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Prenatal Yoga

Since I hardly walk at the lake garden these days, I do some prenatal Yoga at home, erm consider some exercise for myself la!

Can't really do very intense poses like last time but these poses above are very good in stretching and relaxing the muscle (even very good to do if you're not pregnant). 

For very advance learner, they can even do handstand/headstand even during pregnancy.

 But I wonder is it really ok? I mean the baby will be at upside down position right? =_=

Speaking of Yoga, it's been about 7 months since I stopped attending Yoga lessons. I wonder is there any changes at the center? And I do miss my Yoga instructor and members! Wonder when I'll be able to join the class again, I mean, with 2 kids by then, hur hur~

Okay, that's all for now, have a great day ahead!


  1. They say exercise is good, for easier delivery. Keep active, no need to overdo it, I guess.

  2. Wah!! Please don't do head stand la. All these poses are good enough! Yoga lovers often have longer & healthy life spans as reported.

    1. Haha, I won't la, just sharing only!

  3. OMG...the last pic. Pengsan. I wonder how to get up.

  4. Good wor, with such big ball you can still do such poses. Thumb up!!

  5. Wahhhh, I pengsan when I see you do a few poses.. Tired leh, hehe.

  6. Wow! I do not think I can do any of the poses. Sure break my back!

    Just stay active but in moderation. I did a lot of walking on last trimester. Up and down the staircases few times. Not tiring myself out.

  7. Wah bump getting awesomer! have fun with the workout! All the best! am so excited for you looking at that bump. hihi

  8. I ever tried yoga many years back when i join a gym, the pose, can't do many of it...

  9. 我怀孕时完全不能运动。。。

  10. yeah.. pre-natal yoga, and i think later you will be doing post-natal yoga?? i guess yoga is good as you can actually control your own pace and intensity.. all the stretching surely relax both your body and mind..

    1. with your big stomach and you can still do those poses, wow!! my tummy is smaller than yours (maybe just a little smaller only, haha) and i think i cannot do all those poses lah.. and you also very good lor, while posing and you still can selfie!! hahaha.. or you actually got Aden to take your photos while you were stretching??

    2. goodness gracious!!! handstand or even headstand??!! you must be kidding me.. but 有圖為證then i also have to believe that if true, advanced people sure have no problem doing that, it's just like eating peanuts huh?? good question about being upside down and whether that would affect the baby.. i think won't have big problem ba, or maybe just consult your doctor lor.. :)

    3. so you have totally stopped going to the yoga class once you found out you are pregnant?? hmm, actually i think still can go to the class right, or at least during the first few months of pregnancy?? hehehe, dunno lah, just say say only, of course you must feel most comfortable yourself lor.. errr, throw the two babies to your husband and you can go lor, haha!! 擺工 for a couple of hours couple of days a week, not too evil also mah~~ :p

  11. wow, you are good. I never did yoga at all during my pregnancy last time.

  12. I ever attended Basic Yoga lessons at Community Centre for three months before, always feel very breathless and giddy doing the poses

  13. 适当及适合的运动对孕妇是很好的,你这些yoga应该很ok~ 做后很舒服吧~

  14. Wow..Hayley!! Geng la you!! I thought you have given birth already and came in to see what exercise you did... still got energy to do some light exercises here? Good for you! Safe delivery to you, Hayley!!

  15. 我觉得其实宝宝抗压力很大的


  16. That's great! I've heard a lot of good things about practising yoga while pregnant.

    I wouldn't dare to see the headstand though - what if she falls down and land on her belly? *can't stand to think of it*

    I'll have to spot my better half if she decides to do yoga while pregnant and do a headstand - get ready to grab her ankles just in case - like how weightlifters have a spotter to help them grab the weights when they push hard so during the final few when you're struggling to push up the bar, there's someone to grab it for you.

    Good one Hayley! :)

  17. Well done to you, you look like a pro in prenatal yoga. When I was pregnant, I used to walk in my garden in the evening in order to ease my labor. It helps. I had two quite a smooth delivery actually, only the first took a bit longer time. I wish you have smooth delivery in May.

  18. Wow. I did not know we can do all these while pregnant. Headstand somemore! Fuiyoh. I am really impressed with yoga right now.

  19. Wow! You are really keng! Can do all those yoga poses when you are pregnant.

  20. omg, u are amazing u are amazing xox


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