Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Products from Return Legacy

Apart from the online business, I do invest on something else which I would like to share with you (Okay you may skip if you are not interested :p).

Last year, I had a giveaway and also shared about a product called Redoxy (you can refer to THIS post). I myself am satisfied with the product because it's effective, and best of all, one bottle can replace your daily moisturiser and also eye cream, how convenient is that?

Under the same company, Return Legacy, they do have another 3 awesome products.


1.The first one is called H+ miracle water.
Basically it can be used on any parts of the body, for almost any situations.
My personal experience so far:
- spray on areas bitten by bugs/mosquitoes and etc as it can relief itchiness
- spray in the throat if having sorethroat/cough (yes totally safe if swallow) cause it can kill germs
- spray on burnt/peeled skin
- used as facial toner, or before applying facial mask
- works wonder for HFMD on kids too

I honestly think it's something every household must have, especially if you have young kids around.

2. The second one is the one I mentioned, Redoxy.

True demonstration, lighten wrinkles within one minute! For more information about Redoxy, please refer to my previous post.


3. The third product is called Medigold, powder-form product to be consumed with water, it taste like Ribena. 30 sachets per box, take 1 or 2 sachets per day.
 It's suitable for: 
- meat/coffee/alcohol lovers, and those who dislike vegetables/fruits
- people who always stay up late, and those who don't exercise
- smokers
- people who face computers/smart phones often and those expose to high radiation
What MediGold can do:
- increase immune system
- detoxification
- weight management
- maintain normal blood glucose level/bowel movement
- increase skin health level
(not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women)
4. The fourth product is called W+, a gift for woman, can be taken from puberty til menopause.

It's made from all natural ingredients.
What W+ can do:
- improve symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, night sweats
- better relationship between spouses
- increase chances of conceiving
- improve menstrual problem
- prevent uterus-related problem
- lowering cholesterol level
- firmer busts and hips
- smoother and fairer skin
- lighten dark spots
- shinier hair
- healthier nails
- smoother heels
(Note that W+ is not a slimming product, not suitable for pregnant woman)
For more details, you can visit their website
And if you are keen to know about the package or prices, as well as true testimonials, you can email me (york_mei[at]yahoo dot com) or add me in WeChat: york_mei, or follow me at Instagram: yorkmei.


  1. Ya, that first one looks good, would be great to have that around the house.

  2. 这3样产品我的朋友也是有卖。每天一打开FB就看到。

  3. H+ and Redoxy looks great, like you said good to have one at home.. Currently am using Buds cream and tea tree oil if they have falls or insect bites.. Redoxy looks good, can reduce wrinkles in 1 minute, mm chor hor...

  4. Sounds like a very good product. It has great product ranges.

  5. Medigold seems suitable for me, I am meat and coffee lover, I sleep late and I don't exercise

  6. Good that you are offering more products for your loyal customers.

  7. 越来越多产品了。要等我们印好钞票才来。哈哈哈。。

  8. The products appear to be very good and beneficial.

  9. 很多人都在推这个.......看起来好像不错这样

  10. Hi Hayley, just dropped by say hello. How you doin'? And glad to read you doing some investiments, businesses, good for you.
    Better than playing mahjong whole day.
    You stay easy, keep well,

  11. It looks really good for mosquito bites!

    It would be perfect for Sibu, lots of mosquitoes at my home, but luckily not so much here.

  12. Hello Hailey.. It's been a while I haven't drop by here. Nice to know that you've 2 babies now. Congratulations!!!
    I'm glad that you are now doing online business too. Hope the biz is doing well. xx


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