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Bangkok 2016

~Throwback to 22/1/16 - 25/1/16~

Hello!! We were waiting for boarding on that fine Friday morning...

We had to force Aden to wake up at 6am, luckily his mood was still ok... May be because he knew he gets to gai gai ^^ (been brainwashing him before the trip)

After the 'expensive comes not tasty breakfast' at food court, time to go to the departure gate! Let's go!!

First time to KLIA2 and it was huge! We were just in time for boarding! Phew~
Anyway, it was Aden's first time flying! And Toby's too!

I was a bit worry at first, because he was the 'cannot sit still' type. But turned out, he was fine! He fell asleep shortly after *yay*
It was Toby who was a bit cranky... May be because of the ear pressure >.<

After almost 2 hours of flying, we landed safely at Bangkok!

Toby din't sleep well on the plane and so he slept again while we were on the way to hotel...

Anyway big kor kor was excited with the big and fancy coach!

Din't do much on the first day, just some shopping nearby Pratunam and Platinum mall....

Day 2, we woke up early and headed to Safari World.

All of us! My mother in law, brother in law, sister in law and my family of 4 ;)

It was super super hot this day! And the crowd was crazy! Poor Toby, sweat so much (actually we did too) and his cheeks were red! 
This place is not baby friendly, I had to nurse him with my nursing cover, so it was double the hot for Toby~

I like this area, giraffe feeding zone. So much fun feeding them! But they were like forever hungry one... =_="

We also watched some animal shows like the Orang Utan performance...

... the dolphin show...

... and the cowboy show...

Left Safari World in the evening and went back hotel straight, to rest... I was damn tired because I couldn't feel my back anymore (baby-wearing Toby the whole time..... )

Actually everyone were tired also, but it was a nice experience. At least some sight seeing instead of just shopping.....
Went for foot and body massage 2 nights continuously..... Which is a must do at Thailand!

Been looking forward to eat Mango Tango and craving fixed finally!!
No other food pictures because I think what we had were pretty common, you know, typical Thai food.... ;)

Us on the tuk tuk! This ride is like a must do in Thailand. Aden got addicted to it and kept on asking us to get on it, LOL!

Toby seems to be enjoying it too! So windy and exciting for a baby like him...

Here's my naughty boy at the train station. We were heading to Chatchuchak weekend market

It was very hot on the first 2 days but it turned cold on the following 2 days. It was just an hour rain and temperature dropped to 16'c!

All of us went shopping for jackets! Haha! Actually it was tolerable for me, in fact I think it was just nice, but not when the wind blows..... brrr....

I think during this whole trip, Toby was kinda suffering haha! He din't get comfortable cause of the weather and he couldn't sleep well as we were out most of the times. He had so many short naps in between. If he could speak, I think he won't want to follow us for trips next time, kekekeke :p

But, I am still thankful that everything went quite well la! It was just a short trip so it was kinda rush for us... Should have planned to stay another 1-2 days....

Despite the short schedule, we managed to shop til we dropped! Haha! Actually no dropped also la, still came back with some cash, safe it for next time ma!! xD
All these for our CNY ^^

And part of the snacks we bought...

I know traveling with kids ain't easy and is sure tiring, but the memories are sweet. I definitely want another one :p

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like a packed trip.

    Tiring but fun, right? :)

  2. Very happening lah your trip with your family. Glad you enjoyed it even though it was tiring.

  3. Good, so many people go together, can help to babysit and take care of the little ones.. Oh yes, can see how hot it was, nevermind la, once a while only, quite enjoyable also la..

  4. hehe, now you know this KLIA2 is so big right?? wah, the first time i went there, have to walk so far to the boarding gate.. but the worse was when coming back, have to take the hand luggage and walked for like 20 minutes before reaching the immigration, really tired lor.. next time if travelling from KLIA2 must remember to give enough time buffer leh, especially during peak season..

