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With love from Toby

 Good day everyone!! *stretch body......*

It's my first time representing my mummy here!

Erm in case you don't know, my name is Toby ;) Mummy is a bit busy so I shall help her blog today ^^

I am 6 months 1 week young and weighing 9.5kg, 70cm tall. I know, a lot of aunties uncles commented I am a big boy! Though I am a bit sad to hear this but never mind, doctor said I am all good and healthy so I guess I should be happy and thankful! (Must also thank my mummy for her precious milk xD)

My family said I am one cheerful boy because I love to smile =) 
If my smile can make people happy then I shall smile more, right?
Mummy said I am becoming naughtier lately because I wake up super early (like 7am?) and won't get back to sleep til I am well fed and also taken my bath. 
She also said she is super tired and sleepy because I still want nen nen about twice every midnight... Hey I am hungry wert, tell me how to sleep with tummy rumbling!

Mummy daddy said I am way luckier than my kor kor Aden because I got to hang out (at such young age) so frequently compared to kor kor. I already been to KL twice, Penang once and other big big small small places every week! Kor kor only get to go KL last time when he was a year old. So I guess I win, yay! :D

I have not have any teeth yet but I am good at grabbing things and put everything into my mouth! Here you may think I am kissing kor kor but actually I am licking his face, haha!

Okok enough about me. Must show my kor kor's photo also :p Kor kor is 3 years 6 months old and is also very naughty and energetic! He still is very milk-addicted and loves all unhealthy stuff like ice cream, chocolates, candies and 100 plus! No wonder he is so chubby fat la! :p Mummy said he weighs about 18kg already!

Mummy said she can lose weight very fast already because need to look after kor kor and I, plus we are very naughty now. Hey, like brothers wert! If kor kor is naughty then I will be the same too, right? *grin
Mummy also said her eyebags and dark circles are getting terrible due to lack of sleep... Sorry mummy, I know it's tiring but you are a super mum! I love you!

Here with my dear mummy daddy and kor kor, I love my family!
(I still love eating my fingers, they are simply yummy!)

Ok la I am hungry already I have to sign off now. 
Thank you everyone for reading, and can you do me a favor? Please support my mummy's online business HERE and HERE, she needs extra incomes to buy toys for me ;) Thank you once again!! Muacks!


  1. Hey Hayley, this post is so cute and your kids are really chubby and adorable too! Just look at you, so slim and pretty already and you look younger too... having two boys must be really fun.. hahahaa... I also have two boys first and then the girl comes last... Really make our hands full, right!

  2. Toby is sure growing up well. :)

  3. Haha, so cute la, representing mummy.. I love the first picture.. I love to see baby stretch..

  4. Soooo cute!!! Especially the first picture!

  5. Wow! Toby is growing up fast, thanks to the nutritious milk he got!!! LOL
    The photo of the 2 brothers is so cute and warm. When they grow up, they will be well bonded always to see this #6 photo.

  6. Toby chubby啊!我觉得被说big boy无所谓吧,这代表你吸收得很好!你跟你妈咪都很棒!^^

  7. hello Toby Boy, come Uncle SK cubit-cubit your cheeks a while, hahaha!!! sure your mommy very angry and want to scold Uncle SK already, hihihi.. just kidding lah, Toby Boy so cute mah sure all aunties and uncles got very 肉緊 lor..

    eih.. actually Toby looks like Aden when he was a baby leh.. but wait, maybe Aden was not as big size as Toby during that age hor?? or both the same because both also drink the world's most nutritious nen nen from the same source mah..

    hehe, so lucky leh Toby went to KL and Penang twice already.. of course lah, now daddy and mommy more experience than last time with Aden mah.. now 手板眼見功夫 lah bringing babies to travel, correct?? somemore Aden Kor Kor now also a big boy can help to take care of Toby Didi mah.. somemore so nice, let Toby Didi licked him on the face, hahahaha!! but mommy sure he licked and not actually trying to sayang his Kor Kor meh??

    ooh, finally once last very very sweet family portrait!! but aiyah, where was Toby Boy looking at huh?? was there someone over there showing him a 大炸雞腿 so he cannot take his eyes off it?? haha~~

    1. SK, yes, Toby is definitely chubbier and heavier than Aden at the same age... Power of breastmilk!! xD

      Erm, not really ar, bringing them our together can be quite tiring and 'pek chek' also, imagine you have to settle the crankiness and noises at once, so must have 2 adults or more to help. LOL!
      Haha, ok, may be Toby is sayang-ing his ko ko also la!

  8. I loves your this post, hehe... I loves the 6th picture...

  9. He's going to be one big and tough boy, very handsome like Aden. Gosh! You're so slim and young and beautiful, can't imagine that you have two sons already. :)

  10. Toby is a big boy indeed, big is good, he will grow up to be strong and tough, I like the first picture the most as it is like saying rise and shine!

  11. My nephew also like to eat his fingers and he got a lot of nua, haha

  12. You think you're lucky? Next time you grow older and "know things", then you wanna go holiday here and there, and your mummy tell you "What? You wanna go Genting to try the roller coaster? You go before what. Remember we bring you go when you were 3 months old?"... Then you will not feel so lucky like now. So enjoy it while you still can wahahha!

    But still, wish you grow up big and healthy ya ;)

  13. Hayley, this is such a cute post! Aiyoyo! I want to sayang-sayang little chubby Toby and his kor kor Aden too :)

  14. Toby, you have such nice smile in the top most photo and a great sense of humour writing this post. Good to see that your kor kor loves you and let you kiss (lick) him. Please don't call your kor kor fat, he is a growing boy so he needs lots of food! Hope to see you write more! Thanks! :D

  15. Both bro look very alike.. and yeah, didi is very chubby. Well built. You fed him well. hahah ..

  16. He is starting to look like his kor kor.

    Glad to see his brother's cute

  17. Hi Toby hahahaha!
    Toby and kor kor also very chubby la! XD

  18. Haha! I love the photos of Toby! He looks very cute! :)

    I love the one of him in the weighing machine.

  19. You are a very healthy baby, Toby. Growing up well.

  20. hahaha....he's so cute and looking more and more like Aden!

  21. Both cute to the max

    Looks like now your wish for a family photo have been realised. You guys looks great :)

  22. Toby is really a big and healthy boy!

    How did you manage to bring him to so many places though!!! Mine will cry like crazy in the car!!! My biggest nightmare!!!

    1. Erm, may be he used to it already? We brought him since fullmoon... He loves riding in the car!

  23. both didi and kor kor looks chubby and cute! feel like wanna cubit his face!

  24. Looking at Toby, I know you have done a great job, Hayley. You have a very beautiful family that make so many people envy. Toby is such a cute baby, I feel delighted by just looking at his photos.

  25. Thanks everyone for the comments! Glad that you all find me cute and chubby, because mummy says I am getting naughtier! Kekeke :p Have a nice day ya! Muacks!


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