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The mid-week point forms

1. So it's the 14th day since new year but life is like usual to me. Got to pay attention to my online business and look after Aden as usual, but at the same time doctor advised me to rest as much as possible. Very difficult to carry out the latter action but for the baby and myself, I know I have to rest a lot also. Thank God I got helping hands which is my mum and the in laws. 

2. I miss baking and Yoga lessons. Guess I can only resume baking and attending Yoga classes months later (that also depends on if I have the time >.<) I foresee this year is gonna be busy for me, and I will become one hectic aunty, LOL! But I do hope I will have at least some extra time to come and update my blog. 

3. CNY is coming within a month but there's nothing exciting for me, we cannot 'celebrate' yet due to grandma's passing 2 years ago (the Chinese pantang larang ritual). I din't really shop much and in fact I think I can just skip the CNY shopping this year ;) 

4. Aden is currently 2years 8months young and he will be attending Montessori school next month, while I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. Sure not easy to be pregnant while looking after an active toddler but I think I can do it ;)

That's all I can think of now. Thanks for reading my random notes and I wish you all a happy Wednesday! 


  1. CNY also not exciting to me. Hope you can get some rest :) Take care, Hayley!

  2. Take care & yes, u can do it!

  3. You can do it babe! Rest as much as possible and eat as much as possible too! Yummzzzz

  4. 加油!我今天也skip了CNY shopping!哈哈!

  5. 今年我反而比较期待农历新年,因为多了带小芝麻去亲戚朋友家玩的机会!

  6. Most importantly, take good care of yourself. So long your mourning period? Anyway, in your condition, just let it pass - go somewhere nice and quiet and rest and relax. Hassle-free, get away from it all - much better that way.

    1. Yes, 3 years oo.

      Thanks for the comment ya!

  7. I am very surprised that your family still observe this customs of respect for mourning that long and not to celebrate the CNY. This is really very good for the family and I do believe this is important for the departed souls but many people have changed. My friend's family was terrible cos they all immediately wore red clothes right after cremating their father. Adoi!!!

    1. TM, just some sharing, my relatives (my father side), some of them, they are Catholic, as for me, i'm a Christian, as when my grandfather passed away in the year 2003, we still gather at my Uncle place during the year 2004 CNY to celebrate CNY...

  8. aden下个月就上学了,预祝一切顺利!我target在儿子三岁前送去幼儿园但是不要学术的^^
    好好休息哦~或许孕后期开始暂时停止你的online business好好休息了

  9. yeah you should listen to your doctor and get more rest.. I hope you are not staying up late every night like you use to?? but then I think this is your 2nd one in the tummy, you are experienced enough and know what's best for you right?? also I think you are able to handle your life, your blog, your online business and also your "little melon" perfectly lah.. 加油!!! :)

    1. Of course not anymore, I go to bed earlier lately ;)

      Thanks SK!

  10. hahaha!! "Hayley the Hectic Aunty" so funny but I like this title, hehehe.. I think if you are not attending your Yoga class, you can still do that at home huh?? I have heard of some Yoga which is suitable for pregnant ladies and also for the post natal period leh.. maybe you can do that to relax yourself and I supposed you can drag Aden to do it together also, haha!! must be fun~~ :D

    1. Yes I did some prenatal Yoga at home also but not syok la, no sweat also one :p
      But better than none la~

  11. yalor CNY is coming in a month's time.. but I think it's a little too early to feel the mood?? actually to me, I won't also feel that too even until the CNY reunion dinner la.. old already lah I guess, unlike last time very kan cheong about CNY one, early early already plan to buy clothes and CNY stuffs but now, aiyah cincai lah, haha!! got haven't worn before clothes can treat as new already not necessarily need to buy.. but for you, got kids mah, if yourself don't buy you also will buy for Aden lor I believe.. :)

    1. I feel you too, really no mood already cause we are getting older, no more receiveing ang pao and all, hoho!!

      Oh of course will still buy some for Aden~

  12. few more months and Aden is going to Montessori, how quickly time has passed!! I guess you are also looking forward to that huh?? your boy is growing up, and you will have have some personal time while he's in school horr?? and don't worry so much la, 船到橋頭自然直, 天塌下來當被蓋 mah.. :)

    1. Hmm yala, quite look forward to that ;)

      Ok, I listen to you.. 船到橋頭自然直 ^^

  13. CNY shopping...can't remember when was my last time of it!

  14. It's funny that most of my friends/colleagues of similar age only start picking up cooking and baking after they have babies. Before it was always eating out and tapao because no time, but when babies enter their lives, they start to be paranoid about outside food for the babies, so they somehow manage to squeeze time to cook and bake. Some of them refer to my blog for cooking tips XD

  15. Take good care of yourself and I'm sure you will have a lot of helpers for the next few months or years.

  16. Please rest more, blog only when you feel like it. All the best to Aden in going to school next month!

  17. Congrats Hayley. Rest well and Aden will love his sibling and be better once the baby is out. No worries :)

  18. Rest more and take care, Hayley. CNY or not , at least one less thing for you to worry about. Yea not easy to take care of am active toddler at this period.

  19. You sure have your hands full, Hailey.. yes, do try to rest more if need all the energy once the baby is on her/his way.. :)

  20. Glad to read your updates. Yes, sure hands full looking after an active kid while you are in a delicate state. Take it easy. Rest well because now you have all the times. Trust me, when baby is here and you are full time looking after both kids, you do not even have time to go to toilet!! ^^

  21. not easy but gambateh pretty mum ^^

  22. 加油 that is what I always say to my sis

  23. Is ok...take one step at a time. You are doing great.


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