Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Crabs & lobsters

Headed North to Penang last weekend to enjoy a meal with crabs and lobsters!

Had my hair dyed and highlighted, ash green this time. And I wore a green top on purpose to match it, haha xD 
We were on the way to Strait Quay~

Look at my little chef, seems very enjoy with his drinks~

This restaurant serves fresh crabs/lobsters/oysters, and they have a variety of special drinks for you to choose

After putting on the plastic apron and gloves, we are ready to get ourselves dirty! (Look at my little Toby, cannot wait to eat liao xD)

Aden with his ah ma and gugu~ (That's the fried mantau on the left, very yummy!)

The interesting part about this restaurant is they pour the crabs directly onto the table (covered with plastic of course). You can request for them to serve in pot too~
This one is with black pepper sauce.

And this is garlic butter sauce

We ordered their signature sauce too, 3 levels to choose (mild spicy, medium spicy and extra spicy), we picked the mild spicy one and it's already quite spicy!
Orders are based on ala carte style, each comes with add on like corns, clams, sausages, prawns and etc 

3 sets for just us you wonder? Haha! Actually 4 other friends were there but everyone were too busy feasting til we forgot to take a group photo :(

Look at the mess!! :p 

Total bills is RM 400++ with drinks (8 adults). Worth a try, since the seafood is fresh and the sauce is good!

After the satisfying lunch, we walked around the mall and left (Weather was hot!)

Here's the address of the restaurant:
Crabs & lobsters oyster bar
Strait Quay
Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Short getaway down South

Date: 4th March 2016
Venue: Farm in the city, Sri Kembangan

I brought two kids, and tagged together with parents in law to KL earlier this month. Besides shopping, I was planning to bring the kids for a bit of sight seeing. Since we went to zoo negara before, so we won't want to go there again.

End up, we tried farm in the city.

Please don't poop on my head little birdie :p

Aden was kinda terrified by the animals which roam freely there, haha!

Little Toby, on the other hand, was not afraid at all (He is still too young to know la actually xD). He touched and almost squeezed the small chick in the staff's palm! 

The farm was a bit smaller than what I have expected... It took us just an hour plus to finish walking the whole place, haha! Actually we din't really explore the place thoroughly cause it was a hot day, both kids cannot tahan with such weather.
Tickets are not that cheap also (RM30++ for adults). But overall, still an experience for all of us ;)

We stayed at brother in law's condo at Damansara, which what we normally do when visiting KL (Can save on hotels... :p). Aden and Toby enjoyed a bit of swimming on the first evening.

We went shopping too. 

But it was too much for the kids, see how tired they were? Hahaha! 

So we decided to not shopping again :p

On the 5th we went to Jenjarom.

To be precise, it was the Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen temple....

We thought the mascots and light displays were still there. Mana tahu, they are available only during festive season, aiseh~~ :( (Lesson learn: Next time must do some homeworks before going to certain place)

It's ok, just treat it as an evening walk

 The whole place is very clean and well maintained. Really gave me a peace of mind~

Later than night, everyone were pretty tired already~

 Except for little Toby, who was busy exploring the house~

Big kor kor too, very energetic. Here he was taking his daily dose of drugs, with his dont-know-what-to-call pose :p

We took a stroll at The Curve before calling it a night, and leaving back to Taiping the next day

Traveling with kids (even just for a short trip) isn't easy, especially when you are doing it alone without your spouse (Yea hubby was working so he din't tagged along). But there are fun sides also la... And the memories we had, they are always sweet. 

But one thing I hate, also is the most tiring part after traveling, you know what?

Laundry!! =_="

Friday, March 18, 2016

Kleenex public toilet survival kit

Not sure about you guys but I am very particular about the hygiene and cleanliness of toilets. I clean my own toilet at least once a week, I just cannot stand seeing a tiny bits of dirt on the toilet bowl! 

So needless to say, when it comes to using public toilets, I have even bigger concern! 

Unlike big cities, Taiping is a small city and I can tell you most of the public toilets are dirty, and worst, smelly. I guess small town just don't have high maintenance when it comes to this matter. 
So when I am out, unless very very urgent, I would just hold back and use my own toilets instead. 

