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Nothing, just some thoughts

It's a lazy and boring Saturday night as usual... Hubby went out for a drinks with his friends, son is on iPad and playing Lego at the same time, and me, sitting here typing this post.

Actually ever since becoming a mother, I would prefer just stay at home even if it's Saturday... Last time, I used to go clubbing almost every Saturday, LOL! I mean, I am sure you did it too, when you were young ;)
Now, I think my back will ache and my legs will pain if I go clubbing, hahaha xD

 (found this photo when browsing through my photo album, taken 3 years ago)

Think I am going to doze off soon, here wishing all my readers a nice evening ahead!

Good night!!


  1. Lovely photo. Have a nice weekend. Take care.

  2. Nice photo, last time I also go clubbing every saturday

  3. Same here ler, now ahh, after 9pm, my eyes automatic cannot open.. I mean can still open but no energy or no mood liao to go anywhere. Routine liao 9.30pm lights off everything off to get the kids to bed..

  4. I would go out once in a while - take turns, somebody must stay home to take care of the kids. Sometimes, we do need a break...but old now, quite happy to just stay home and relax.

  5. Oooww! Lovely shot of a lovely couple.

    Yup, used to go to pubs or karaoke joints during my younger times. It has been 10 years since and I do not fancy to those joints anymore. Smoke and noise. I am getting old. Hahaha.

  6. I was never into clubbing and the night life. Very good girl, always stay at home hee..hee...

  7. wah, your hubby 有兄弟冇老婆?? ditched the pregnant wife and the young son at home, and he went out to have drinks with his friends?? hahahaha.. but I believe surely already got permit from the wife baru can go out lah..

    1. wah, clubbing every Saturday?? so did you know your husband in the clubbing scene?? hehe.. 3 years ago, hmmm, meaning you were still clubbing till your late 20s la?? very 青春有活力 leh..

    2. when uncle was younger, also seldom go clubbing lah.. I am more a 宅男 leh, if clubbing also once a while but not every weekend lah, that will be quite tiring lor, hahaha!! I still remember first time went clubbing was in Form 6 lah, then college time then uni time then when started to work.. then also forgotten when I stopped going lu (cos too long ago)..

    3. and yes, I do agree at different stages of life we do different things and do things differently, preferences changes and views on life also changes.. maybe if one is still clubbing until the age of 30+ 40+ ah, probably there likely to be some problem with this person jor, hehe!!

  8. You don't seem to age at all. I also used to go clubbing but not with William as he is not clubbing kaki. I went with my college-mates and colleagues :)

  9. hahaha....thats mean you getting older .... oopss...
    But still look gorgeous as ever!
    Ok la... make a trip to the clubs after delivery and confinement. :)

  10. What a sweet picture! No, I have never been clubbing, not even when young.

  11. 我没有爱clubbing LOL 虽然以前也只不过去过几次,我以前比较爱周六晚跟朋友去唱k xDDD

  12. Ever since have kids, hardly have time for clubbing though. :)

  13. Sorry, I have never been fond of clubbing even when young. I have only been a few times during Xmas Eves and New Year Eves. And I don't intend to start now. I have seen a friend who was like me, never clubbed when young, but he started to when he start working in sales last year, at the ripe old age of 28. Last I heard, he is getting married with a 19 years old who he met while clubbing. You know why...

  14. Clubbing weren't for me even those days, I prefer loafing around at kopitiam or kedai mamak. see lah no wonder I got fat. lol
    Good night and good morning!

  15. wah, u really a kaki clubbing wor....
    no, i seldom go clubbing after started working....

  16. ya. many club kaki b4 included me. now... home kaki... haha..

  17. I thought I was the only clubbing and party animal of the yesteryears! Now I have another member Hayley!

    Both of you looked so warm and manis in the photo.

  18. I ended my last day of March with nervously worried about the new GST era. I wish everything go smooth in my office, which is so kelam kabut now >_<


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