Friday, August 21, 2015

Short trip to Ipoh

Staying at Taiping is consider good if we are traveling up North to Penang (just 50 minutes drive away) and also Ipoh (just 30 minutes drive away). Just few weeks ago we dropped by Penang, then few days later we dropped by Ipoh, but this time with sister and mother in law ;)

 Visited the famous Concubine lane, 二奶巷 (Don't ask me why this name, go Google it ^^)

Basically it's a small street with a few specialty shops (to attract outstation visitors and tourists)

So here's with Aden, and his newly bought Iron Man toy as well as his stinky pillow. This boy now brings his pillow almost everywhere he goes, he seems to be inseparable with it even though he is growing to be a big boy *sweat*

There's a few dessert shops here but we din't plan to dine there (saving our appetite for Ipoh's nga choy kai and custard eggs later)

And then we walked to 三奶巷 which is just nearby. This street is less interesting, nothing much to see, just the umbrellas on top as main attraction

Sis in law bought a plastic spec for Aden, well this is how he is going to look like if he really wear specs in the future (I reckon so la, since hubby and I are both short-sighted, so high chances that our children will be the same too =_=")

Yummy caramel custard egg! Miss this so much! But one is more than enough, it's just too sweet~ 
Actually we also tapao the famous Hong Kei egg tarts, and had Lou Wong's nga choy kai as dinner before leaving (but no pictures for those)

Leaving the heritage lanes, we move on to Aeon Station 18. Just a few hours of shopping before traveling back home~

Aden in one of the indoor play center at Aeon mall

So where's Toby? He was at home with my mother =) Decided not to bring him along since hubby is not around, I am not that adventurous taking 2 boys with me outstation on my own :p

It was just like half a day of jalan jalan cari makan trip, and it was nowhere fancy, but I enjoyed it. A stay at home mum like me is desperately in need of breaks like this, LOL!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Movies I watched lately

This was released in June, no time to do a review back then~
I am not really into this type of sci fi movie, Astro had been repeating the old Jurassic Park series few weeks ago and I find it so boring! xD
Anyway, I was just out of confinement in June so I took the chance to join hubby to the cinema to catch this movie (hey mama needs a break too! Aden and Toby were under MIL's care while we went paktor

So, though I din't watch those previous installments, I have to say I like this movie, quite a lot ;) Must give thumbs up to all the CG and technologies la for making those creatures so real! And I particularly like the actor Chris Pratt ( as Owen in the movie) and also the actress Bryce Dallas Howard (as Claire), somehow I find they are perfect match, hehe!

Story line wise, not bad, I remember I got adrenalin rush in certain scenes xD
Sure worth the money to watch this in the cinema, for those actions-packed moments!

Rating: 8/10

Had been waiting for this one! If you remember the previous installment called Ghost Protocol (year 2011), and I gave quite a high rating for that movie.

And days before I stepped into the cinema to watch this, I came across articles on FB mentioning that Mr Tom Cruise did most of the stunts himself! That makes me even more eager to watch this movie!

Well, I have not much complains about the storyline (you know, of how Ethan Hunt and his crew taking on most impossible missions). And I somehow expected they will introduce lots of incredible and super high end gadgets. But I am surprised that (Note: spoiler!) our country and name appeared in the movie! (even though just for seconds la xD)
Then about this pretty lady, Rebecca Ferguson (as Ilsa Faust in the movie), this is my first time watching her acts and I seriously think she is good! Love her sexy voice as well ^*

Overall, this is a movie worth watching!

Rating: 8/10

Monday, August 3, 2015

Sunday spent at Penang

Hubby brought us to Penang for a day trip 2 weeks ago, main purpose is to visit the Transformer event at Esplanade.

Started our journey after brunch, little one was asleep, while his big brother was too excited and din't nap in the car~

Settled our lunch at My Voice cafe located at Bayan Lepas. Tried their big bowl ramen! We ordered 2 bowls of the ramen since there were 5 of us (friends joined us too).

Pork ramen

Genki kara ramen, we get to choose the level of spiciness, from level 1-20. Since there were kids, so we ordered level 3, which was a little bit spicy, next time must try higher level to challenge, haha xD

With my naughty boy Aden. Overall we prefer the Genki kara ramen ;)

Went window shopping at Queensbay mall before proceeding to Esplanade to see Transformer.

Bumblebee! Was a little disappointed cause we can't get near to the robots. And since it was Sunday, there were lots of people there blocking the view, but luckily still managed to get a great photo  

And here's Optimus Prime. Only these 2 were displayed~

It was quite a warm evening but Toby still can sleep in his daddy's arms ;)

Opps wake up already ;)

There's a playground nearby so we let Aden played for a while, here's mom in law and his grandsons ;)

Bought a bubble gun for him

Kor kor busy playing and di di busy sleeping, haha!

Aden sharing the bubble gun with his friends

Here's Jack, he's a year elder than Aden but look at their size, LOL >.<"

Having fun with bubbles!

My big and small boss!

Managed to selfie with friend before leaving the place. It was night when we arrived home, everyone were tired, it was a nice outing nonetheless!