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New products 2015 (July)

Hi Friday! Hi everybody!
Just a short update about the new products in my online business ;)
More to facial masks this time.
1. Aopei V mask, it has ingredients which help break down facial fats and thus giving you a V-shaped face. Of course it comes with other beauty functions too, like hydrating and whitening as well as firming.  10 pieces per box, RM 159.

2. Aopei ice mask, great for us as our weather is always hot. Comes in 2 types, snail ice mask which is for hydrating, silk ice mask which is for whitening. 5 pieces per box, RM 49.

3. Fanjeis EE sunblock set (SPF 50+): - Body spray, 98ml - Sunblock + concealer, 20ml (can also be used as make up base) - Refill bottle of sunblock, 18ml
Product from Hong Kong, RM 180. I am currently using this and I love it's texture, easily blended and looks natural as well.

4. Moyou (膜幽) silk mask, comes in 4 types: - pomegranate, for better skin elasticity - hyaluronic acid, for dull skin - blueberry, lighten spots, tightening pores, firmin…

Back in action? I hope

Oh hi! *wipe spider web on the blog*

Can't believe I blogged only once in June :O
You can tell I am really busy, I don't even blog hop (but still remain active in FB, IG, and WeChat, mainly for my online business, kekeke).

Since I am in the mood of blogging so this I am going to post more photos in this post~

So, how was I you might wonder?

Despite being busy, I managed to steal a few hours out for a hair makeover =) Been having straight hair for a year and I'm starting to feel bored :p So, decided to do this lob style, might look more matured but at least something new for me~

And here's my 2 princes
Toby is 2 months plus now and I am glad that I can still breastfeed him. It's no doubt tiring (oh my eye bags ) but breast milk is definitely the best milk for him at the moment

Many faces of Toby <3 Cute eh? But he can be quite naughty sometimes (always wanted to be carried and is always hungry) 

As for Aden, he is still that naughty and cheeky, giving me all so…