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To the 'scary' weekend

Not celebrating, but my naughty son Aden wanna wish everyone a not-so-scary happy Halloween and happy weekend! =)

p/s: please don't forget to visit my post on preloved and new items for sale~

New and preloved items for sale

Updated: 08/12/15  9PM (Price reduced!)
I was housekeeping my room and wardrobe and realize I have some new items to let go, as well as some hardly used/worn clothes. Thinking to sell them in my blog, whether got people wanna buy or not xD
If you're interested or should you need details of the item, please leave a comment here, with the item number(s) and your email address, and I will get back to you asap, or for faster response, you can add me in WeChat: york_mei
But first, here are some very simple conditions I would like to offer:
1. All items (new or preloved) are in good condition. Strictly not returnable. Price stated is fixed and is NOT inclusive of postage. 2. Free postage will be given to the first 3 buyers. And small gift will be given to the rest of the buyers =) 3. All items are for serious buyers only, please let me know asap if you decide to pass the item. Item will be reserved within 24 hours (first come first serve basis), I will provide my banking details once buyer …

First post in October

First post in October!! =_="
So you can tell how busy I am... In fact I thought of abandoning my blog but I feel sorry for not blogging for so long, so today I am going to blog, a mixed post though :p But it's still about myself and my sons, so I hope you won't feel bored la! xD (Actually I wonder if there's anyone who still follow my blog...)
 Had a simple birthday dinner 2 weeks ago...
...with the people I love <3
Went Lost World of Tambun recently
Surprisingly Aden loved the water park a lot!
This is our second visit actually. When we first visited the place (which was 2 years ago), he was a bit shy and scared.... But this time, he enjoyed himself a lot!
Attended hubby's friend wedding reception last 2 weeks.... Toby was at home with my mum in law... Throughout the whole dinner I was actually worrying about Toby, because he rejects formula milk, and will sort of look for me especially at night~ True enough, mum in law called at about 10pm+ saying he was …