Friday, January 16, 2015

Awesome promotions

In conjunction with CNY, I am pleased to announce some promotions of my online business.

 Laxka tube masks, normal price is RM 150 per box (5 tubes) and now it's only RM 130.
This tube mask comes in a course of gold and platinum. The platinum one is more on anti-wrinkle, whitening, moisturising, calming and repairing. And the gold one is more on lightening spots, brightening and acne control. 
So if you take one course, your skin will be smooth like Angelebaby's skin :p

Don't worry, it's suitable even for sensitive skin.

Miracle aloe vera gel, now only RM 80 (normal price RM 99).
Can be used as body lotion or sleeping mask. And can be used on hair, chapped and dry lips/heels and wounds/scars. Suitable for the whole family.

Maqui lite coffee and maqui detox drinks is RM 120 per box. Promo price now 2 boxes RM 230, 4 boxes RM 440.

Maqui lite coffee focuses on improving bowel movement, skin whitening and improve body metabolism.
Maqui detox focuses on detoxification and lose weight. Both are made from plants extracts so it's safe to consume, works for both male and female.

DK whitening body mask, RM 35. Normal price RM 49. Suitable for tanned skin, it makes our skin smoother too.

Promotion valid while stock lasts, I personally think it's very worth, I even stock up a few for myself ;)

Come, let's grab these awesome products and have a pretty CNY together ^^
(Free gifts will be given to all customers, as usual la....)


  1. Looks like a bargain!

    BUY BUY BUY :)

  2. wah, CNY bargain!! hehehe, those discounted prices look attractive.. actually i suddenly have an idea, have you thought of CNY hampers for your online business?? hehehe, i mean you put a few of your most popular products (or better still, make it complete from hear to toe) into a hamper and them sell them in a bundle, make nice nice packaging and then put that as the highlight of the month, sure very sellable one i think.. :)

    can think think woh, right??

    1. Erm, you mean like a gift box la! Never thought of that wo, cause all products/price/promotions come from my 上线,we are not suppose to announce any special offers.
      But I can suggest to my 上线 also la, hehe!

  3. I think with CNY coming, most of the ladies would want to start taking extra care of their skin/body so that they can shine during the celebrations! Business sure pick up one :)

  4. On the first two pictures it looks like cigares.


  5. I am sure your business will be good looking at your products

  6. Very sweet and thoughtful of you to give promotions for the upcoming CNY..I guess your business will bloom bloom bloom! Yay!

  7. Nice promotion. Yes CNY is coming soon.

  8. wow.... so many nice products! Jia you!

  9. Hi Hayley, I can see you really on to these cosmetics business. Good for you. And same time enjoying yourself too....
    Have fun and good business to you.
    Best regards,

  10. So nice of you to have this promotion. Your customers will be very happy!

  11. Great promotion you have there.

  12. I like this, Haha smooth like angelababy. Too bad I still hv it. Will consider other round.

  13. wish you success in your business..

  14. CNY is coming. Wah nice to have these promotion le. :)

  15. yup its getting sunny nowadays! i guess it's gonna be scorching hot this CNY! >.<

    CNY Platter 2015 from Hard Rock Cafe Penang!


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