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My Chinese New Year 2015


Time flies even faster when we are having a great time isn't it? Today is already the 6th day of CNY and everything is back to normal.

For me, CNY this year is quite ok, but tiring because of the bun I'm carrying =_=
And I ate a lot this CNY xD Cannot imagine how much weight I put on T_T

 Wefie in the car while we were on the way to hubby's grandparents' house on the first day, then to my parents' house (Must visit the elderly on the very first day ^^)
Aden used to do the 'gong xi gong xi' hand gesture last year but this year, he totally ignored it... But he still received lots of red packets la, hehe! By the way it was a very hot CNY!

 I get to join a few friends for house visiting while Aden was at home with daddy. Erm basically I went out during day time and daddy went out at night, so we kinda take turns to look after Aden la, LOL!

Got to visit my aunties too!

 This was the lunch gathering which I've been looking forward to. Most of my gi…

To the holidays!

Image from HERE

Might not be updating soon, so I wanna wish all my dear readers a  happy and prosperous Chinese new year! Stay safe ya!

Aden boy: 2 years 9 months

Just 3 more months and he'll be 3! Time really flies! :0
Anyway, I think I have been neglecting Aden's progress for the past few months, the last proper update was actually in September (bad mummy). So here's something about Aden but this is gonna be just a short one though.

1. Aden might be a naughty active boy at home but when we bring him out, he can be very shy. He takes a long time before he can mingle around with the other kids. He'll hide behind my back when people tries to talk to him. I guess this happens only after I got pregnant. People said must bring him out more often to join the crowd and make him used to it.  So we went to playground last Sunday under the very hot sun and he sweat so much!

2. And after months of procrastination, I finally enrolled him to a Montessori school today. Can't wait to see in this cute uniform ;)) Erm but this mummy actually got a strong mixed feeling, I feel a bit sad sending him to school (even just for half day) caus…

New products 2015 (February)

1. Blossom bust ampoules cream. 30ml. RM 125. Helps solve common bust problems such as: flat/sagging bust, imbalance bust size, dry and wrinkled bust.

2. Cellglo crystal eyes, 20 sachets per box, product from France, RM 288. This is an eye vitamin, body and skin beauty therapy drinks, protects the eyes and skin from UV damage and lower the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

 If you can read Chinese, please refer to the below picture for more information.

3. Cellglo SPF moisturising sunblock, RM 228, product from France. For more details please refer to the below pictures.

4. Enna UV mist silk cushion, RM 169, product from Korea. Works as a perfect foundation.
 Skin looks natural after application!

5. Micshell body whitening emulsion, RM 49, product from HK. Works as a body whitening lotion, suitable for all skin types.

Kindly comment if you're interested to know more, I will reply as soon as possible, with testimonials from customers ;)

Other awesome p…

打败仗了 :(

不懂是天气的关系还是自己身体越来越差,昨晚开始伤风和喉痛了 :(

这样的话要完全康复就要几天(甚至几个星期) 咯!

最可怜还是小瓜啦。Aden也是病倒了,还有点咳嗽(其实我也不懂是谁传给谁 xD)。更头痛的是他现在不喝药水了。医生开的药水他都很抗拒,每次喂药都像打战酱。。>.<



Not sure it's the weather or me getting weaker, I started to feel sick since last night.

Ever since I found out that I am pregnant, I started to take good care of my diet, not forgetting my daily dose of Vit C and lots of fruits and greens (But still lose in the battle with the virus).
To me, being sick while pregnant is very suffering since we cannot simply take medicines. Even if doctor will recommend us to take natural remedy rather than medication. That means in order to fully recover, we have to wait for days (even for weeks!).

Anyway the most pitiful person is Aden, he too fall sick :(
To make things worse, he refuses to take medicines these days, feeding him is…

Dinner with the gang

I guess it's been a while since I last posted a proper food post. Hmm, taking food photos is not really 'my style' anymore, LOL!
Anyway, friends and I had a very filling and enjoyable dinner last weekend, it was an advance CNY dinner =D We had our CNY dinner last year too.
 What pose is that Aden? xD

 Must bring something to keep the kids busy
 Very difficult to have a proper shot of the kids together, else it'd be a cute scene
 Anyway here's our group photo! ONG MALI! ^^

As for the food, it was the CNY package we ordered.

 First dish is of course the yee sang, and this is my first yee sang of the year... Looks good? No. The abalone tasted weird!

Erm obviously these are just some cincai shots of the food... Haha. I am too lazy to take food photos already :p Still got fish and dessert which I din't manage to snap.
Overall food were ok, the package is about RM 418.  Though the kids were noisy running here and there, and Aden was like usual, being a sticky glue …