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Hubby and I thought about Aden being jealous when he has a sibling eventually.
I imagine it could be hard, but then having one child is sure not so good :p So we went and carried on to have a second baby ;)

So now that I am pregnant, Aden's terrible Two becomes worse. We keep on telling him that he's going to be a big brother soon, and that we all love the baby as much as we love him and bla bla bla... But things doesn't seems to get better also.
He is already a sticky child to me all this while and now he becomes even more clingy! Everything also just want mummy mummy mummy!! Really can't help but to feel even more exhausted and impatient these days.

平时的Aden已经是很粘我,现在我怀了第二胎他更是变得更厉害!什么都要妈咪就是了~ *喘*  而且脾气也变得更坏,有时要某样东西就是不肯说,就在那里扭计。在外面也是,甚至可以直接坐/躺在地上!别人看了都摇头。。。哎,这些苦只有父母明白啊!


 Also, it's so hard to get him to sleep and wake up these days! 

 All the misbehaves actually made me think that he's so much cuter and adorable when he was younger!!
这些种种的情况都让我觉得还是他小时最可爱!! (不过我还是很爱他啦,嘻嘻)

Sigh, guess there's nothing much I can do now besides trying to be more patient..... *breath breath breath*


  1. I guess no need to reassure him so much gua, he will judge for himself by your actions after second baby is born. As long as you really act fair to them both, he will be able to feel it and be okay one.
    Haha, touch sensitive issue for me. My mom leh, obviously is more favoring the big brother with her decision making, but she always wants to reassure us with words that she is not "pin sum". Words lo.. Worse is, as we grow older, she wants us to reassure her that we don't think that way.. LOL!
    I guess, what I wanna say is, the kids can feel it if you mean what you say, and it will be okay for them both. If you just say say only, they also can feel it one.

  2. all babies are cute..when they grow up, they become naughty. Anyway, it's life. Enjoy yr pregnancy and be your best for Aden.

  3. I agree with wenn, just do your best for Aden and try to relax and be patient with him as best as you can. Gambatte!

  4. 嗯,争宠已经上演!omg!好好跟他说你是哥哥吧Xd

  5. The same happened to Kz but no so much when I was pregnant.. After baby came out, that was the terrible time.. Took one year for him to improve.. But they are still fighting til today, just not as bad..

  6. I know some kids have a problem with having a sibling. Probably been the "king" for two long.

  7. 加油妈咪~

  8. sabar sabar......all will be fine once the baby comes.

  9. Hahaha... Maybe when baby number two comes he will become different! :)

  10. Now that you are pregnant, don't pressure yourself...

  11. My daughter terrible two also getting worse....sigh....
    But when see the kid happy and adorable, energy rejuvenate ;)

  12. Some kids are like that when they sensed that their mums are carrying a baby. But be perseverance. Stay calm and keep on telling him about being big kor kor and fun of having new baby and someone to play with and share stuff. When baby is born, still try to spend more times with him and never neglect him. Also get him involve with baby like taking diapers or talcum when changing etc.

  13. 加油!!! 这确实很头疼,不过相信只是过渡期罢了。

  14. I think most parents go through this. Take one step at a time, hor? I am sure when the baby comes, it will all be sorted out over time.

  15. Sibling rivalry is normal, I guess. :)

  16. 希望这个过渡期快快过!当妈的总会面对重重挑战,少一点耐心也不行,加油!!

  17. terrible two 不是搞笑的,我明白~ 我的也是不12点不睡 T__T

  18. 是一个过渡期,过后就会疼弟弟妹妹了!

  19. My brother learned this from friends & was all prepared and he bought a drum for his older son before the baby sister was born. Earlier, he refused to buy that drum for his son for some reasons. When the daughter was born, he gave the nicely wrapped drum to his son and told him that the baby sister has arrived today at the hospital with a present just for him alone. The son was bewildered and had mixed feelings. At the hospital, my brother and wife tried not to carry the new born so much in front of the son as plenty of relatives took turns to jaga. Instead my brother took his son away for long walks, ice creams and gave all attention.

    Results: The son loved the baby sister and kept asking to allow him to carry.

    Good luck!

    1. i LIKE this idea!!! most importantly the parents must not let the elder one feel neglected..

  20. I had the same thought like you earlier...but i take it easy and not to be over assuring my gal back then about her new sibling. Take it easy and once in a while get him to rub and listen to your tummy. Breath mommy!

  21. hmmm i have never heard of 爭花 actually but 爭寵 i heard a lot lah.. but then i guess it's quite common among kids, and even so, i believe it's just a transition period.. when your second one "boot" out then Aden will have passed his Terrible Two already..

    1. don't go and think about his "Terror Three" lah, hahahaha, everything will be fine.. you need to keep your 心境開朗 now to keep the baby in you happy also mah.. i think there are sure many ways you can educate Aden, if this cannot then just find other methods lor.. patience is most important here.. :)

    2. probably Aden has been the focus of everyone all these while, so it's really time to brainwash him already.. he is always cute and adorable, not just when he was younger, even now Uncle SK still feels like want to cubit his cheek woh.. hehe!!

  22. 哈哈哈 会吃醋也很可爱呀XD

  23. HAHAHA. so cute ah :)
    Aden has this kind of action... such adorable nah..xpp

  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. just be fair to the kids...and perhaps explain things to Aden if he throws tantrum (due to jealousy). Punishing, scolding or threatening him will only make him hate his younger sibling more.

  26. 大人都会有吃醋的时候,小孩子就更直接地表现出来。没关系,慢慢他会明白,有手足是件幸福的事情。

  27. As long as not too much just bear with him then! Being jealous of another sibling is rather common .... 😊


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