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Someone naughty.......

......... is turning ONE year old tomorrow!!! :o

Time really flies!!

I still remember all the bitter sweet moments while I was pregnant with him...
I still remember the day I gave birth to him, and how long he made me suffered before he came out to meet the world....
I still remember the confinement period with him... and how we deal with a jealous big brother Aden...
I still remember all the hard times breastfeeding him, and how I deal with engorgement, sleepless nights (even until now) and the list goes on and on......

Arrrr, it's been a year!!! Not that I am bragging but I must give compliments to myself, hehehe :p
And must not forget to wish my dear past life lover Toby a happy blessed birthday! Mummy loves you big time!!

We are having a small birthday party at home tomorrow evening, shall share about it here next week.

Til then, have a nice weekend!!

What I found....

I was cleaning up my files and documents at home the other day and I found something which put a smile on my face............

Haha! That's me, no need to wonder.... xD I think this photo was taken at least 10 years ago. The so called 'qing chun zhao' 青春照, very popular during teenage times. I bet most of us taken such photos when we were young, especially the ladies.... I was kinda chubby back then, kekekek~ 

Next one, a very decent photo of me and my then-bf, if you can see the date on the bottom right, taken in year 2005, that means 11 years ago! Look at us, looking like budak budak, wahaha! 

I am glad I kept those photos until now.. Brings back a lot of memories, and I can show to my kids in the future, antique! :p
Do you have some old antique photos of yourself? Come, share with me! ^^

Short holidays down South

We spent 4d3n down South to KL last 2 weeks.

 The starts of the their holidays and my tired-days xD (Playing at SIL's condo)

First place to visit is One Utama, one of Aden's favorite cartoon character, Thomas & Friends.
 This boy just won't take a proper photo these days :(

 Too bad la all the Thomas trains are being fenced, not so interesting anymore~
The boys enjoyed a bit of riding there. This time we did a very minimal shopping (Actually nothing to buy already... Just loitering around enjoying air cond :p)

Since we don't have much to shop, we decided to go jalan jalan instead. 
Guess where were we?
If you can recognize the status of Liberty behind us......
And also those indoor game machines.....
 Can guess or not?

 Yea we went Genting Highland!

Thinking to enjoy the cold air one but mana tahu, it wasn't so cold also >.<

Actually a lot of areas are still under constructions (if you can see those cranes behind us in the photo), and nothing much to…

Busy Hayley

Hi guys! How's your weekend?

Hope you had a great one!

I am not sure about you but I realize time flies as we grow older xD
Especially if you have kids to look after....

These two cheeky fellas is the main reason why I have been so slow in blogging these days... Sometimes if I am lucky, they sleep early and I get to do my own things. But by the time I finish my chores, I am already half dead and I just want my bed.....

Seriously 24 hours a day is just not enough (I know I have said it before...) Toby is getting more and more sticky to me, most of the times I have to carry him in one arm and do my work with the other hand, so now I can say I have pretty strong muscular arms... haha! xD
Then big brother Aden is the same. I have no idea why he is so lack of 'sense of security' lately, he keep looking for me/calling me even though we are at home, surrounded by family members whom he sees everyday =_=" I keep telling my hubby I need to split myself into two already, and he…

The pitiful iPad

How many of you can stay calm if your kid did the following thing to your iPad?

Come, raise your hand, honestly.

This son of mine, really drove me nuts everyday. He threw his daddy's iPad from upstair this morning. No reason, just because of his tantrum.

I came home from tomb sweeping and MIL immediately told me this, and when I looked at the iPad, I really din't know how to react. Anyway, I did not beat him, I scolded him. Already told him numerous times that he is not supposed to throw/hit the iPad just because Youtube videos/games cannot be played.
I knew one day this iPad will sure gone head-wired one, just din't expect to be this soon.

Now, daddy got to spend some money to get the iPad fixed.

Sigh... Tell me how to teach a stubborn boy like Aden :'(