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Aden boy: 2 years 9 months

 Just 3 more months and he'll be 3! Time really flies! :0

Anyway, I think I have been neglecting Aden's progress for the past few months, the last proper update was actually in September (bad mummy).
So here's something about Aden but this is gonna be just a short one though.

1. Aden might be a naughty active boy at home but when we bring him out, he can be very shy. He takes a long time before he can mingle around with the other kids. He'll hide behind my back when people tries to talk to him. I guess this happens only after I got pregnant.
People said must bring him out more often to join the crowd and make him used to it. 
So we went to playground last Sunday under the very hot sun and he sweat so much!

2. And after months of procrastination, I finally enrolled him to a Montessori school today. Can't wait to see in this cute uniform ;))
Erm but this mummy actually got a strong mixed feeling, I feel a bit sad sending him to school (even just for half day) cause that means I'll be on my own when he's at school (we have been sticking together since he was born); then I also feel worried cause I am sure he'll cry and look for me during the beginning at school; lastly I feel relief also cause at least I got a few hours of free time to rest/do my own things without his disturbance.

Well, that's how a mummy feels when the child grows up.......

3. This boy now develops lots of different 'pattern's, he'll remove his pants/tops whenever he likes; he'll hide and play under the blanket for minutes prior to sleep time; he'll talk a lot when he's in good mood, but remain ignorance when he's not in the mood, and etc etc.
Well, I guess boy can be such unpredictable too!
 Oh here's daddy practising holding a baby, which he'll face in another 3 months time, LOL!

4. My job beside being a wife, is also to watch how my son plays and mess up the house, then clean up the mess. And it repeats.

Aden is getting energetic and lately he has been rejecting naps. I got to force him to take his nap!
I am getting more tired and restless as I am moving into 3rd trimester, now only I know how difficult it is to be pregnant and at the same time, looking after an active toddler =_=

I am hoping he'll start to listen and behave more after attending school, else I really cannot imagine how life's going to be when the second baby arrives............. *fingers crossed*


  1. hahaha, you only neglect posting about his progress in your blog but i am 100% sure, confirmed plus double chop, that you never neglected him for a single second in real life lah.. anyway, happy to see this boy again and with this rare series of his growing up, it seems to be more precious when rare.. :p

    1. oh, must start to train him up already since he is going to the montessori soon woh.. there, he will be mingling with more kids and i guess making him a little more social and outgoing will help a lot.. i remember i was also very shy last time and never take initiatives to go and make new friends.. :p

    2. aiyoh, very cute uniform leh.. so does Aden know that he is actually going to school soon and that he has the right expectation that he is growing up and need to be independent, go to school and not that mommy doesn't want him anymore?? aiyoh, really have to set his expectation right leh.. but then i guess after he is used to the montessori and has his own friends, you pulak are going to miss him at home, hehe :p

    3. hehehe, i think it's not actually uncommon that kids likes to bare all at home huh?? hahaha, never mind lah if at home, but must tell him that he cannot do that outside especially when he's in school later woh.. :p

    4. wah!!! is Aden sitting on the wardrobe??!! OMG!! that's so dangerous lah.. and he now no more hides inside the wardrobe playing hide-n-seek with you, but he clims and sit on top!! fuyoh, this boy really very 頑皮 orh!! now you are pregnant and going to deliver soon, 腹大便便 and still need to take care of Aden, really not easy leh.. i guess you really need help from your mom and MIL huh?? :)

  2. The photo of Aden with his father is so lovely. Father and son bonding time!

    All the best to you!

  3. Now you feel sad lah but once Aden fits nicely in his school, you'll look forward to that few hours of ME time. Trust me. I had it hard to let go of Ethan too but now I just cant wait to 'get rid' of him to school. Haha!

  4. it's the time for him to go to school and learn mingling with other kids...else the longer he stay at home, the more he is more clingy towards u! then lagi susah u wanna take care of ur baby later...

  5. Haha me terbalik.. I think I've been neglecting G ever since he was born.. With Kz, I very gan cheong one, everyday faster rush dinner shower, then read and teach him every night..But now, with G, everyday after dinner Astro until zzz time.. Good that Aden goes to school, he'll learn to be independent, diaper training etc..

  6. Around this age almost is like this, my sister one she has to shout like crazy woman to ask my nephew to take a nap!! =.=!!

  7. So bb due date will be same month as Aden birthday?

  8. There's one saying: 船到桥头自然直, so I think you will be fine ;)

  9. Montessori is good. Such a happy boy, always a delight to see his photos.

  10. I am sure he will be doing fine at school. Probably the first week might be tough but when he get more friends, he will enjoy the schooling time.

  11. Aiyo this Aden boy is very cute! I know I always say that hee..hee.. It is good that he will be starting school. Hope he enjoys it and it will give you some time to do your things. All the best!

  12. Once he goes to school you will have some times for yourself in the morning. And I am sure he will take his nap after school. ;)

    3 more months to go. Time really flies.

  13. If Aden is rejecting school at this moment, it is pretty normal, as he is still very young. Don't force him, wait till he is ready for school. No need to be in a hurry.

  14. Besides a mum and cleaner and a teacher, I also a crazy woman when dealing with my daughter lately, especially outside, need to catch her n place her firm in car, she is dragon but act like a monkey...... Hope terrible two ends fast. Feshhhw~

  15. Hey, no worries about how much mommy is going to miss Aden when he's in school. Soon you'll enjoy your me-time as much as I do!

    Now I wish my kids were in school from 8am to 4pm to avoid the "meeting-and-screaming" session daily! Muahahaha


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