Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New products 2015 (February)

 1. Blossom bust ampoules cream. 30ml. RM 125.
Helps solve common bust problems such as: flat/sagging bust, imbalance bust size, dry and wrinkled bust.

2. Cellglo crystal eyes, 20 sachets per box, product from France, RM 288.
This is an eye vitamin, body and skin beauty therapy drinks, protects the eyes and skin from UV damage and lower the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

 If you can read Chinese, please refer to the below picture for more information.

3. Cellglo SPF moisturising sunblock, RM 228, product from France. For more details please refer to the below pictures.

4. Enna UV mist silk cushion, RM 169, product from Korea. Works as a perfect foundation.

 Skin looks natural after application!

5. Micshell body whitening emulsion, RM 49, product from HK. Works as a body whitening lotion, suitable for all skin types.

Kindly comment if you're interested to know more, I will reply as soon as possible, with testimonials from customers ;)

Other awesome products include:

- Paparazzi ampoule
- Guerisson cream
- Anna lip mask
- Enz slimming serum 
- Innisfree paper mask
- Petitfee gold eye patch
- Skinaz lip gloss
- Beauty buffet whitening facial foam

Thanks for reading!


  1. Good for your customers, more products to try.

  2. Are you and Aden feeling better already? I do hope so.

  3. All the best in your enterprise. New Year coming! Business booming!

  4. I like your comment in my post, so I come here to thank you for your understanding.. Every mummy needs some sanity, and some time to relax+be lazy+do nothing.. Maybe it's a passing phase, and after some time, back to normal and I'll be doing the same thing again.. Or maybe it's my hormones.. Anyway, wishing you ong-ong business especially during this CNY season, ong-ong mali !!

    1. Hehe cause I can feel you ma, I am a mummy myself also, sometimes really can ki siao one, hehe!

      Same to you, ong ong mali!

  5. wow..so many products i haven't heard of.. guess I need to have some shopping therapy... hehehe.. thanks for sharing all the info ;)

  6. 祝你生意蒸蒸日上,加油!!!

  7. Ong mali! More orders for Hayley! hee..hee..

  8. 祝生意长做长有! 也要多休息噢。

  9. Wow! I can really see a big difference in the Before and After photos for V mist silk cushion! :)

  10. this is much needed at times like this. CNY is just a round the corner

  11. All the best in your business, hope my business is good too, both of us jiayou jiayou


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