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Toby boy, 4 months

Time flies and Toby is now 4 months 1 week young!
He weighs 7.9kg during the 4th month check up. I checked back Aden's record and confirm Toby is actually chubbier and heavier than his brother. Power of mummy's milk, yay! ;)
Yes I am still breastfeeding, hope to survive for another 2 more months!

The Chinese has a 'fast breaking' ceremony (开荤) for baby when they reach 4 months old, which means they can start to eat other food rather than just milk. I did a very simple one only, just let him taste a drumstick..

.. and marie biscuit. Actually I am not reall into this kinda beliefs but did it anyway since it was easy to get the ingredient (and fun) (I did the same for Aden too)

Toby is halfway in the process of turning his body. Chubby boy tends to learn slower huh? Haha! Anyway both of them memang adik beradik la! See the way they sleep! ^^

Tummy time for 1-2 minutes everyday. Must spare his hankerchief cause he'd probably puke during this pose xD

For once he was practising to be a supermanboy. I not sure why but he'd just lift up his right hand and could hold it for minutes, haha cute eh?

Well many commented about his big eyes, I actually have no idea why, I mean both hubby and myself have no big eyes!

Baby sure makes you laugh and cry and angry at the same time. I love the Toby now as he's becoming smarter and started to coo and smile a lot, indeed very geram! But there are times when he drives me crazy too! Sigh, parenthood.......
Only can blog this much at the moment, hopefully I can resume blogging properly soon!
Miss you guys!
Take care and have a great weekend! <3


  1. Toby is so so adorable! Good job mommy. Can see that he looks like his brother Aden. Have a good weekend!

  2. Good ma, small small then aspire to be Superman, he will grow up to do great things! ;)

  3. Babies grow up real fast. Soon he will be crawling and standing..

  4. It is so warm and happy to their baby photos.
    Glad that Toby is growing fast and healthy.
    He could be having big and nice eyes because he follow either grandparent.

  5. Wowwww!!!! Big boy! Looking very strong & healthy!

  6. Photo #5 - Toby boy got rosy cheeks

    Photo #7 - Comical photo, makes me laugh, cute

  7. 好可爱。


  8. 两兄弟睡相一样耶哈哈哈可爱!

  9. 好可爱!!两兄弟不止很像脸,而且pose也一样,果然逃不了,呵呵!

  10. Toby圆圆的好可爱。

  11. Toby跟哥哥简直就像印出来,尤其可爱的嘴边肉,特别像哥哥。

  12. They really look alike. I like the sleeping pose pictures :D

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I loves the 5th picture...

    Wish i could hug hug Toby boy...

  15. Toby is so cute and chubby la! Enjoy this moment as much as you can, baby grows up really fast and you will miss his baby moment so much in future.

  16. hehe 7.9kg at 4th month, your milk must be very nutritious.. so will your hands be tired very fast when you carry Toby?? or maybe you are one very experienced mama already so 湊仔 is just 濕濕碎 to you lah, hehe..

    oooh got such "ceremony" one ah?? haha, I didn't know leh, I just know about the one which we place different kinds of objects in front of the baby and let him/her choose and guess what his/her profession will be in the future.. maybe you want to put one drumstick also, so that he can be a chef or a foodie blogger!! haha..

    like brother lah, sleep also the same pattern.. hmmm, I wonder if Aden has got one superman pose like Toby?? maybe you can go and dig out in your camera or folder leh, that would be fun.. :D

    I like the photo #7, so cute lah.. BTW how is Aden coping with his little brother now?? got sayang him ah?? :)

  17. he is growing up fast...i started to feed my eldest girl with baby cereal and bubur when she was 5 months old..but it is recommended to start in the 6th month according to some of the website I read.

  18. I did not know of such fast breaking ceremony at 4 months old. Not into those stuff. Haha.

    Toby is so cute. Feel like hugging and pinching him.

  19. Aiyo, Toby boy has grown a bit and is so, so cute!

  20. Wow! It's been 4 months?

    Time flies indeed.

    Haha! I love that first pic of Toby on the weighing machine. I didn't know kids start to eat solid food like meat at just 4 months! That's amazing!

    You mean he tasted it only right, now chew and swallow?

    Cute boys you have there Hayley. All the best!

  21. Yup, Toby boy is so chubby leh.. Power of breastfeeding.. You are doing a great job to continue breastfeeding til today.. Oh, 4 months start solid ahh is the belief? I thought 6 months.. But no harm la trying a little, and no rush too..

  22. Yeah...can smell and taste kai pei jor.

  23. hahahaa.. Cute Toby! I don't remember giving my kids a drumstick to taste last time.. hahaha... yes, chinese do have a lots of beliefs, anyway, they are harmless so why not go along with them for the fun of it...

  24. 和哥哥很像脸!睡姿都一样,不愧是兄弟!

  25. hahaha....Toby is growing up and looks so adorable and cute!

  26. Don't know there is such 'fast breaking' ceremony , haha!
    Happy Holiday anyway~

  27. oh no.. learning how to eat kai pei when so young haha.

  28. So fast he grows up! lol and so chubby! adorable to the max! chubby babies are really cute

  29. Yea, indeed he has very big eyes and very cute. Hope you take more rest and be back soon! =]


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