Monday, December 28, 2015

Year 2015

3 more days and we will bid farewell to the year 2015! Time really flies don't you think??

Recalling back, 2015 has been a smooth year for me, nothing very special, except for the arrival of my second prince Toby. And ever since that, I became busier and more tired =_=

I blogged less than 60 posts this year, that really shows how busy I am, haha! Erm sometimes I am lazy also la, cause if I have spare time (which I rarely have) I would spend it on my bed (sleeping la, what else you think? :p)

But I still remain active with my phone, Facebooking, Instagramming, WeChating, Whatsapping and so on. Sometimes I do blog hop, just too busy to leave a comment :p

Despite being busy, I still remain active in my online business, including participate in Return Legacy's program. Still remember? I blogged about the products HERE. The reason why I am not giving up on sharing RL products is because I want to share about the effectiveness to my family and friends. I myself am using their products and I can see improvements, so I intend to share and bring more great news on health and beauty to everyone!

Attended seminar presented by the Deputy CEO Mr Desmond Hooi 

Of course, apart from RL products, I am still selling skincare/beauty/slimming products, I do blog about them here in my blog

Din't have any oversea trip this year T_T Never mind, thinking at the bright side, no need to spend $$$ on that :p

Erm besides that, my life is indeed being surrounded by my two boys most of the times, I am a stay-at-home-mum mind you =)
From two, to three and now four in my family.

I am not going to make any new year resolutions, I just hope and pray that 2016 will be better for us all. I still think health and happiness is the most important element for me.

Not sure if I am still able to blog anymore for the next 3 days, so now I am going to wish my dear readers a happy new year 2016!
May the new year bring us more joy, health and wealth! 
Keep blogging ya! ^^

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

Some updates about Aden

Anyone missing Aden? Hehe~
My big boy is now 3 years 7 months and 1 week old! Look at his hair, growing long and thick already, so have to bring him for haircut~

BUT, he is still very terrified of haircut T___T
No matter how I talk to him or bribe him, he will still say don't want.
But must bring him to the salon also, he sweat very easily so die die also must cut!
The whole process can be very tiring cause I have to hold him tight while the hairdresser shave his head.

 So these days we decided to have his head shaved instead of just trim.... Shaving is much more faster than trimming. Luckily his head is round enough so he looks ok with this super short hair (Actually when he got his head shaved for the first time, I was so not used to it, haha!)
And ever since that, I notice his hair grow darker!

 Swimming (or shall I say, playing with water) is still his favorite thing to do. Even during bath time, he will want a tub fill with water then he will bring his toy cars and bath with them xD

Though he is now 3 years plus but he can be quite shy at times, especially when meeting people he don't see often. Sometimes he will refuse to greet them, but sure will say bye bye when we told him to (probably cause he know he is leaving them already)
But one thing I am more relief now is he has the initiative to play with other kids. Last time, he will just hide at my back, or sit next to me while other kids are chasing around happily. Yes, he is that shy, though he looks kinda 'naughty', haha!

Many said he is getting chubbier, yes he is. Not because I feed him well, but because he loves those unhealthy food like snacks =_=" But I am glad he still takes his milk, rice, noodles meats and fruits. At least not all are sweet stuff la!
I have no idea how much he weighs now (the last weighing was about 16kg, about few months back), but he sure grows taller! Currently he is 103cm tall, I do hope he inherits his papa's genes in terms of height. Boy must be tall enough :p

He used to nap once before this but lately, he sort of give up napping. But he can fall asleep in the car, guess because of the motions...

We have stopped sending him to montessori school since May this year. Reason being is he fell sick every week :( I know it's normal in the beginning as their body is getting used to the environment, but his grandparents are getting heartache seeing him like this. Furthermore, he actually cry every morning when I sent him to school, for the whole 2 months, LOL!

So after discussing with hubby, we decided to send him to school again in 2017. Because personally I think, when they start schooling, they have to continue this journey til teenage life. So now let him enjoy his honeymoon toddlerhood first ^^

I know he is learning to become a better kor kor now, can see through his behavior and acts. 
I hope both of them can become good friends and don't pakat to bully their mummy (though I know they will eventually haha) 

Looking after 2 boys is sure no easy task, many ask me if I will go back out there to work again?
Actually I am not sure.... Kinda dilemma. But I am not thinking too much now, just enjoy my life as a SAHM =)

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New products 2015 (December) (Giveaway inside!)

1. Bibika long lasting lipstick, from Taiwan, RM 45
Choose from 8 stunning colors~
I myself am using #3, red+orange. What I love about this lipstick is that it's easy to apply and really can last for hours!
2. The Swan Secret collagen drink
20 sachets per box, RM 168 (Free postage for whole Msia).
3. Anmyna hand cream, 90g, from Taiwan, RM 52
Choose from 2 scents (baby skin effect & dating aroma)
4. Anmyna Christmas set
(Contains one bottle of fragrance shower gel, one body lotion, one hydrating mask, one black mask, one shower ball & one gift bag)
RM 159 (Normal price RM 21x)
The whole packaging is very elegant and sweet I am sure whoever receive this as present will be very happy!
So here's the great news! I am organizing a giveaway to reward my dear readers!
I will be giving out 3 pieces of Innisfree facial mask to ONE lucky winner!
To join:
Simply comment about what is your favourite facial mask brand that you have used before and why.
And don't forget to include the tagline 'I want to try Innisfree mask for free!'
Also please state your name.
There's one condition though, winner must be willing to use and review the mask in his/her blog/social media. So if you are someone who don't do reviews then may be this giveaway is not for you :p
It's that simple. Open to all male and female readers in Malaysia.
Winner will be announced on 14th December here via random pick apps. And if the winner's birthday is in December, he/she gets to choose ONE of the new/preloved item which I have blogged HERE! (Items determined by me of course) How about that? =)
Giveaway ends 13th December 5pm.
So good luck to all!
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Friday, December 4, 2015


I saw my friend shared this photo in his FB the other day........

 (source from Pinterest)

... and I can't help laughing :p
Seriously, have you ever thought the same way?

Anywhere, for people wearing glasses like me, the reality is the top photo la apparently. Everything is slightly blurred when we are not wearing our glasses. If very far one, totally blurred xD Of course it depends on the power of our short sightedness also. 

I have been wearing glasses since secondary school, and I would say though I can't live without my glasses, I wish I have perfect eyesight. Only those who wear glasses will know how inconvenient it is to wear glasses. Firstly, we have to spend extra money on getting/changing our glasses yearly, even more money spent if you buy contact lens. Secondly, certain things are meant to be done easily without glasses, like exercising. If you wear glasses when you are sweating, it will keep sliding down.
And thirdly, to me, I think I don't look good in photo if I am wearing glasses :(

But if I were to remove my glasses everytime I take photo, that will be very tedious, and insecure :p

What I wanna say is, please take good care of your eyes, and appreciate your family/friends who is short sighted! :)

And for those of you who has perfect eyesight, you have no idea how jealous I am!! :p

Ok, that's all for today, must go and nap now. Take care and bai!