Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A little recent updates

1. I brought Aden to the cinema for the first time last 2 weeks, we watched the show Fire & Rescue since he loves vehicles so much. I purposely picked the noon show, on weekday cause I guess the crowd would be lesser. 
I am worried that he might misbehave in the cinema since it was his virgin visit, so if the patrons are not too many then I could handled easily.

I bought popcorn and Coke hoping these will keep him occupied too.

I let him sat on my lap, he seems ok with the dark environment and the loud noise, but during the beginning there was this trailer for the horror movie 'Annabelle', I told him not to watch (I am an kiasi mum, I'm worry this will give him nightmare) and I kept talking to him and distract his attention. He seems a little bit scared, but din't cry.
Then when the show started, we switched to couple seat since there were only 6 patrons during the entire movie xD

Overall, Aden behaved well in the cinema, it's a bit out of my expectation actually. But I noticed he got a bit boring after about 40 minutes, but luckily he din't make noise or wanting to come down. He even felt asleep towards the end of the movie, LOL! 

So, I think I can bring him to another animation next time!

2. I mentioned before that Aden is terrified of haircut, it's a war everytime I bring him to the saloon. He will scream and struggle very hard, even snacks/iPad won't help.
For the past 3 months, I have been bringing him to the same barber, he is actually my dad's friend and he has quick steady hands!
Usually I'll carry Aden throughout the whole haircut, and I sort of squeeze him tight so that he can't struggle much, then my dad will hold his hands, and the barber will control his head, and my mum will try to look for all kinda of things to distract Aden's attention. 
So yea you can imagine, it's like a big project bringing him to the hair cut!

But last week was the first time he din't cry during haircut!! He recognised the place when we arrived and he sorta sulk in the beginning, but only for a short while. Then he remained quiet throughout the whole haircut session, we din't even need to squeeze him tight or distract his attention.

I guess may be he starts to learn that haircut isn't something 'scary' or painful anymore? Or may be he is big boy now? ;)

So much fresher after the haircut!

I actually prefer those barber's shaver rather than trimming his hair by scissors, it's faster and looks more neat. That's why I hardly cut his hair on my own. 
I hope he will behave like this for the coming haircut sessions. 

3. We went lunch at a small town called Bagan Samak last Sunday and they have this small tanks which have fresh fishes and prawns, Aden got very excited and can't stop playing with the fishing net.

So he managed to catch a few big head prawns and asked the boss to cook us some yummy curry big head prawns! ^^

4. Online business is good thanks to the supports from friends~ 
I will work hard and bring more good products to share in the future!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Products review (part IV)

I know some of you suggested me to create a new blog for my beauty products, thanks for the comment. But at the moment I am going to stick to this one first :p

1. Sexy leg ampoule cream
This is actually a slimming cream, but for the thighs only. Formulation of USA.

100ml per bottle

I'll let the customer's testimonials do the talking =)

If you can read Chinese.....

For those who can show significant results of before and after, the company is giving out a bottle of slimming cream for FREE!

Selling at RM 100 per bottle. 

2. Sakura whitening mist
Can be treated as toner, just spray on the face before going out and if use long terms, skin will become fairer! It's very moisturising, and can tighten the pores too!

Selling at RM 130 for 100ml.

3. Flowers stock solution paper mask
I actually reviewed about the mask HERE and HERE.
My favorite is Rose (for whitening purpose) and Narcissus (firming and moisturising). 

Actually I think this collection of mask is really worth buying since it comes in 10 pieces per box at only RM 39, and it's a great gift idea too!

4. Annie's way paper mask
Selling at RM 12 per piece.

Read more about it HERE.

5. Annie's way jelly mask
My favorite jelly mask so far.
Read more review HERE and HERE.

There's only 4 of these left as ready stock, after this I'll stock in another brand of jelly mask, which is as good as this one.

And there's an ongoing promotion now:
a bottle of jelly mask + 2 pieces of paper mask + a spatula + a hair band, now only RM 90 (free postage)! 

