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Products from Return Legacy

Apart from the online business, I do invest on something else which I would like to share with you (Okay you may skip if you are not interested :p).
Last year, I had a giveaway and also shared about a product called Redoxy (you can refer to THIS post). I myself am satisfied with the product because it's effective, and best of all, one bottle can replace your daily moisturiser and also eye cream, how convenient is that?
Under the same company, Return Legacy, they do have another 3 awesome products.

1.The first one is called H+ miracle water. Basically it can be used on any parts of the body, for almost any situations. My personal experience so far: - spray on areas bitten by bugs/mosquitoes and etc as it can relief itchiness - spray in the throat if having sorethroat/cough (yes totally safe if swallow) cause it can kill germs - spray on burnt/peeled skin - used as facial toner, or before applying facial mask - works wonder for HFMD on kids too
I honestly think it's something…

Latest blockbusters I watched (before I pop)

Fast and Furious 7 (From
The 7th installment of this car racing movie, I bet most people look forward to this very much, as it's the last movie of the late Paul Walker.
Story wise, I got nothing much to comment since I think we can sort of expect what's gonna happen, I mean if you watched the scene after the credits rolled out during the 6th installment. Big bad guy Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) comes revenge for his brother, and actions wise, some scenes are pretty exaggerate. But what I watch is actually those luxury sport cars and also the late Paul Walker la!

The last part, a tribute to Paul is indeed very touching. The whole song 'See You Again' and the scenes of him, really can make people teary, cannot believe he is gone for more than a year now :(

Rating: 7.5/10

Avengers: Age of Ultron


This is also another blockbuster I was looking forward to (before I pop). I love all the super heroes inside (…

Spring cleaning your friend/blog lists?

Do you have the practice of spring cleaning your friend lists in FB? Or even those blogs you used to follow? And other relevant stuff in other social media sites?

Lately I receive so many friend requests in FB, but the strange thing is I don't even know who they are, so I just ignore them.
I think most of us will only accept friends whom we know, as we do not want to expose too much of our information/photos to outsiders.

And on and off, I will spring clean my friend lists and remove those friends whom I think is no longer active, or those who really have less contacts with me. Same goes to my blog rolls here --->
Will start to remove those who don't come and visit me anymore although I comment at their blog quite frequently.

Ok, got to start spring cleaning now! :p

Have a wonderful day ahead!

Oh hi!

Decided to cut my hair short to welcome my second confinement....
 Haha, it looks like I really have short hair isn't it? No la, just angle problem. My hair is so thick and healthy this pregnancy I don't feel like trimming them :p But I do look forward to a new hairstyle after my confinement ;)

I am now entering week 37 of my pregnancy, getting more and more impatient but I think it's better to let the baby cook inside for another 2-3 weeks~

Anyway I am more than ready to welcome the little one. Most of the things are prepared..... Now all I can do is to wait..........

Aden looks like a big boy here! And yea indeed he is, cause he'll be big brother soon! Hubby and I are looking forward to see how he reacts to his little sibling later on, I hope he will be a loving and nice brother.
Look forward to the day I can share a photo of my humble family of 4!

Til then, have a nice day everyone!

New products 2015 (April)

1. Bulaomi silk mask, comes in 4 types (for dry skin, acne skin, dark skin and sensitive skin), product from China, technology from France. 10 pieces per box, RM 110. Great in hydrating and whitening. 不老密丝绸面膜,一共有4种(干燥肌,痘痘肌,暗黄肌,敏感肌),法国科技,中国包装,一盒10片,RM 110. 保湿和美白效果一流噢~

2. Synergy effect mask, comes in 4 types (whitening, pores tightening, anti wrinkle, hydrating), product of Switzerland, 5 pieces per box, RM 69. Synergy effect 面膜,一共有4种功效(美白,毛孔收缩,抗皱,保湿),瑞士产品,一盒5片, RM 69.

3. 3CE eyeliner, easy to apply and waterproof, product from Korea, RM 28. 3CE 眼线笔,RM 28.
4. Liphop eyeshadow stick, 8 shades to choose from, Korean product, RM 35. Liphop 眼影笔,一共有8种颜色,韩国产品,RM 35.

5. Seven break hair remover cream, Japan product, RM 69.  Seven break 除毛膏,日本产品,RM 69.

6. Sokany hair curler,safe and easy to use, RM 160. Sokany 不烫手电卷棒,日本产品,给你自然漂亮的卷发,RM 160.

7. Milatte eye mask, reduce dark circles and eye bags, product from Korea, 10 pieces per box, RM 49. 韩国Milatte眼膜,减除黑眼圈和眼袋,1盒10片,RM 49.

8. Liphop make …

Taking a break

Image from HERE
I blogged in Chinese in the previous post, if you are unsure what it's about, it was about Aden and me being sick cats lately.

Still in the process of recovery, so I think I'll need to go for a short hiatus now.

By the way, thanks for those who dropped by and thanks for your concern, I too pray for speedy recovery for the both of us.

Til then, take care you guys!



上几个星期Aden已经开始咳嗽了不过这星期开始就咳得更厉害(加发烧),几乎每晚都咳到吐,吐到没东西就吐水 >.<我差不多每天都洗一次床单,有够累~


可以想象我们俩都睡不好,脾气也自然而然变差。最可怜的还是肚子里的二宝,妈妈辛苦他也一样辛苦 T_T

这星期Aden也只上了两天课。感觉如果让他去学校情况会变得更糟,加上也不好把病毒传给别人,所以还是给他在家啦。他知道不用上课当然开心得不得了!我知道下个星期我会很头痛了,休息了那么多天他一定会扭计不要去学校了~ 不过也没办法,我是想让他病好才好办事阿~