Friday, May 22, 2015

About us..........


Hope you guys are doing fine~ Miss me anyone? One thing for sure, I miss all of you!
Things are getting much steadier and better now, so I got to steal a few minutes to blog...

Starting with a picture of my newborn baby...

 Hmm Toby is surely a bad sleeper :p

Toby is fully breastfed for the time being, it's no doubt very tiring since he needs to be fed like several times per day, and he seems to on growth spurt these few days, he just wants to be latched like all the time! >.< No choice but to introduce him pacifier, at least I can rest a little bit.
Anyway I am glad that I got enough milk for him. Din't get to breastfeed Aden long enough last time, which is something I am regret of... I hope this time around, I can breastfeed longer!

Oh in case you miss Aden =)
I feel sorry that I kinda neglect him since the arrival of Toby. I know he is jealous, can tell through his behaviour... I am doing my best to make both the brothers happy, it's not easy but I have to do it anyway. I hope after my confinement, I can get some times to spend with him like bring him to the playground or anything, just the 2 of us, like last time...
Anyway, must thank my mum and SIL for looking after Aden during my confinement time <3

Last but not least, must take the chance to do some advertising xD
Only one more week to go (time flies huh?) to end my confinement and honestly, except for the tiredness of breastfeeding and the no-wash-hair part, I do enjoy my confinement and I feel so much better this round compare to the previous one. Regret for not approaching these products last time...
I am taking W+ and using H+ and Redoxy everyday and I can really the see the difference. Less water retention on the face and body, no acnes, and most importantly, the recovery of the uterus and inner parts of body is well taken care of! 

Ok, think I blog enough today. Got to go back to moo moo-ing now~
Have a great weekend you all!

Friday, May 8, 2015

A mother of two now.....

Hello guys! Meet my second prince Toby ;) Born 30/4 at 5.10pm, weighing 3.07kg. 

Similar to Aden, Toby was born 2 weeks earlier than EDD. 

Today Toby is 9 days 'young' and it's my day 7 in confinement. So far everything is ok, I am thankful to have my mum and MIL in the house to help, while I can rest. 

And we also celebrated Aden's 3rd birthday at home last night! Just a simple one though. Time flies, I am now a mother of two! 

Not going to blog too much for the time being... 

It's Mother's day this Sunday, here wishing all wonderful mothers A Happy Mother's Day!! ;))

Have a nice weekend too!