I know, I think I belong to the clean freak category :p So when Kleenex sent me this public toilet survival kit, I was thrilled!
Inside this beautiful box they are a few very useful items.......

Kleenex wet tissues, a mask, plasters and a pair of gloves! I love the little tags which comes with each item, so witty and true! ^^

I especially love the wet tissues! It is 99.9% assured clean, made with natural ingredients, alcohol free, easy to carry and convenient to use! I am sure you have seen dirty toilet seats and you cannot find any tissues/cover to clean it before using it. This wet tissue sure is a big rescuer! 

Then the mask, it sure protects my nose from inhaling too much stinky stuff, I hate smelly toilets (I bet everyone does). 
And the plasters, sure comes in handy if I accidentally hurt myself if I am doing my business in the toilets :p
Last but not least, the gloves... We cannot see how much germs is in the toilet so it's always a great practice to protect ourselves from touching them!

Thumbs up Kleenex, for the ideas and thank you for the wonderful kit! Now using public toilets isn't that hard for me anymore, hehe!
And the bonus point, all of the items above are so light I can just dump inside my handbag! =)

Request a free sample pack and participate in a simple quiz contest to win a year’s supply of Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues by registering at 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How I feel being a mum for two boys

Busy. Tired. Confused.

Big brother Aden is turning 4 years old this coming May.

Many commented he looks quite big for his age. Yea, he is kinda tall compared to other kids at the same age. I guess he probably inherits his daddy's genes in terms of height ;)

Sometimes being a mother makes me kinda dilemma... I want him to expose to outside world, try all sorts of food, but at the same time, I am worry about him becoming chubby/fall sick easily =_=

Aden is unlike other kids, I just can feel it when I see my friends' kids. He is those super stubborn and naughty type. The more you ask him don't do, the more he'll do. He just won't listen. Seriously he is testing my patience every single day!

 People around me sayang him and hardly beat him. But for me and hubby, we just cannot control it. I am not a patient type of person (even with 2 kids). After once or twice of warning and if he is still behaving bad, I will beat (Then feeling guilty afterwards :p)

People say he will behave better as he grows up and after he goes to school. I hope so. 
Things will be so much better and easier if he can helps look after his little brother for me.

Speaking of little brother, he will be ONE next month! :o

As for Toby, I actually don't control him too much compared to Aden at the same age.
I let him experienced different food, even adult food (just a little bit of course). I let him crawl on the carpet/in the bathroom, play with electrical sockets. (Of course with supervision la)

He is one glutton boy, and I mean it. Whenever he sees us eating, he starts making noise and requesting for it. When he can't get enough, he bangs his hands on the table, or simply, shout. 

He masters the art of drinking from straw within minutes. May be that's the power of breast milk? xD
I feel that he is smarter than his kor kor~ 
By the way, I am still breastfeeding Toby. And I am in dilemma whether to wean him off when he turns one. Actually my initial plan is to breastfeed him til 6 months old but don't know why the plan fails :p

Breastfeeding offers a lot of benefits, I do love the bonding with him, and it is so much easier. But at the same time, it's more tiring, physically and mentally. It does has its inconvenience too. Like, I cannot go out without him for more than 4 hours (I don't pump anymore since fullmoon).

The reason I thought of weaning him off is that he now eats a variety of food already. And who knows I might go on trips with hubby this year? :p
But really no idea how to do it...

Breastfeed baby tends to be very clingy to mummy and it's very true

He wants just me. Cannot let him see me, else he will sure want to me carry. I think I have to wear a mask from now on :p

I admit I feel loved and proud knowing that both kids are clingy to me. But at the same time, it's super tiring. Imagine both want your attention all the time. You really cannot go pangsai unless there's someone who helps you look after them.

I realize I long for a break even more frequent. Even just an hour of ME time is like a heaven to me.

Moreover, Toby is at the stage of climbing high and low now. Really must pay attention to him all the time.

Sometimes I feel bored doing the same things everyday. BUT I won't want anything else to replace it. Parenthood is hard. But it's rewarding at the same time. As long as both of them grow up healthily and happily, I have nothing else to ask for ;)