Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bags on sales

Apart from skincare and slimming products, I started to sell bags now.

Below are the few to show you, still have a lot more designs/brands/colors, if you are interested to know the price and details, please add me in WeChat (ID: york_mei), or follow me in Instagram (yorkmei).

These are all inspired/grade A quality/replica bags and they are NOT genuine. But I can assured you of the quality. It's not something like you see in Petaling Street xD
Of course, please don't compare these to the authentic ones since there is a huge difference in terms of price. To me, if the design is something I like, and the price is reasonable, I will buy regardless of brands.

Plus, with our RM currency dropping like mad now, who still care to buy branded bags? Unless if you are very rich someone who cares about carrying branded bags everywhere (Sorry no offend to anyone, just my humble opinions).

Anyway, here's some items I have:

1. Michael Kors tote 

2. Chanel jelly toyboy

3. Kate Spade

 (Promo items, take 2 at RM 180, such a steal right?)

4. Shygirl

5. Alma and Issey Miyake

6. Givenchy

7. MCM

8. Mansur Gavriel

9. Celine

10. Alma

11. There are high heels for the ladies too.
But only YSL at the moment.

12. Michael Kors purse

13. Prada & Kate Spade purse

Most items are real items photo snapping (实货照), except for preoder items. 

You may leave a comment here as well and I will get back to you asap.
Thanks for reading!
Have a nice weekend ahead!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

First ever Kleenex® 3-ply scented facial tissues

A lovely box arrived at my doorstep the other day and by looking at the small card, I know it's from Kleenex! Yay! =)

And here's what inside the box! 
2 boxes of Kleenex® 3-ply scented facial tissues (rose and cherry blossom), a candle, also a rose made from the tissue itself, together with some press release information

So since it's a scented tissue, I put the rose at my room window so that when the wind blows, the nice scent can fill up my room! Hehe!

Toby boy was attracted to the colorful and nice packaging!

Actually I do believe fragrance plays an important role in our daily life, well at least to me.
I like everything fragrance, shower gel, shampoo, wet tissue, washing powder and etc, I even have essential oil in my room~

Always love this shop's essential oil! I place a few drops in the burner in my room everyday, and also place a few drops on my tissue box in my car. Smelling something fragrance and nice can really wake up our soul and help us stay energetic!

And I'm so glad and happy that now Kleenex® scented facial tissues are on the market! Definitely going to buy this from now on~ I believe after use, our face will smell great too, hehe! And best of all, it's so soft that it is suitable to use even on our delicate skin.
Thank you Kleenex® Malaysia for the wonderful freebies!

(Look for the new Kleenex® 3-ply scented facial tissues in box packs (RM 10.30 for four packs of 74 sheets and RM 14.55 for four packs of 114 sheets) and soft packs (RM 5.35 for four packs of 46 sheets)).

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Memories on FB

So if you are on Facebook I am sure you are aware of the 'memories' thingy they have lately. It will bring up posts you shared/published on the same day, last year or years ago. Then you can share it again.

I personally find this very nice! Cause for me, I won't go and browse my older posts/photos on my own, unless if necessary (like when I need to find some information). But with this 'memories' it sure creates convenience and surprises when I login to my FB. I can see Aden's look when he was younger, or any outings/oversea trips I had last time, and from there I actually realize how different I was then and now, LOL!

How about you? Do you like this 'memories' thingy?

p/s: new/pre-loved items got price reduced! Click on the updated link HERE!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week! =)

Monday, November 9, 2015

With love from Toby

 Good day everyone!! *stretch body......*

It's my first time representing my mummy here!

Erm in case you don't know, my name is Toby ;) Mummy is a bit busy so I shall help her blog today ^^

I am 6 months 1 week young and weighing 9.5kg, 70cm tall. I know, a lot of aunties uncles commented I am a big boy! Though I am a bit sad to hear this but never mind, doctor said I am all good and healthy so I guess I should be happy and thankful! (Must also thank my mummy for her precious milk xD)

My family said I am one cheerful boy because I love to smile =) 
If my smile can make people happy then I shall smile more, right?
Mummy said I am becoming naughtier lately because I wake up super early (like 7am?) and won't get back to sleep til I am well fed and also taken my bath. 
She also said she is super tired and sleepy because I still want nen nen about twice every midnight... Hey I am hungry wert, tell me how to sleep with tummy rumbling!

Mummy daddy said I am way luckier than my kor kor Aden because I got to hang out (at such young age) so frequently compared to kor kor. I already been to KL twice, Penang once and other big big small small places every week! Kor kor only get to go KL last time when he was a year old. So I guess I win, yay! :D

I have not have any teeth yet but I am good at grabbing things and put everything into my mouth! Here you may think I am kissing kor kor but actually I am licking his face, haha!

Okok enough about me. Must show my kor kor's photo also :p Kor kor is 3 years 6 months old and is also very naughty and energetic! He still is very milk-addicted and loves all unhealthy stuff like ice cream, chocolates, candies and 100 plus! No wonder he is so chubby fat la! :p Mummy said he weighs about 18kg already!

Mummy said she can lose weight very fast already because need to look after kor kor and I, plus we are very naughty now. Hey, like brothers wert! If kor kor is naughty then I will be the same too, right? *grin
Mummy also said her eyebags and dark circles are getting terrible due to lack of sleep... Sorry mummy, I know it's tiring but you are a super mum! I love you!

Here with my dear mummy daddy and kor kor, I love my family!
(I still love eating my fingers, they are simply yummy!)

Ok la I am hungry already I have to sign off now. 
Thank you everyone for reading, and can you do me a favor? Please support my mummy's online business HERE and HERE, she needs extra incomes to buy toys for me ;) Thank you once again!! Muacks!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New products 2015 (November)

1. OJO shining silk cream, 100ml, Korea. RM 147
A great multi purpose cream which is able to:-
1. lighten scars/spots on the face/body
2. can be used as eye cream to reduce eyebags/dark circles/wrinkles
3. treat acnes
4. whiten skin
5. brighten up skin

2. Aopei 24k gold silk mask, 10 pieces per box, comes with a nice solid box, product of Paris, RM 60.
Comes in 3 types:
1. Hydrating & firming
2. Moisturizing & repairing
3. Brightening & purifying

I love that it has a lot of essence, and won't be sticky, plus I think the price is very reasonable.

3. Tremella DX enzyme, 16 bottles per box, Japan. RM 155
Easy-to-drink, helps in anti aging, whitening, slimming, detox, strengthen immune system and for overall health.

4. Anmyna spa whitening moisturizing silk mask, 5 pieces per box, Taiwan, RM 89.

November promotion:
5 pieces of spa silk mask (original price RM 89) + 5 pieces blackmask  (original price RM 89) now only RM 99! (Original price RM 178)

Black mask is for deep cleansing, purifying and 'detox', it gives your skin a good and healthy foundation

5. Anmyna fragrance shampoo (520ml) & silky conditioner set, RM 118.

Buy 2 items and above from today (3rd November) til 11th and get FREE postage, valid for whole Malaysia. Hurry!

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