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Short getaway down South

Date: 4th March 2016
Venue: Farm in the city, Sri Kembangan

I brought two kids, and tagged together with parents in law to KL earlier this month. Besides shopping, I was planning to bring the kids for a bit of sight seeing. Since we went to zoo negara before, so we won't want to go there again.

End up, we tried farm in the city.

Please don't poop on my head little birdie :p

Aden was kinda terrified by the animals which roam freely there, haha!

Little Toby, on the other hand, was not afraid at all (He is still too young to know la actually xD). He touched and almost squeezed the small chick in the staff's palm! 

The farm was a bit smaller than what I have expected... It took us just an hour plus to finish walking the whole place, haha! Actually we din't really explore the place thoroughly cause it was a hot day, both kids cannot tahan with such weather.
Tickets are not that cheap also (RM30++ for adults). But overall, still an experience for all of us ;)

We stayed at brother in law's condo at Damansara, which what we normally do when visiting KL (Can save on hotels... :p). Aden and Toby enjoyed a bit of swimming on the first evening.

We went shopping too. 

But it was too much for the kids, see how tired they were? Hahaha! 

So we decided to not shopping again :p

On the 5th we went to Jenjarom.

To be precise, it was the Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen temple....

We thought the mascots and light displays were still there. Mana tahu, they are available only during festive season, aiseh~~ :( (Lesson learn: Next time must do some homeworks before going to certain place)

It's ok, just treat it as an evening walk

 The whole place is very clean and well maintained. Really gave me a peace of mind~

Later than night, everyone were pretty tired already~

 Except for little Toby, who was busy exploring the house~

Big kor kor too, very energetic. Here he was taking his daily dose of drugs, with his dont-know-what-to-call pose :p

We took a stroll at The Curve before calling it a night, and leaving back to Taiping the next day

Traveling with kids (even just for a short trip) isn't easy, especially when you are doing it alone without your spouse (Yea hubby was working so he din't tagged along). But there are fun sides also la... And the memories we had, they are always sweet. 

But one thing I hate, also is the most tiring part after traveling, you know what?

Laundry!! =_="


  1. 1. What animal is that in photo #9, so cute

    2. Kor Kor pose is called I am the Boss pose, haha

    3. I like that Fo Guang Shan Temple, anyway basically I love to visit temples

    4. Your boy Toby really has a very high forehead, which is good, means he will be a blessed boy

  2. Muahahahahaha!!!! That Aden sure looked scared of the animals. So cute!!!

  3. Farm in the City look nice...hehe...

  4. Lovely trip. With kids are like that, we have to get used to it and of course they are growing pretty fast. Let's enjoy the sweet moments with our kids.

  5. I've been to the Farm In The City twice, for the sake of the kids.. I don't really like la, coz like you said, very hot, and smelly too, especially the goat & pony area there..

  6. This year is the first year I did not make it to the Jenjarom temple. They have a new temple in Kulaijaya (Johor), going to open soon. I think that will be Fo Guang Shan's new flagship temple in this region, because closer to Singapore.

  7. Went to Farm in the City b4, suitable for kids but not adults haha.. Oh ya, the pony smelled and looked dirty!! :D

  8. Your photos are so warm and loving! They were like me & my brother as kids. Now I think of my mama. Sobs!.. Your kids will love to look through these photos when they grow up. That Aden pose is cute like a Taukeh! He will be one in future.

    I am shy to say that I had never been to these 2 places yet. That Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen temple looks like Taiwan if you didn't mention Jenjarom. Thanks for sharing and now I can bring guests there too!

  9. wah, these two boys really 好命 leh, so young already have been there and have been there.. Uncle SK also have not been to the Farm In The City and the Jenjarom Temple before leh, so *jakun*, hahahaha!!

    look at the boys, obviously Aden was rather scared of the animals but Toby seems to enjoy them, hahaha.. looks like Aden prefers swimming and playing in the pool than seeing animals hor?? hahaha.. :p

  10. Must bookmark Farm in the City, if go KL, will pay a visit there...

  11. Heard about this farm in the city from another blog. Sound like a nice place for kids to be.

    Nice trip you have there.

  12. Nice trip to Farm in the City for Aden and Toby but the weather now is so hot that it is difficult to stay there for long but good that you made the trip.

    I have not been inside the temple, just parked outside to look from outside and left mainly because no one feels like getting out of the car in the hot weather.

    Little Toby is as cute as Aden. With children, the laundry is sure to be a lot so can understand why you find it tiring. Good job mommy for bringing your two sons to jalan-jalan without the help of their daddy.

  13. 很适合亲自游的地方呀

  14. Wah.. you are very capable.. can handle your two kids without your hubby... both of them looks so cute and active... and you are such a young mama!!

  15. I never been to these two places too. We went to Kidzania last week on school break.
    I also scared of laundry after travelling. I scared of another thing too, putting on weight because I skipped the exercise.

  16. I see that you all had a lot of fun!

  17. This is one of our favorite places coz the kids like animals and it's close to KL! :)

    We've been 2-3 times already. I remember when the "tiniest horse" was still REALLY tiny. It's quite big now. The tortoise has grown up a lot too, it's huge now.

    The kids like to go for the pony rides too. We have a fridge magnet of this place that I bought. Nice place but quite expensive the door price.

  18. I went to a shopping mall t take some photos of CNY decors too during last few days of CNY and the decors already removed, so sad >_<

  19. what a lovely getaway for you all. far i have not been to the Farm in the City. Only J been there

  20. A farm is always fun for the kids. Happy Easter.


  21. I wanted to visit this place last time but somehow my wifey said the tickets are a little expensive and would rather jalan-jalan at the malls..hahahah

  22. Toby is so cute! Geram. Wanna squeeze him like how he squeezed that little chick! LoL!

    I have not been to Farm In The City too cause it is pricey. I prefer to bring the boys to the one in Sunway as I have the Annual Pass and they can enter anytime of the year and visit bit by bit each time :D

  23. Nice! This is very US-style. That's how they do it over there, it's boiled in a huge pot and then dumped on your table on a piece of paper like this and a chunk of butter is melted on top. Everyone puts on (paper) aprons and start digging in. It seems to have spread over here, there's a seafood place like this near my house too (Kai's Plato) but they don't dump it on the table.

    This looks nice though, I would love to eat a meal like this. Will definitely KIV for next time I'm in Penang...which would be soon since I'm going to eat durians.

    I haven't been to the temple in a long time! Last time I went was in 2009 (I think) coz I had to write something for tourism.


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