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Friends for life

This CNY I get to meet up with my good friends and why am I so excited about it? Because most of us have family already and it's really rare for us to really get together.

 These are the few closer one, we knew each other for almost 2 decades already!

 We were invited to a friend's house on the 3rd day of CNY and besides chit chatting and gambling, we get to enjoyed the friend's mum's fabulous cooking! We had vinegar pork trotters, acar, peanut soup, curry chicken and laksa! (Too hungry forgot to take photos already xD)

 Thanks to this friend's hospitality and also her spacious house to accomodate all of us, hehe!

 I din't bring Aden along because I want to enjoy the gathering to the fullest, ngek ngek ngek *bad mummy*

 Well I am a person who truly appreciate and treasure friendship, I live by the motto 'if you treat me good, I'll definitely treat you nicer'. Same here with blogging world, I am glad to have my readers (you know who you are) from beginning until today!

Last Sunday, I was invited to another gathering, this time with my ex colleagues....

 The host prepared so many yummy food to welcome us! (Me very paiseh because I went there empty handed xD)

 Ok this time I brought Aden along and give his daddy a break ;)
I am thankful that this group of people still remember me even though I have already left the company for 4 years

Many commented my baby bump is big but I still look the same. Actually I already gained 9kg so far =_=" (Determined to control my weight this pregnancy but still end up eating non stop T_T)

To sum things up, this CNY was a fattening one but yet I enjoyed every single bits of it ;)


  1. Nice to catch up with friends ya, hehe...

  2. cny is all about gathering!!!!

  3. Big tummy is a good sign.. I love and enjoy my big baby bump during my pregnancy.. I always wear tight shirt and empire line dress to show off my bump, haha.. Nice to see all those yummy food and gatherings.. Yep, be nice to others and others would be nice unto you :)

    1. Haha I know, sometimes I do that too but my dad will keep on nagging me, 'wear something loose la, haiyo!', wahaha!

  4. 肚子有大了喔!加油!

  5. yeah, i remember you always mentioned you meet with your close friends like once in a year because many of them are working in other places and only go back to Taiping once a year during CNY.. so it's good to have a great time catching up with them..

    BTW, you were from an all-girl school last time?? haha, cos your ex-classmates all ladies and i don't see a guy at all.. errr, almost 20 years only is it?? that is not too long also lah.. i have friends whom i knew them 30 over years ago since primary school lor, hahahaha!!

    so nice you can ditch Aden with your hubby and then you go and meet up with your friends.. great idea also lah like that, then you don't have to worry about Aden and have to keep monitoring him but instead you can have a great time catching up with your old friends.. somemore that house of your friend is so big, sure Aden will run around like wild and you will need to shout as loud as you could, hehe!!

    i see two pregnant ladies there, sure there will be endless conversation surrounding babies, hehehe.. and yes!!! i actually think your tummy is growing bigger already woh.. the face also more 肉肉 like that leh, but that's a pregnant lady should have lah.. 福相 mah right?? hehehe..

    wah, so many catching up with friends during CNY hor?? so different from me just staying at home eating and sleeping only, haha!! you ex-colleagues, at first i was expecting Y&Y and trying to look for them in the photo but they were not there!! and again, your ex-colleagues are all ladies, no guy ke?? or guys were not invited at all?? :p

    and actually looking at the last two photos hor.. your tummy really is very big now leh, because you were sitting sideway so can even see the tummy being bigger.. good thing i supposed, meaning your baby in you is actually growing very well leh..

    fattening?? errr, never mind lah, 反正 you are pregnant and have all reasons to get fatter mah agree?? one shot lah, after you gave birth to the baby then only one shot keep fit lor.. :p

    1. Yes, I am from all-girl school. Cheh but to me 20 years consider long enough lo! Imagine someone growing up from newborn to 20 years old!!

      True, that's the idea, so that I can enjoy without having to worry about Aden...

      Ahaha yes, that's my best friend, pregnant too, due date is 2 months later than me.

      Hahaha, ex colleagues can be others ma not just Y&Y! I also got ex colleagues from other departments.
      Most are ladies lo! More convenient to talk and 'pat' ma! xD

      Erm, but it's best not to gain too much weight also ma, later hard to keep fit leh!

  6. Still 2 more days to go before CNY officially ends so here's wishing you again Gong Xi Fa Cai! Friends for life are really special. Good time catching up with festive mood.

    1. Yes, that's why I love my friends! ;)

  7. Happy Belated CNY!!! ^^

    It's really nice to read that you made full use of the season by hanging out with your friends... unlike me, having to attend orientation week, lol.

    1. Haha never mind, that's more important!

  8. 好热闹!你们这班朋友感情真好^^

    1. 嗯,我们一向来都有联络的。


  9. Very nice eh, get to see your good old friends.. hehe..I only managed to meet a few of them ..many are too tied up.

    Anyway, CNY is soon over. One day to go.. :))

    1. That's normal, all got family and own life so kinda tied up already.

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  11. Looks like you had a very fun and enjoyable gathering with good old friends and ex-colleagues! Not to mention eating so much good food :D

  12. 最喜欢和朋友聚餐~

    1. 嗯,我也越来越喘了!

  13. It is nice to catch up with old friends. I did not get to meet up with my friends this cny as hubby's family came over from Sibu and Kapit for the celebration. Then I fall sick on 4th day so did not catch up with friends.

    1. It's ok, can try to arrange to meet at other times....

  14. 好久不见^^ 新年快乐

    好喜欢看到你和你怀孕朋友的合照,好朋友一起怀孕很温馨 ^_^

    1. 嗯,新年快乐!

  15. What a nice gathering there!! yes, stay happy during this time!

  16. You still look so good. Your arms still very slim. I envy pretty preggy moms. I look worse than a hippo when I was pregnant. Hehe.

    1. Thanks there, huh not that bad la I think?

  17. My friends gathering seems to become smaller and smaller every year due to commitments and all... So I really envy you and your friends here! :)

    I already put on 16kg so far and we are at around the same week ler... :S

    1. Haha first pregnancy is like that one, out of control and gaining alot of weight, never mind, next time you'll know how to control better.

  18. CNY is all about gatherings, eating, sleeping and "hea-ing"...LOL

  19. Happy Chap Goh Meh! 元宵节快乐 幸福美满

  20. 你真的是个美孕妇,好好享受孕期吧,吃喝玩乐保持开心的心情,期待你的小宝贝~


    1. 嗯我会尽量的,谢谢你哦!

  21. Cool! I didn't go to a lot of houses this year coz we're not supposed to be celebrating - just a few close friends and relatives. My friends are mostly married with family too! :)

  22. 好大阵仗的人马朋友,呵呵.

  23. I bet each year the family gathering is getting bigger and bigger with more kids.hahah

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