Sunday, April 12, 2015

New products 2015 (April)

1. Bulaomi silk mask, comes in 4 types (for dry skin, acne skin, dark skin and sensitive skin), product from China, technology from France. 10 pieces per box, RM 110. Great in hydrating and whitening.
不老密丝绸面膜,一共有4种(干燥肌,痘痘肌,暗黄肌,敏感肌),法国科技,中国包装,一盒10片,RM 110. 保湿和美白效果一流噢~

2. Synergy effect mask, comes in 4 types (whitening, pores tightening, anti wrinkle, hydrating), product of Switzerland, 5 pieces per box, RM 69.
Synergy effect 面膜,一共有4种功效(美白,毛孔收缩,抗皱,保湿),瑞士产品,一盒5片, RM 69.

3. 3CE eyeliner, easy to apply and waterproof, product from Korea, RM 28.
3CE 眼线笔,RM 28.

4. Liphop eyeshadow stick, 8 shades to choose from, Korean product, RM 35.
Liphop 眼影笔,一共有8种颜色,韩国产品,RM 35.

5. Seven break hair remover cream, Japan product, RM 69. 
Seven break 除毛膏,日本产品,RM 69.

6. Sokany hair curler,safe and easy to use, RM 160.
Sokany 不烫手电卷棒,日本产品,给你自然漂亮的卷发,RM 160.

7. Milatte eye mask, reduce dark circles and eye bags, product from Korea, 10 pieces per box, RM 49.
韩国Milatte眼膜,减除黑眼圈和眼袋,1盒10片,RM 49.

8. Liphop make up remover, now free 30 pieces cotton, gentle to skin and effective, RM 49.
Liphop 卸妆水,送30片卸妆棉,RM 49.

I guess this is probably the last online business post I share before I pop :p
Anyway, feel free to comment if you're interested in any of the products, I will try my best to reply.
Here's what other products I have:

For the face:
For body:
For hair:


  1. Like the zoro mask. :-)


  2. Hope your business is doing great!

  3. Oooo popping soon hor.. I very admire you, almost due but yet rajin with your products.. If me, so tired and have so much to think about, worry this that and all, no mood to think of other stuffs liao :(

  4. Might try your zoro mask next time.. cheers and take care.

  5. 上次在Hermo 买Synergy effect mask到现在还没用。

  6. 开心看到你写你与ADEN生病比较好了,好好休息哦^^

    熊猫变北极熊那张很可爱 XD

  7. Have a safe delivery. Look forward to see the new baby.

  8. hee..hee..the eye mask look like Zorro's mask :D

  9. You are truly diligent to write this post. Have a smooth and safe delivery!

  10. Hope you are feeling much better now. Take care and cant wait to see Aden's little sibling soon :)

  11. I've a 3CE lip pen and it's not bad!

  12. All the best in your sales Hayley! :)

  13. Thanks for all the comments ya!! Appreciate it!


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