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Toby's first CNY

Last year, he was still in my tummy, this year, he celebrated with us together ;)

 Our first family photo in the year of fire Monkey!

 With his gugu~

 With ah gong and ah ma!

 Forgot why he cried.... :p

 With popo and ah gong!

With naughty partner in crime, kor kor~
Yea if you notice, both brothers wearing same outfits, bought them during the recent Bangkok trip. Nice banana shirt eh? :p

 My cheeky boy!

 Day 2, I made them wore the same outfit too, just different color... Also from Bangkok.
Who say having 2 boys cannot play dress up? :p

 Guess where we were?

 He enjoyed himself, as he gets to snack a lot!

 Yea we were in a KTV room, with the in laws.

 Sang for 3 hours and man it was satisfying!

 Toby eventually fell asleep in my arms while listening to me singing... He slept for like 2 hours xD
Perhaps mummy's voice is so sweet til he fell asleep *blek*

Similar to the usual CNY, this CNY was kinda hot too! Have to bath him twice a day cause he sweats a lot. And this boy sure loves his bath time all the time!
(Yea I know the bath tub is a bit too small to fit both of them.... )

We din't really go anywhere this CNY....Just stay at Taiping/home. Kinda lazy and tired to bring two kids out these days.... But one thing for sure, both of them did received quite a lot of ang paos hehe! All thanks to uncles and aunties! Muacks!


  1. Great to see both of them enjoying this CNY. Mummy also not bad got time to Karaok some more. Thumbs Up. U n ur in laws enjoying in KTV. While me n my in laws enjoying in the cinema. Hahaha

  2. The banana shirt kinda of cute. Going to search for it for my kids at home.

  3. Both boys look so Yan Dao in banana shirt

    Cute the banana shirt

    Photo #6 - I can't help laughing when I see this photo, bad Auntie Libby, see people cry so happy, but hor Toby looks cute even when crying

    Oh karaoke, how I miss it

  4. Oh my!!!! The two in the tub!!! So so so cute!!! Aden likes singing karaoke? Me too! Hehehehehe!!!

  5. I like the banana shirt. So cute on them. Oh my Toby has sure grown up a lot. So tough looking already now. Soon he'll be as big as big bro Aden :)

  6. Toby is one chubby baby. Almost same size with kor kor. I like the banana shirt.

  7. The boy's CNY very simple.. Go mil's house, go my sis's house, go my parents' house, that's all.. No go out anywhere jor.. With a newborn, a bit mafan, so we keep all outings minimal..

  8. And this year he gets to collect angpow edy.

    Even now my girls are big, I also like to laze at home but I still bring them out during the weekend at least for breakfast or lunch.

  9. i like the 10th picture of Toby, wish i could hug hug and 抱抱 him, hehe...

  10. Toby pong pong的很chubby!

  11. Toby is very chubby.. infact both has individual face if look closely.

  12. Wei, that bathtub, really cannot lah... invest in a bigger one lah aiyo! XD

  13. So nice to see both your boys Aden and Toby! Both also very cute leh :)

  14. hehehe.. Toby's first CNY in the world huh?? i wonder if he enjoys the CNY?? or most probably the adults more enjoy because you all have a new member in the family to play with.. last time it was Aden, now "kuasa" to Toby already.. :p

    the first photo looks like a new village but then it led to a very nice house where your PIL are staying.. look at the grandparents and the aunt, they all looked so happy with the two boys.. :)

    oh yes, i right away noticed Aden and Toby wearing the same clothes, haha!! nice leh the banana shirt, i wonder if you also bought an adult version for your hubby?? like that can become a family "uniform", so cute..

    wah, this Toby very 好命!! he goes here and there when he's still a baby!! KARAOKE, wah, look he seems to be enjoying there...........snacking while listening and watching his big brother singing excitedly, haha!!

    the two squeezing into that small little plastic tub!! hahaha.. time to get a bigger one lah if you want to one shot bathe them two boys together.. and, staying at home during CNY good lah, can get the two boys to get some angpow mah, like that you gave out and also got receive, balance up a bit :D

  15. Wahhhhhh he so ok in KTV room!!!!!
    Won't too lound for him? I gonna try in future!!!

  16. Cute shirts both yr boys wore. Nice that the whole family got to enjoy at the KTV.
    You must be really busy with both boys now.

  17. Thank you for sharing with us all your beautiful photos. Aden and Toby looks so cute in twinning banana t-shirts.

  18. I haven't met Toby in person. He is so adorable and chubby. Not bad that you guys still going for Family KTV and having a good time there.

  19. Can sleep tight in such noisy environment, good!

  20. Wow it looks like a very busy CNY for you guys! Toby is getting chubbier!!! :D

    We were too, even though like you said, only stayed in Taiping and not going anywhere else...

  21. What a lovely and happy post with so many cute photos of your 2 boys! When they grow up into handsome boys, they would still be wearing same shirts as partners in crime. Muahahahaha..!

    I must say that KTV is the best place for couples to go often. It brings happiness and relieves all the stress.

  22. What songs did you sing in the KTV, can share?

  23. Hahha... He sure have a good time on CNY! More angpaus to come for him !

  24. 哦。。两个都很chubby哦。。尤其小的!

  25. Lovely CNY photos! :)

    Haha! I like the two of them in the bathtub, they'll love that picture when they're older. I have one like this too, me and my sister together in a plastic tub.

    You look awesome too! Glad you had a good CNY Hayley!


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