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Busy bee

Hello there!
Time flies, cannot believe it's already June now.. And I am a mother of 2 already :p
Life is sure busy and more tiring since the arrival of Toby. Though he is only 40 days young, he is already very dramatic and always wanted to be carried >.<"
Plus, since I am still fully breastfeed Toby, sleepless night has been my friend lately *yawn*
Lying on daddy's thighs, how relaxing is this little boy? And this look.... Haha xD (He was yawning)

Managed to find Aden's photo when he was about 2 months old. He sure has bigger head than his little brother, LOL! But face wise, I still think they look very alike!

See that's what I mean, Toby is sure one drama king. Here he got angry at us because we din't carry him right away even though he was crying out loud for minutes~xD
(Got his head and eyebrows shaved during fullmoon)

Ok, enough of Toby, must show Aden's photo so that he won't get jealous...

I already went out few times since the end of confinement :p But each time just a quick one la
(Just realize how boring my hair is now, time for a new hairstyle! ^^)

Ok, that's all for now, shall attend to my kids already~ Have a wonderful week you guys!


  1. Toby眼睛大哦~

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Happy to know that your family is all fine and healthy!
    Toby and Aden sure look alike in their features but Aden looked more chubby. They will play a lot when Toby starts walking soon.

  4. Hello dearie, you look really good, very refreshed.. Yep Aden & Toby look alike sekali pandang, but Aden cheeks more chubby..Beautiful boys there :)

  5. 哗,40天了啊?时间过得还真快也。

  6. They really look alike! :)

  7. 两兄弟很像啊!40天了,好快耶

  8. Thank you for the quick update! Good to hear from you. Toby looks so serious in one of the photo. Aden looks very cheeky and you are looking good for someone who does not have enough sleep. Take good care!

  9. hello there Hayley, long time no see.. hmmm, but i think busy life like this was already expected huh?? now that you have two boys to take care of, and almost like 24x7 for the little Toby i would say?? errr, at least you have got sleepless nights to accompany you lah, not alone, muahahahaha!! just kidding~~ :p

    oooh, they really look alike leh, brothers mah, right?? the shape of the head and the face also alike lor, once seen sure know they come out from the same intestine lah, hehe!! so hopefully the brothers will 相親相愛 and give you less trouble lor.. :)

    hehehe, little Toby is making that frowning look, so cute!! aiyoh, so petty one meh, nobody carry and want to angry ah?? ask his little Aden kor-kor to carry lah maybe?? hihihi.. i wonder if Aden is getting used to this little brother or not ah??

    oooh, good lah, at least can sneak out a bit.. i guess staying at home for one whole month during the confinement sure very boring right?? and also like eating ginger sesame oil chicken everyday every meal..

    ooh, okay okay, go back to attend to your kids lah.. hope to see you more often here.. :)

  10. No, they do not look exactly the same...but both very cute!

  11. wao, time flies, so fast 40days d~ both Aden & Toby look alike, soon after 1 year, they can play together d, jia you mummy! ^^

  12. You have a busy time with both boys. Jia you!

    Both boys have some resemblance there. Haha. Both are cute.

    Talking about hair, I also need to do something to my hair. Maybe a crop soon.

  13. Hahaha how cute. He yawn like a boss! :D

  14. HAHAHA that's very cute, how he's lying so still. I bet it's very tiring breastfeeding them though.

    Yeah, they have very similar facial features - very cute. :)

  15. Busy but it is all worthy, your boys will grow up to love mummy.

  16. Hi Hayley! Wah, your Toby leng chai lah! Yeah, looking at the comparison between Aden and Toby, they look very similar. So now you have two very cute boys!

  17. I think siblings look alike, at least when they are 2 months old :-)

  18. My boys also look alike when they were younger. Now, they are two very different looking boys. How is Aden coping with the presence of Toby?

  19. Toby seems very attentive and yeah, his head is smaller than Aden .. hahaha.... Well, I guess he has a different character compared to Aden, hope Aden not get jealou with all the attention on his little bro..hahaha..
    Your hair looks good! No worries about that. :)

  20. 加油,加油! 即使忙,也不要累坏自己哦! =]

  21. Time sure fly fast . So fast so big jor Toby

  22. Keep up the good work on the breastfeeding.

    Yea..time flies and glad to see your little one has grown up so much. Mami is still very pretty.

  23. Hope all of you are doing well! Take good care!


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