Friday, July 24, 2015

New products 2015 (July)

Hi Friday! Hi everybody!

Just a short update about the new products in my online business ;)

More to facial masks this time.

1. Aopei V mask, it has ingredients which help break down facial fats and thus giving you a V-shaped face. Of course it comes with other beauty functions too, like hydrating and whitening as well as firming. 
10 pieces per box, RM 159.

2. Aopei ice mask, great for us as our weather is always hot. Comes in 2 types, snail ice mask which is for hydrating, silk ice mask which is for whitening. 5 pieces per box, RM 49.


3. Fanjeis EE sunblock set (SPF 50+):
- Body spray, 98ml
- Sunblock + concealer, 20ml (can also be used as make up base)
- Refill bottle of sunblock, 18ml

Product from Hong Kong, RM 180. I am currently using this and I love it's texture, easily blended and looks natural as well.

4. Moyou (膜幽) silk mask, comes in 4 types:
- pomegranate, for better skin elasticity
- hyaluronic acid, for dull skin
- blueberry, lighten spots, tightening pores, firming
- snail essence, improve skin circulation, repairing, calming

5 pieces per box, RM 59 (packaging is pretty right?^^)


Feel free to add me in WeChat or leave your comments in this post, I will find time to reply you =)
Til then, have a fruitful weekend! 

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  1. Hayley, your products are getting more varieties and choices now. I will place my order soon. Give me some time to think. Thanks for sharing. You have a nice day. Have fun with your online business and two boys.

  2. None of me, thank you. Nonetheless, good luck with your sales.

  3. Got more and more products now! More choices, very good!

  4. Hello dearie.. A lot of products jor wor now.. But I guess the best seller are the osmanthus eye mask and the W+ water thingy right.. And the Redoxy too..

    1. Hmm yea, the eye mask is my best seller all this while.

      The Return Legacy's product is great too!

  5. The packaging is very pretty! Some people will buy them just for the packaging. Have a good weekend!

    1. The packaging is nice, but most importantly it's nice to use!

  6. Indeed the packaging is very beautiful and nice, people are always attracted by the packaging, packaging is part of the 4P in the marketing mix, Price, Promotion, Place, Product

    All the best in your online business, by the way do you ship to Singapore and how do we pay? I don't have Paypal

    1. I agree. Packaging plays an important role! But still, effectiveness is more important la ;)

      Yep I can send to Sg but postage might be expensive. Can just transfer money to my bank. No need Paypal ;)

  7. No wonder you are getting more and more gorgeous!!

    1. LOL so if you want your wife to become more gorgeous remember to buy mask for her :p

  8. More and more products eh.. good luck in your biz. :)

  9. wow...practically you have products for everything. Beautiful mummy

  10. Wow! More product lines now. Business is good. I am happy for you.

  11. Nice to see you are back eventhough it's to share new products :D


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