Sunday, January 4, 2015

More new products(更多新产品)

1. Beauty buffet whitening facial foam
100ml, product from Thailand.
Not only whitens but very moisturising, rich in Vit E and Q10 co-enzyme, works as a make up remover too.
RM 45.
(Beauty buffet 2合1卸妆洁面乳,可以美白也同时很滋润皮肤,洗了皮肤不会觉得紧近干干的,含有丰富Vit E 和抗氧化。产品来自泰国,RM 45/100ml)

2. Skinaz peel off lip gloss, colors stay on for 24 hours. It's safe and very moisturising too.
Comes with 6 colors as shown in the photo.
Product from Korea.
RM 45
(韩国Skinaz 拉撕魔法唇彩,24小时不掉色,改善唇部纹理,让双唇看上去丰润更有光泽,健康安全,RM 45)

3. Petitfee gold eye and spot patch. 60 pieces per bottle, product from Korea.
Helps in reducing dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles. The spot patch can be applied on acne areas.
RM 59.
(韩国Petitfee 眼膜,一罐60片,可以帮助减轻眼袋,黑眼圈和眼部细纹。RM 59)

4. innisfree paper mask, products from Korea, available in 10 different types for moisturising, oil control, calming, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, whitening, firming, de-speckle,  brightening and anti-acne.
10 pieces per box, RM 38.
(韩国innisfree面膜,一共有10种功效,美白,补水,控油,镇定,修复,抗老,抗皱,紧实,淡斑和抗痘。一盒10片RM 38)

As usual, kindly leave your comment here if you wanna know more about the products, and I will prepare small gift for all my customers ;)
还有,有买有送 ;)

Here's the updated list of what's available as some products are no longer available:

- Paparazzi ampoule
- Guerisson cream
- Anna lip mask
- Enz slimming serum


  1. Beauty buffet whittening facial foam.. The word buffet sounds interesting leh, for a facial foam.. So many new products keep coming in, good :)

  2. All the best in 2015, hope you enjoy brisk sales of all your products.

  3. Wow... wish you all the best in 2015 !

  4. ah, more products for your online business.. am sure you are doing very well and introducing more and more products to your business in the new year to benefit your fans!! that's indeed a great deed, keep it up!! :)

  5. Wah, macam-macam beauty products pun ada :)

  6. supported your product review~ =D

  7. Business is good. Good for you.

  8. Number 2 and number 3 are very attractive to me. Hehehe, I will let you know.

  9. Thanks everyone for the comment, though some are not relevant to this post, haha! xDD

  10. Happy New Year to you and your family Hayley! Your regular customers must be happy to see more choices for them now that you add new products to your store.

  11. Hi I would like to have some of ur products how to contact you, I live in kl..

    1. Can you give me your email? I'll contact you..


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