second panda, slightly 'dirty' :p Sorry I was too excited til I forgot to check out which one is Xing Xing and Liang Liang~ :p 

Hmm Aden was throwing tantrum here, I forgot what was the reason.... 

Make sure no flash is engaged when snapping photos here.

The center is HUGE! And very very cold inside! It's good to be a panda afterall, kakaka!

The center is clean and well maintained.

The souvenir shop, nope we din't buy anything, just walked through it. And there is a small cafe just next to this souvenir shop.

Done enjoying the air conditioner, it's time to continue the 'sun bath'

Outside we can see this panda statue

Trying to mimic the panda but opps, wrong hand xD

Next we reached the ape center

Haha I love Aden's expression here!

Then we came to the small aquarium section

I think those are like piranhas species? They are so BIG in size and looks quite scary, but cute at the same time cause they sort of queue in a line, not moving, hahaha!

The zoo also has a small penguin house

Since Aden loves fish we came to this indoor aqua world

There're lots of big and small tanks with many different types of fish, just took some photos only

One thing I am curious is how come the fishes here are so BIG one?!

Lastly we came to this kids' world, and these pony attracted our attention the most

Actually Zoo Negara is very big! But with a clingy son like Aden (he wanted to be carried by me most of the time!), and also the hot and hazy weather, we din't manage to cover everything, we missed the reptile house, the multi animal show and the amphibian center. But it was already a great experience to us, and a wonderful family trip.

Here's the fees for your information. We were there before 27th July so the entrance to the giant panda center is free, now need to pay already.

If you ask me which one is better, Zoo Taiping or Zoo Negara? I'd say both are nice, some animals we seen in Zoo Negara are not available at Zoo Taiping, but Zoo Taiping is slightly cleaner than Zoo Negara. So, I think it's up to individual also :p
And is it worth it? Well, yes. Just make sure you have plenty of time and energy to cover everything =)

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