    i didn't know there's this Safari World in Bangkok, thanks to the "paradigm" that i only go Bangkok to shop, eat and massage only.. i only went kind of sightseeing in Bangkok during my first trip there, visit the Grand Palace and temples along the Chao Phraya.. subsequent trips, only really go shopping and eating and massaging only, what a shame, haha!! so you had fun in the Safari World?? or rather i should actually ask, Aden had fun in the Safari World?? hehehe.. you all adults like 陪太子讀書 only hor?? but i kesian you also leh, have to carry Toby all the time, wah, even worse than when you were pregnant lor, since Toby sure gained more weights mah.. luckily you had massage at night la, at least help to 舒緩筋骨 a bit.. :)

    so it was just a 3-4 day short trip?? the last day you went shopping and bought bags of clothes back home!! hehe, that is normal lah, i think most people will go to Bangkok with one bag but come back home with two, or more!! but i'm very excited hearing the temperature drops to only 16°C!!! that is actually rather cooling woh, i would certainly love to be in Bangkok under this weather!! i wonder when we can enjoy this in Malaysia?? haha..

    if divide your loots among four of you, actually not a lot only woh.. i've been to Bangkok twice last year, and each time also bought back some clothes, in the end, i did not need to buy any new clothes for my CNY this year, haha.. in fact i didn't wear all the new clothes also, still have many haven't 開張 yet, probably can keep until next CNY, haha!!

  5. Envy die me!

    Rayden is depending on a Eow Na to sleep so we cannot be traveling anywhere soon yet but I am dying for a holiday~~~~!!!

  6. Salute! Not easy travelling with baby. We did not go anywhere till my girl was big enough to enjoy doing this and that, just stayed at home. Tried out by going to nearer places by car first - could not imagine flying in a plane and suddenly she wanted to get off. Shuddersss!!!!

  7. What a fun trip with the whole extended family! It is no surprise that Aden likes to ride on Tuk Tuks since it is open and can feel the wind blowing in your face. May you have many more fun trips like this one. I would like to eat the mango tango too.

  8. Your Bangkok trip holiday is so much fun with activities, shopping, massage and eating! That is a complete bliss already and all ended up well with shopping loots for CNY. You looked so young in your photos! Must be all your good creams used!

    I have been to Thailand no less than 100 times since I was growing up in the South but I had never experienced the cold weather even once! I always had to suffer in the heat there in Bangkok and elsewhere. 16 Degrees C is very cold lah! Aden looked so happy and enjoyed himself.

  9. Aden looked so happy and excited, I don't mind going Bangkok again, shopping and eating

  10. A start of a life full of flights and adventure.


  11. Maybe next trip Toby will be bigger and then he will be like Aden, jumping around excitedly. :P

  12. That was such a fun trip with so many people join in ! I though Bangkok temperature went down ? Oh ...poor Toby ... Must be sweating a lot !

  13. Love the girraffes! So many of them.

    I cant stand baby wearing especially in the humid climate. I put the boys in the stroller during travel when they were younger.

  14. 欢乐啊!!! 虽然多数很热但是你们至少还可以体验到16度凉快的曼谷啊!!!我也要!!!

  15. such a fruitful and enjoyable trip.. happy rebonding with families too.

  16. 小宝宝遇到炎热的天气会比较难受,如果换成凉快的气候,他们会很乐意一直处于冬眠。泰国的零食好好败,便宜又爆好吃!!

  17. What an experience travelling with a young baby. Not easy.

    Glad you guys had a good time in Bangkok. Make me miss it. Maybe one day we will bring the kids there for shopping and zoo.

  18. I wish to go Bangkok too, I wish to go with ladies and just for shopping purpose. It was about ten years that I last visited Bangkok.

  19. Wah ...lovely trip wor. With two kids you still managed to shop. Bravo!. I would have been exhausted

  20. Can see from the photos that Aden is so happy. I am sure he is looking forward to more trips like this.

  21. At least you've planned a safari trip for the kids, mine only shop and eat only, poor my little Sam but she did enjoyed her time with her dearest papa, hehe (while the mommy shopping crazily)

  22. great trip u had there...Travelling with kids (one hyperactive and another still toddler) is indeed tiring..U R a supermom!

  23. Yeah, it's not easy to travel while breastfeeding, looks like you made the most of it though.

    Wonderful vacation photos! We always get a lot of stuff when traveling to Bangkok too, I like the rice burgers and pork floss sandwiches they sell in 7-Eleven in Thailand. The banana drink is good too.


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