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New and preloved items for sale

Updated: 08/12/15  9PM
(Price reduced!)

I was housekeeping my room and wardrobe and realize I have some new items to let go, as well as some hardly used/worn clothes. Thinking to sell them in my blog, whether got people wanna buy or not xD

If you're interested or should you need details of the item, please leave a comment here, with the item number(s) and your email address, and I will get back to you asap, or for faster response, you can add me in WeChat: york_mei

But first, here are some very simple conditions I would like to offer:

1. All items (new or preloved) are in good condition. Strictly not returnable. Price stated is fixed and is NOT inclusive of postage.
2. Free postage will be given to the first 3 buyers. And small gift will be given to the rest of the buyers =)
3. All items are for serious buyers only, please let me know asap if you decide to pass the item. Item will be reserved within 24 hours (first come first serve basis), I will provide my banking details once buyer is confirm on the item. Item will be sent the next day after I receive the payment.

Brand new 4R album (SOLD)
RM 12

Brand new authentic United Colors of Benetton Let's Love woman's perfume 
RM 40

Brand new authentic Prada man's tie
RM 60 

Preloved iPhone 4s, complete set. Function wise is good, no scratches on phone itself, screen protector got some flaws though, used about 2 years, no more warranty
RM 300 (SOLD)

Preloved Samsung Galaxy S4, complete set. A bit scratches on the left side of the phone but condition is still good, used about 2 years, no more warranty
RM 350 

Preloved authentic Longchamp le pliage medium tote bag (purple), got in from UK in year 2013, used several times but still in good condition 
RM 200

Preloved authentic Louis Vuitton tote bag, got it in year 2010 from Paris, used less than 10 times, in good condition, strap got some tea stain though, comes with dust bag
RM 2000 (SOLD)

Preloved authentic Miu Miu Vitello tote bag (can be used as sling bag, perfect for traveling). Bought from Reebonz in year 2013, in good condition, comes with dust bag
RM 1600

New H&M man's slim fit short in dark blue, Eur size 29 (bought for hubby during the recent KL trip but the size is too small for him :p)
RM 60

Preloved Nike gym pant, size M, hardly worn
RM 40 (SOLD)

Preloved Nike gym pant (long), size M
RM 35

Long sleeve formal top, worn once only, fit size S & M
RM 20 

New blue knitted cardigan, got it from Bangkok but never worn before, fit size S & M
RM 20 (SOLD)

left: preloved maxi dress (satin-alike material), got it from an online store, fit size M & L 
right: new grey maxi dress (highly stretchable), got it from Hatyai last year, fit size S & M
RM 20

Blue knee-length dress (satin-alike material), worn once, fit size S&M

left: preloved cheongsam (slightly stretchable, very good and comfy material), got it from Gurney mall Penang, worn less than 5 times, fit size S & small M.
RM 40
right: light blue skater dress (belt included, thick material), worn several times, fit size M
RM 30

left: preloved knitted pink maxi dress, fit size S&L
RM 40
top right: preloved checkered dress, stretchable at the back, fit size S&M 
RM 30
bottom right: new satin black dress, fit S&M
RM 25

left: preloved light blue maxi dress, stretchable at the chest and waist, fit size S&M
RM 30
top right: preloved black skater dress (highly stretchable), fit size S&M
RM 20
bottom right: preloved navy dress (satin material), fit size S&M
RM 25

I do hope to have buyers because I am in need of extra incomes, haha :p
Thanks for reading anyway ;)


  1. Pretty nice stuff you've got there.

  2. wah...preloved iphone 4s and Samsung you sell so cheap. It;s a good deal

  3. If can sell all, total RM5,747.00 and minus postage still can get a comfortable profit :)

  4. It is a good way to get extra income from selling preloved items. I wish to do that as I have so many preloved items in my wardrobe, muahaha! May be we both can set up a stall at Pasar Malam Aulong, kekeke! By the way, I don't mind to buy pre-loved items, if I really find my love in others preloved items.

  5. I am also thinking of selling items in too to raise extra cash for year end festivities expenses and school books. hope you have a good sales.

  6. Good way to sell in blogs, I tried selling pre-loved baby items in my blog before too, but no response, so I removed it already.. But well, coz my blog not popular, hahaha..

  7. Good to see some of the items are sold already. All the best!

  8. I also got some items to sell, posted them online on gumtree, still waiting for response, wow, you got so many items to sell, all the best!

  9. Hi, I want item No.13.
    my email:

  10. 好久不见 =)

    看了上一篇,Aden 和 Toby 很可爱。还有真的很想 cubit Toby 的脸颊,嘻嘻


  11. Nice preloved list you have here. And nice way to earn extra income and clear those stuff from your hands. Hnm. Maybe I could get a list and sell off too. Haha.

    Ok ok. Let me look again. If anything I pm you directly. Maybe dresses but my size would be L. Usually those dresses bought online are smaller cutting.

  12. Biz not bad eh, some already been sold. haha..


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