Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bags on sales

Apart from skincare and slimming products, I started to sell bags now.

Below are the few to show you, still have a lot more designs/brands/colors, if you are interested to know the price and details, please add me in WeChat (ID: york_mei), or follow me in Instagram (yorkmei).

These are all inspired/grade A quality/replica bags and they are NOT genuine. But I can assured you of the quality. It's not something like you see in Petaling Street xD
Of course, please don't compare these to the authentic ones since there is a huge difference in terms of price. To me, if the design is something I like, and the price is reasonable, I will buy regardless of brands.

Plus, with our RM currency dropping like mad now, who still care to buy branded bags? Unless if you are very rich someone who cares about carrying branded bags everywhere (Sorry no offend to anyone, just my humble opinions).

Anyway, here's some items I have:

1. Michael Kors tote 

2. Chanel jelly toyboy

3. Kate Spade

 (Promo items, take 2 at RM 180, such a steal right?)

4. Shygirl

5. Alma and Issey Miyake

6. Givenchy

7. MCM

8. Mansur Gavriel

9. Celine

10. Alma

11. There are high heels for the ladies too.
But only YSL at the moment.

12. Michael Kors purse

13. Prada & Kate Spade purse

Most items are real items photo snapping (实货照), except for preoder items. 

You may leave a comment here as well and I will get back to you asap.
Thanks for reading!
Have a nice weekend ahead!


  1. Wow! Lovely selection. I love bags. But now I go for those big bags instead of clutches and small handbags.

  2. wow...lovely and luxury bags! Good luck on your sales!

  3. wow 生意越做越大 leh.. selling skincare and now venturing into the bag business!! those bags really look nice and very very real leh, haha!! okay, I won't buy la of course but wish you 生意蒸蒸日上, 盤滿砵滿!!! :)

  4. Good move to sell bags too, give your regular buyers more choices!

  5. 很美叻,我刚在淘宝挖了一个包,所以现在要忍住先XP

  6. 哗,连包包也买了也。。祝你生意兴隆哦!

  7. Yup, I saw the bags you posted in WeChat.. Some of the bags are really nice and cute.. Wah, sang yi jou dai jor, wish you many many more good things to come..

  8. Very nice bags! But I buy bag only once every few years and even then, only when the bag already koyak :D

  9. Hope you get plenty of orders! :)

  10. I saw many people carrying the right hand side bag in picture #5

  11. the bucket bag very niceee.. but at the moment i cannot carry any of these beautiful bags

  12. It is a nice collection.


  13. I like your bags and agree that it is not wise to spend too much on original brands. I like that Celine's handbag with wrapped handles. So feminine and I saw many Tai-Tai carry them lately.

  14. Counterfeit products, unlike inspired-items, are illegal. Is this even the right thing to be selling, let alone publicly?


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