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Busy Hayley

Hi guys! How's your weekend?

Hope you had a great one!

I am not sure about you but I realize time flies as we grow older xD
Especially if you have kids to look after....

These two cheeky fellas is the main reason why I have been so slow in blogging these days...
Sometimes if I am lucky, they sleep early and I get to do my own things. But by the time I finish my chores, I am already half dead and I just want my bed.....

Seriously 24 hours a day is just not enough (I know I have said it before...)
Toby is getting more and more sticky to me, most of the times I have to carry him in one arm and do my work with the other hand, so now I can say I have pretty strong muscular arms... haha! xD

Then big brother Aden is the same. I have no idea why he is so lack of 'sense of security' lately, he keep looking for me/calling me even though we are at home, surrounded by family members whom he sees everyday =_="
I keep telling my hubby I need to split myself into two already, and he just gave me a smile.

Honey, seriously I mean it ok?

I know you will tell me to enjoy and cherish this moment because when they grow up they won't be so sticky/close to me anymore....  Okay, I am listening and trying my best to cherish this feeling....

Shall catch up with you all soon! Have a great day ahead!


  1. Hubby! They would not understand. Haha. I agreed with you. I need to split into 3. My girl is getting sensitive and in early pre-teen stage. Jay is as cheeky as ever and I need to monitor his school work while Jamie could be a handful at home.

  2. 24 hours definitely not enough, I wish to have 48, hehe!

  3. Especially when you are busy, time flies very fast...

  4. My weekend? Not great ler.. Frankly, I don't like weekends.. I like Monday-Thurs, but I don't like Fri-Sun, crazy me.. haha..

  5. yes cherish very moments that you have with your boys, as they grow up they will tend to be more independent especially after they start schooling..when they know more stuff they will start to talk back and their voice louder than you, that's what is happening to my girls now.

  6. Hayley, at this stage, you are their most important people. That's why. They will outgrow this stage soon. Trust me, you will miss the stage forever.

  7. My nephew also lacks sense of security, whenever my mother (his grandmother) goes out of his sight, he will start crying

    Busy yet takes the time to send postcards to us

    Thanks Hayley

  8. Hayley, I hope it gets better. I salute you and all mothers!

  9. I have no kids but I often hear remarks of parenting from others. Some enjoyed while many were stressed like you too. So that is very natural that you were drained of energy everyday. I hope your hubby reads all the comments here so that he will know that he has to pamper you more with massages at the spa and "ladies night" sessions with Yannie, Ah Hua and Angeline twice a week! Hooray!

    Oh yeah, a very-very big thank you for the surprise postcard! You still thought of us while you were being driven up the walls. How sweet! Wakakakakaka LOL.

    1. I got this "ladies night" idea from my office colleague old Aunty who was widowed while she was in her 30s and had to single handedly bring up 3 kids who have finished college and university. She never used cane but nagged & cried out at her kids that she was a widow who had to work 2 jobs to feed them. They understood and studied hard without private tuition at all! Now they asked her to retire years ago but she still wanna work as long as she could as she would be lonely at home.

    2. Haha, I will ask him to read all the comments here! You are right, I really need a spa session and a lot of ME time!!

  10. Kids! They're so cute, so lovable. I had my share of taking care of a kid - my missus worked odd hours, on shifts so often, I would have to cope alone. But then I only had one, not too bad. No worries, very soon Aden will be big enough to help in some small ways...and Toby - you think he looks more like you?

  11. 当全职妈妈的会有要自由时间的想法,当职业妈妈的会有不想错过孩子每一分每一秒成长的想法。所以美丽妈咪,加油哦!

  12. kinda pitiful to u, but well, i know u can go thru this 'hurdle'...and ur kids will eventually be not-so-sticky in a few more years...jst be patient & may the force be with u! cheers~~~

  13. Can understand very well.. that is one of the reasons I wanna keep working.. hahahaa.. no la.. just kidding, I got to work to put food on the table... and my kids were taken care by paid babysitters last time. Your kids are blessed, they have own mama to love and pamper them... :)

  14. You are right that with children, your days just kind of fly by and you are right again to cherish the moments now because once they grow up, they won't stick so much to you.

    Have a good week ahead! :)

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  16. now is busy and 'hot'! argghhh.. ><

  17. Hahaha, kor kor jealous gua, but he cannot be clingy like the di di already, that's why little bit also demand for you... It happens one...

  18. I can totally understand you. I can only switch on my PC and work on my blog after midnite every single day! And I'll have to wake up early the next day to prepare the elder boy to school and survive the entire day taking care of the little one. It is not easy... but it is so worth it :)

  19. Time is never enough.. now i feel the same too.

  20. I think kid just loves calling and calling the mom. I am too tried so every time when they call me, I ll just said come to me instead. Unless is urgent or emergency case.

  21. 全职妈妈不简单,加油!

  22. Yeah, I know what you mean. Time really flies!

    I think you're right - it gets more apparent as you become older, I feel the months pass by so fast nowadays, especially this year.

    It's good that you can spend the time with the kids.

    I think I read somewhere that it's a development phase in the's not that he's insecure, but at that point/age he just needs to be close to you. It's okay, it won't last forever, and all too soon he'll be a teenage and won't want to hang out with you anymore but want to hang out with his friends instead. Haha. So in a way, it's good to enjoy him while he's young. :)


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