6. Osmanthus eye mask
My best selling product so far =) And a few bloggers here also bought it from me.
Already the 3rd batch now.
RM 49 per bottle (60 pieces)

7. pink baby cream
Read more about it HERE.

RM 45 per bottle

8. green bean clay mask
Read more about it HERE.

RM 30 per bottle.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Still here!

My phone decided to die on me today :'(

I hope it can be fixed and come back to me soon!

Life without a proper phone these days is really not good!

Will find time to blog properly, might not be able to comment at your blog lately (due to the lazy bug in me) but I still read your updates!

Til then, have a nice day ahead!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Trong leisure farm

Trong/Terong is a small town situated about 15-20 minutes car drive from Taiping. Recently it has become popular due to its newly opened leisure farm, a place where you eat some fresh seafood, and visit a duck farm. 

During the recent Malaysia Day, friends and I organized a dinner outing there.

Naughty boy napped quite late this day and still feeling sleepy in the car~

Here we are!

The dining area is quite big, but usually kinda crowded, since it's still new now.

There's a small lake nearby, and a few resorts

You can also try the duck paddling boats there (forgot to check out how much)

Visitor can visit the duck farm nearby but we couldn't make it since it closes at 7pm, anyway we did see a small group of ducks

Quack quack quack~ All swim up to feast!

Aden is excited!

And those ducks are big and fat!

Everything is quite duck-based, haha!

We took a short walk after dinner

Aden and his girlfriend were caught dating! xDD

Here's with my bestie Annie

Overall, it's a nice place to visit. As for the food, honestly nothing special to shout about... That explain why there's no food photos :p
But price is reasonable.

Here's their FB page:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Aden boy: 2 years 4 months

There's a change in Aden's sleeping time lately, he used to sleep around 11pm+ but lately, he sleeps after 12am >.< And wakes up after 9am (usually I'll have to wake him up cause the later he wakes up, the later he naps in the afternoon =_=)

He sleeps in between hubby and I since months ago and keep on bullying me! Sleep/roll on me, kick me and left only a small space for me!! Grrr! 

He is still the big boss at home! Getting better in mimicking us.  Well, I shall let him enjoy being the king until end of this year as beginning next year, he'll be going to school and learn to be a good discipline boy!
I also hope he can speak more properly too~ I taught him numbers and colors at home and so far, he's good with colors (his favorite is blue, green, red, white and black), but for numbers, he keep on saying 3 and 4 only, LOL!

Being his maid is no easy task, as I got to clean up the mess again and again. 

I understand that too much sweet stuff is not good, but I'll let him enjoy a bit of sweet treats once a while. Usually he can't finish the whole thing also la, all ended up in my tummy, LOL! 

This boy sure is growing heavier! I dare not weight him xD But the last weighing is 14kg =_= 

I talk to him every night before we kiss each other good night and I remember one night, I asked if it's ok if daddy and mummy give him a younger sister/brother to play with. At first, he nodded 'want' but seconds later, he keep on repeating 'don't want', LOL! Guess he really enjoys being on his own xD

That's all I can think of now, off resuming my duty as a maid. 

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The wedding season

It's the auspicious August for the Chinese and I am sure many are getting married. I attended 2 wedding receptions lately and more to come til December >.<

Erm actually I am not really in the mood to blog also so I'll just let the pictures do the talking la! xD

I think some of you might recognise the familiar faces above.. Those are my ex colleagues, we were at a colleague's wedding reception. Din't bring Aden along though everyone asked me to cause they wanna cubit his cheeks cause I know if we bring him together, we won't have ease of mind eating and catching up with my friends *chuckles*

So it was a great dinner and a great gathering too! I still miss my ex colleagues a lot. I know it's hard to meet up like this again since everyone is busy with own life. 

(I am the big jie jie since I am the eldest here XD)

And these 2 photos were taken last weekend, during a friend's wedding reception too. 

Yea no photos with the newly wed, cause you know usually the newly wed is busy entertaining the guests so we the guests will just have to entertain ourselves, haha!

Ok la that's all for today, will update properly soon! =)

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