Monday, September 28, 2015

New products 2015 (September)

1. 500 years enzyme 500年酵素
Helps in detoxification and losing weight, bowel movements, beautifying the skin, insomnia, and for general health.
15 sachets per box, RM 180.

2. Zhong Hua beauty soap
Can be used as facial soap, on oily scalp as well as on body. RM69

3. Body Blendz coffee scrub
Removes dead skin cell and cellulite, leaving skin smooth!  RM 110.

4. Dr Hancy amino acid facial mousse
Comes with a detachable massage brush which cleanse and exfoliates the skin, leaving skin clean and smooth. RM 120, 150ml.

5. Bulaomi ice mask
Comes in 6 types, from dry to normal skin, 5 pieces per box. RM 50.

Add on promotion: Buy 3 boxes of Bulaomi ice mask or MoYou mask and get a bottle of Osmanthus eye mask (normal price RM 49) for free! While stocks last ya =)

6. Anmyna fragrance shower gel, 520ml, RM 69. Suitable for the whole family!

7. Majorz slimming spray, RM 160, 250ml. Can be used on whole body, now free a massage brush and measuring tape.

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  1. Elo elo.. I see you also have the chance to use all the products first.. Lucky you.. Facial mousse sounds yummy and creamy, haha.. Makes me think of chocolate mousse on cakes.. :)

  2. You are the best advertisement for your products!

  3. Like the lady in the traditional clothing.


  4. 网上生意越做越大了。。恭喜!

  5. Saw these in your instagram account. Hope your business flourish!

  6. You must be very busy with your two kids and your online business

  7. I like the packaging of the coffee scrub

  8. business is blooming ya. so many new products

  9. Nice! Interested parties will love these new products! They will have confidence in them seeing that you use them too.

  10. I used to take enzyme. Good for general health

  11. Whoa! 500 year enzyme, you mean it's really been around for 500 years? That's amazing! :)

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  13. Always like to read your product reviews.

  14. hi i would like to buy some products, chat with u in wechat?


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