Friday, March 18, 2016

Kleenex public toilet survival kit

Not sure about you guys but I am very particular about the hygiene and cleanliness of toilets. I clean my own toilet at least once a week, I just cannot stand seeing a tiny bits of dirt on the toilet bowl! 

So needless to say, when it comes to using public toilets, I have even bigger concern! 

Unlike big cities, Taiping is a small city and I can tell you most of the public toilets are dirty, and worst, smelly. I guess small town just don't have high maintenance when it comes to this matter. 
So when I am out, unless very very urgent, I would just hold back and use my own toilets instead. 

I know, I think I belong to the clean freak category :p So when Kleenex sent me this public toilet survival kit, I was thrilled!
Inside this beautiful box they are a few very useful items.......

Kleenex wet tissues, a mask, plasters and a pair of gloves! I love the little tags which comes with each item, so witty and true! ^^

I especially love the wet tissues! It is 99.9% assured clean, made with natural ingredients, alcohol free, easy to carry and convenient to use! I am sure you have seen dirty toilet seats and you cannot find any tissues/cover to clean it before using it. This wet tissue sure is a big rescuer! 

Then the mask, it sure protects my nose from inhaling too much stinky stuff, I hate smelly toilets (I bet everyone does). 
And the plasters, sure comes in handy if I accidentally hurt myself if I am doing my business in the toilets :p
Last but not least, the gloves... We cannot see how much germs is in the toilet so it's always a great practice to protect ourselves from touching them!

Thumbs up Kleenex, for the ideas and thank you for the wonderful kit! Now using public toilets isn't that hard for me anymore, hehe!
And the bonus point, all of the items above are so light I can just dump inside my handbag! =)

Request a free sample pack and participate in a simple quiz contest to win a year’s supply of Kleenex® Wet Toilet Tissues by registering at 


  1. I very particular about public toilets, I would usually try to go to the hotel toilets as usually they are very clean but sometimes no choice end up with dirty toilets, yikes!

  2. I saw a lot of people blogging about this sometime ago.

  3. I take wet wipes whereever I go.. It's a must lor, hor.. Own toilet pun I wash almost everyday when I'm bathing, "sun-bin" ma.. My son pee inside the toilet bowl, but normally cannot "aim" accurately, so will splash a little pee here and there.. Cannot stand also, haha..

  4. Norm I will try looking for a squatting toilet. If no choice, wipe first with wet tissue and sit on toilet papers.. haha

  5. Great sharing Hayley. Will browse through the website for free sample

  6. I ever got a small packet of it the other time, when i bought a packet of toilet roll and was given a small packet if it...

  7. I am very particular with toilet hygiene too. I often complained to the owners of the regular coffee shops I frequented when they have filthy and dirty toilets with broken flushing system. I wonder how some people are so ignorant on this.

    The Public Toilet Survival Kit is very nice and handy with good labels! When I traveled overseas, I also had to pack wet and dry tissues as it is not easy to buy them anywhere.

  8. If can, I try not to go to public toilets. This kit is very nice and convenient.

  9. I am very scared of going to public toilet!

  10. yeah, public toilet here can be rather scary most of the time.. that is why if possible i will hold up until i reach home, office or some places i know the toilets are clean, hahaha..

    but then nice if we can get such a "survival kit" like yours, it does come very handy because the person who packed this surely has experienced what we have experienced and knows what "gadget" comes in handy, hahaha..

    finally this brand famous for tissue paper comes out with wet wipes, nice!! i always bring one packet along in my bag besides another packet of the usual dry tissue.. :)

  11. Yay for this kit! Thanks for sharing about the contest.

  12. cleanness of toilet is important for me also!!! i cnt stand with those smelly and dirty one -.-

  13. It's a lot easier for guys, I guess. :)

    I don't mind since I can pee standing up.


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