Friday, January 15, 2016

Beauty products 2016 (January/一月份新产品上架) (Time for some CNY shopping!)

最近真的忙得晕晕的!Toby开始认人也开始很粘我了 =_=
(虽然很忙,不过大家给我的留言我都有看哦!很感谢大家还没放弃我 :p)

不到一个月就新年啦,忙于够买新衣服的同时也别忘了添护肤品~~ 来看看我最近新进的产品吧!

1. Anmyna new year promotion, valid while stock lasts!

2. Pibamy fragrance lotion, 300ml, RM 40.

3. Merry Party hair conditioner, 285ml, RM 30.

4. YuTian multi effect pearl cream, RM 188. Great for acne-prone skin.

5. Anmyna deluxe cream, texture is smooth, suitable for all skin types. Great in moisturising and repairing. RM 128.

6. Aloe vera moisturising lipstick, RM 10. Great for dry/chapped lips.

7. MiXiu vibrant color lipstick, RM 48.

Below are some of the ready stocks I have in hands (Those marked with red line is being sold off).

Apology for such short information. I guess not many of my readers are interested :p Anyway just wanna inform you guys that I am selling these products. If you are interested, you can always leave your comment here and I will get back to you asap.
Or for faster and more detailed response, please follow me on Instagram (ID- yorkmei) or add me in WeChat (ID: york_mei).

Thanks for reading ya!
And here's the updated list of all the products I have.

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  1. Time for the ladies to stock up, can look beautiful to usher in the new year.

  2. I agree with STP :D This is the time to beautify oneself with these products!

  3. Yes, CNY is usually the time to buy new beauty products for the year.

  4. Haven't started with the osmanthus eye mask.. hehe..

  5. Thank you all! I will sure 'add oil' in my business! :p


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